Grimshaw Immigrant Indications

Traces of North American and Other Grimshaw Immigrants and Family Lines That Were Not Previously Documented

The purpose of this webpage is to “capture” information on Grimshaw immigrants and descendants, primarily to North America, but to other places as well, in order to assist Grimshaw researchers and to increase the chances of a knowledgeable descendant coming forward with additional information. Since this webpage was posted in 2003, most of the 40 entries have either been located in Grimshaw family lines or new webpages have been established.

Most of the entries on this webpage are from postings on genealogy websites. There are also a number of “indicated” immigrants from a collection of information made by Ed Grimshaw in 1979 to 1980 as indicated on a companion webpage. However, these additional possible immigrants are posted below on this webpage, so that the companion webpage has been superceded.


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John and Flora Grimshaw

James T. and Norma Lee (Calvert) Grimshaw

Ann, William, Elizabeth and Joseph Grimshaw, Immigrants to Tasmania

James B and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw

Murray Grimshaw

Thomas and Sarah (Ryley) Grimshaw

Richard and Mary Grimshaw, Transported to Australia in 1803

Francis and Mary (Sherman) Grimshaw

Bert and Bertha Grimshaw

Lucinda Grimshaw and William Caddy

William Grimshaw, Immigrant to Australia

Charles and Ann (Bagley) Grimshaw

Simeon and Charlotte (Harrison) Grimshaw

John Henry Grimshaw, Immigrant to Canada from Ireland

Christina Grimshaw and John Egnar

William and Rebecca (Bullough) Grimshaw

Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw

Frances Grimshaw and John Fielding, Immigrants to New Brunswick, Canada

Edward or Edwin and Mary (McKee) Grimshaw

Mary Grimshaw and William Saunders

Grimshaws of Kilmarnock

Phillip Grimshaw, Born on the Ship “The Seven Sisters”

William Henry and Hannah (Benton) Grimshaw

Thelma Grimshaw and Augustus Soper

Robert and Mary Grimshaw, Siblings Who Immigrated to Canada

John Thomas and Carrie (Chase) Grimshaw

John T. and Arvilla (Whitesell) Grimshaw

William and Dora Grimshaw of Michigan

William and Elsie (Olsen) Grimshaw

Albert Harvey Grimshaw of Rhode Island

Elizabeth Grimshaw and Richard Heber Benson

Marion Elliot Grimshaw and William Snaden of Australia

Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw

Henry or Harry and Ethel (Donahue) Grimshaw

Mahala Grimshaw and John Moses

Nellie Grimshaw and Thomas Greenhalgh, Immigrants to Canada

William and Bert Grimshaw, 1930s Immigrants

Joseph and Ann (Blackburn) Grimshaw, Parents of Civil War Hero, Samuel Grimshaw


Contents for Edwin A Grimshaw “Indicated Immigrants”

John and Carrie Grimshaw

Edward and Francis (Stockwell) Grimshaw

Edward and Mary Ann (Heywood) Grimshaw

William and Jennie (Attridge) Grimshaw

William and Emily Grimshaw

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Thanks go to the many Grimshaw researchers who have provided information in various ways that is presented on this webpage. Thanks also to Edwin A Grimshaw for providing the information on the “Indicated Immigrants” from his research. Thanks also to Edwin A Grimshaw for providing the information on the “Indicate Immigrants” from his research.

John and Flora Grimshaw

Betty (last name unknown) posted the following information on the Grimshaw Information Exchange on the Family Search information sharing service on December 12, 2003. John was born at sea and lived in Providence, RI.

I have very little information, concerning Grimshaw but will share what I have. William Hunter /Grimshaw , born in Providence, R. I. on July 3rd, 1875, son of John and Flora Grimshaw, brother of Valetta Grimshaw. John Grimshaw was born at sea on the way to the U. S., from England. He was very active in the Providence Art Club, William had two daughters Ruth F. Grimshaw born May 3rd, 1911 and Edith Grimshaw born 1912. He was married to Laura DeEtte Miller of Lewiston, Maine. He died on Oct. 21, 1936 in Providence, and his ashes were scattered in Narragansett Bay. I hope this is the branch of the Grimshaw family that you might be looking for. Betty


A webpage on John and Flora (Fraser) Grimshaw has been now been prepared at the following location: 

James T. and Norma Lee (Calvert) Grimshaw

Naomi Washburn posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in July 2003.

Life stories: James T. Grimshaw posted February 3, 2003

James Theodore Grimshaw died Saturday, Feb. 1, 2003, at Truman Veterans Hospital. He was 90.

Mr. Grimshaw was born Nov. 17, 1912, in Macon County to Newton Isaac and Alice Narcissus Palmer Grimshaw. He married Norma Lee Calvert in March 1934 and served in the Navy during World War II.

As a retired grocer, Mr. Grimshaw remained active in the Moberly community. He was a member of both the Trinity United Methodist Church in Moberly and the American Legion Post #6. Mr. Grimshaw was also a volunteer with Moberly Regional Medical Center and the Moberly Senior Center. Mr. Grimshaw also provided tax services for the elderly.

Services, conducted by the Rev. George Burgin, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Trinity United Methodist Church, 101 S. Fourth St. in Moberly.

Mr. Grimshaw is survived by three sons, Robert Grimshaw of Clinton, William Grimshaw of Oregon state, and John Grimshaw of Columbia; numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

His wife, two sons, a brother and two sisters died earlier.

— Bryan Clark

out of the Missourian Columbia MO paper

It is now known that James is a descendant of Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw who lived in Scioto, OH.

Ann, William, Elizabeth and Joseph Grimshaw, Immigrants to Tasmania

Lynne Hoggett posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in September 2002.

Looking for details of Ann GRIMSHAW b abt 1802-5, William GRIMSHAW abt 1822 of Lancs, Elizabeth GRIMSHAW/SHIRE abt 1807-11 and Joseph GRIMSHAW born abt 1812 Eng. All lived in Tasmania eventually. Ann married William JONES in Devon. – daughter Mary Jane born in Barnstaple. She settled in Tas, married Thomas EDWARDS of Wiltshire. William married Ann CAWLEY in 1851 in Tas. Joseph GRIMSHAW – died in Tas in 1882. Elizabeth GRIMSHIRE/SHAW ‘married’ John NORMAN in Launceston. One son James GRIMSHIRE born 1838. Connections also to James HOLLAND. Any help or connections appreciated. Lynne

In October 2000, Lynne posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum

Details of Grimshire/Grimshaw – Ann marr to William Jones. Children Mary Jane 1836, Anne 1837, William 1841, Charles.

Also Elizabeth Grimshire born abt 1805. ?? sister to Ann. Elizabeth and Ann both came from England and settled in Tasmania.

No additional information has yet been obtained on these Grimshaw immigrants to Tasmania for this website.

James B and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw

Julie Smith posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in December 2001:

I am trying to find info on Grimshaw that married Mary Coax b. abt 1850 in Reynnoldsville PA. They had two sons – Harry and Pershing. I believe they lived in NJ

Later, in August 2003 Julie posted the following:

I found the it was James B. Grimshaw married to Mary Coax. Their son was Pershing or Percy Grimshaw. She also had a daughter Millie Hagerty. Percy married Luella Harvey from Ohio. they had children which include: Vera, Marguerite or Mary, Forrest and Donald. The children were in the Soldier and Sailors orphanage in 1930. Percy remarried Stella and lived in Dayton Ohio in 1930. I would like to find the descendants.

Then in October 2003, Diane Syron posted the following message:

Dear Julie,
I am writing in behalf of my mother. She is trying to research my half brothers family history for them. She was married to Robert Taylor Grimshaw, born November 29, 1925. they had two children, Steven Taylor Grimshaw and Richard Blaine Grimshaw. My mother was in the OS & SO Home in Xenia, Ohio. They dated when they were teenagers but lost contact after Robert went into the service. My mother then met and married my father, Robert Lewis Dutcher. My mother’s brother, Olin was older than her and he was friends with Donald Harvey Grimshaw, one of Robert’s brothers. Robert also married and I believe his wife was murdered in Ohio. Sometime after my mother and father divorced she met Robert again in Columbus, Ohio where he was stationed. They eventually married and moved to California. They later divorced. He lives in California with his third wife. I believe he retired from the Navy. She also thought Robert’s father’s name was Percy or something similar to it. She also thought there was mention of them living in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She now resides in Hebron, Ohio. She said there were 7 children in the home from that family and that Vera and Mary were older sisters of Robert and Donald. She is going to mail me the information she has been able to attain so far. It is not a lot but I found information through that shows information from the 1880 Census that shows J.B. Grimshaw born in 1846 in Ohio, with an occupation of Druggist. His father’s birthplace was England and mother’s birthplace was PA. His wife’s name was Mary. She was born in 1851 in PA. Both of her parents were born in PA. The house hold contained a Mille Hagerty, stepdaughter to J.B. Grimshaw, she was 6. It states both of her parents were born in PA. Pershing Grimshaw, 2 born in PA. and a sister-in-law to J.B. Grimshaw, Jemima Coax, 19 born in PA. This was from the census from Driftwood, Cameron, PA. Hope this helps. If you find anything about the Grimshaw’s we would love to hear it. Likewise any info. we discover we would be glad to share. God Bless,
Diane Syron

On January 2001, Paul Winston Grimshaw posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum:

Where to start? My father is Donald Harvey Grimshaw. He is one of 7 children that were placed in the OS&SO Home (Orphan Sailor And Soldiers Orphan Home in Xenia, Ohio. This was around 1928. His father was Percy Grimshaw. He was married to Louella Harvey. Have been told that Louella is a cousin(s) to Eli Harvey. Trying to find a place to start to trace.

Julie Smith, in July 2003, responded to Paul with the following:

I believe Percy Grimshaw was the son of Mary Coax Grimshaw. I found he had two children to Luella, vera and Mary. That was all I had. 7? What happened to Luella and Percy? Mary Coax was sister to my g grandfather.

The following is a chain of entries on regarding this line of Grimshaws.

Gary Smith, 2001

I am trying to find info on Grimshaw that married Mary Coax b. abt 1850 in Reynoldsville, PA. They had two sons – Harry and Pershing. I believe they lived in NJ.

Gillian Parnell England, May 2002

A Harry Grimshaw married Florence Moore – my g. uncle’s daughter. They lived in Paterson,, N. Jersey. Florence was born there, but her parents moved from Coventry in England. not sure of exact date, but they are listed in Paterson in 1891. Harry has a living nephew named Harry Huber, he still lives in the area. Any connection, please reply.

Julie Smith, May 2002

Can you find out if Harry had a brother named Pershing? The years match. With such an unusual name we surely could tie if you find that.

Gillian Parnell, May 2002

I don’t know if he did, but his nephew is still around. I will write to him as soon as I can. As he married my g.g. Aunt Florence Moore-can you be of any help to me in that direction. Florence’s father ran a jewelry shop at 386 Main and lived 143,Hamilton Ave Paterson. Harry Grimshaw ran the shop until he became ill with cancer after my g. uncle retired. Perhaps we can help each other. Thanks

Hi again. Just checked some notes and really need to know where your side of this fits with mine. It’s possible Harry G had a sister. If that’s so, the line leads back to the parents being English. If so there are still living relatives this side of the ocean I could check out. The Moores are from England also, although Florence was born in America. Not sure about her 2 brothers as I don’t know exactly what year my g. uncle emigrated. Contact me with some detailed information about your sides connection and I can perhaps solve the problem.

A webpage on James and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw has been now been prepared at the following location: 

Murray Grimshaw

John L. Grimshaw posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in November 2001.

Father Harry Grimshaw of Southhampton England born Liverpool. Murray emigrated to USA in 1930’s.

No additional information has yet been obtained on Harry or Murray Grimshaw for this website.

Thomas and Sarah (Ryley) Grimshaw

Kimberly Cramer-Vredevelt posted the following important message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in September 2001.

Thomas Grimshaw/ Sarah Ryley

I am trying to find out who Thomas Grimshaw and his wife’s parents are. Thomas was born May 1, 1701 in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England. Sarah was born about 1706 in the same place. They were married on Nov 23, 1727 in Church, Lancashire, England. Their son George Grimshaw born about 1739 in Stanhill, Lancashire, England. His wife Betty was born about 1741 in Stanhill, Lancashire, England. Their son Thomas (born about 1765 in Stanhill) was married to Susan Fielden (born about 1769 in Stanhill). Their son Lawrence was married to Mary Duckworth. I have the rest of the line on down. I am trying to work on the it the rest of the way up.. Help?


Then the author of this website posted the following message:

The fact that Thomas and Sarah were from Ostwaldthistle would indicate that he originated from the Clayton-le-Moors line rather than the more junior (but more pervasive) Pendle Forest line, as shown in Thomas D. Whitaker. The descendant charts of the two lines are shown on the “Grimshaw Origins” website on the following two pages:

Thomas and Sarah don’t seem to be shown on either chart. Thomas would have been born about the time that Clayton-le-Moors was passing from the Grimshaws to the Lomaxes.

A “most-probable candidate” for your Thomas’ father might be “Thomas, mar. Jane, widow of William Duddell, of Longridge” (as shown on Whitaker’s descendant chart for the Clayton-le-Moors line), who would probably have been about the right age to be your Thomas’ father. This Thomas was the son of Nicholas and Helen (Rishworth) Grimshaw.

Just a guess though!

And Kimberly then responded with the following:

Thank you for this information. Someone else saw my request and said that Thomas’ father was Thomas Grimshaw born around 1676 and died 8 may 1725. He was married to a Jane Ellison on 30 jan 1700 in Lighthurst, Lancashire, England. So it does seem that the information you gave me seems to fit. Does this mean that they are a descendant of the original Grimshaw?


And the author responded with:

Examination of Thomas D. Whitaker’s descendant chart (shown on the Grimshaw Origins website at shows that “Thomas, mar. Jane, widow of William Duddell, of Longridge” is in the 13th generation after Walter de Grimshaw, progenitor of the most senior (known) line of Grimshaws.

This information is very important to researchers interested in the early Grimshaw lines at Clayton-le-Moors. It is now included on the webpage on the webpage on Lawrence and Mary (Duckworth) Grimshaw: 

Richard and Mary Grimshaw, Transported to Australia in 1803

Helen Hagstrom posted the following important message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in September 2001:

I am descended from Richard Grimshaw who was transported with his wife Mary, to Australia aboard the “Glatton” in 1803. Is there anyone else related to him who could tell me a little bit more of his history please.

No additional information has yet been obtained on James and Mary Grimshaw for this website.

Francis and Mary (Sherman) Grimshaw

Linda M. Adams posted the following important message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in August 2001:

Researching James Henry Grimshaw, 7th son of Frances Callum Grimshaw and Francis Grimshaw, Jr. of East Hampton, NY; grandson of Francis Grimshaw Sr. and Mary Sherman Grimshaw. James married Susan Dimon Filer (date unknown at this writing) producing 4 children, Russell Filer Grimshaw (my grandfather), Ruth, Edith and James Roland.

Having difficulty finding birth/death dates for all mentioned. Filer side of family documented in a publication “East Hampton History & Genealogies”.

Anyone with positive information please contact me at

It is now known that James Henry is the son of Francis and Frances Grimshaw, who are the subject of a companion webpage.

Bert and Bertha Grimshaw

Mavis Long posted the following important message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in August 2001:

BERT GRIMSHAW, BOSTON, USA. Early 1900s Family member has postcards/letters posted USA 1900-1915 from: Bert GRIMSHAW, BOSTON, MASS, wife Bertha, sister Margaret. Margaret W GRIMSHAW, 10 Central Street, SOMERVILLE, CONN Mr & Mrs L WEST, 19 Central Ave, Walnut Beach, MILFORD, CONN Louise Victor WEST, 176 Sixth Street, BRIDGEPORT, CONN Possibly linked to brothers Amos James GRIMSHAW b 1854, Darwen, Lancs and John William GRIMSHAW, b 1867, Bolton, Lancs, and HIBBERT family. –

Also in August Mavis posted the following message:

Anyone any information on Mary West nee Grimshaw and brother John William Grimshaw. Emigrated to America approx 1910. Correspondence received from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Boston Massachusetts. Had brother Amos James Grimshaw who died Rhode Island 1902. Another brother went to America with them. Have correspondence from other members of West family in above areas .

Bert Grimshaw is Albert Harvey Grimshaw, the subject of a webpage at the following location: 

Lucinda Grimshaw and William Caddy

R. Caddy posted the following important message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in August July 2001:

Caddy/Grimshaw in Cleveland Ohio

My great grandmother was Lucinda Grimshaw. She was married to William Caddy. They had three children; Laura, James, Bert and Cora. Lucinda’s father (my ggreat grandfather) was a Lt. in the Civil War and was involved in Sherman’s March To The Sea. Any information on Grimshaws in Ohio would be appreciated.

No additional information has yet been obtained on Lucinda Grimshaw and William Caddy for this website.

William Grimshaw, Immigrant to Australia

April Baragwanath posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in July 2001:

Trying to trace birth records of my grandfather William Grimshaw born about 1900 Stockport, Manchester, England. Migrated to Australia before WW1 with family. His father was Samuel Grimshaw and mother Leah Annie Jones.

No additional information has yet been obtained on William Grimshaw for this website.

Charles and Ann (Bagley) Grimshaw

Rich Clingman posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in July 2001:

Charles GRIMSHAW b1816 ENG>NY>NJ

Looking for info on the Charles GRIMSHAW family. Charles (b 1816)and Ann BAGLEY and children Jane, Ann (b May 1847), and Henry (b 17n Nov 1843) came to NY from England in Dec 1843 on the ship Kalimazoo. They are listed in the 1850 census in Patterson, Passaic Co., NJ with a new child Charles (b 1849). Jane, b 12 Apr 1839 in Oldham, England, married Jonas BARRETT in 1858 in Yonkers, NY. Charles Jr. and wife Delia are in NY in 1880. Henry and wife Clara are in Haverhill, Mass. in 1880 and 1900.

Donald W. Read responded to a very similar earlier message from Rich previously in October 1998:

Jonas Barrett was my wife’s gr. grandfather. Was in Civil War. Had family back east that most of ch. must have died. Moved to Kansas in abt. 1871. I have Jane Grimshaw b. 12 Apr 1839, Oldham, Eng. from obit. d, 28 May 1921, Topeka, Kansas. Jane to U.S. at 3. Entry Castle Garden, N.Y. 7 Dec 1845 on Kalimazoo. Father initial C. age 36, mother initial A. age 35, ch: J. 4, Hannah 3, Henry 7 mo.

No additional information has yet been obtained on Charles and Ann (Bagley) Grimshaw for this website.

Simeon and Charlotte (Harrison) Grimshaw

Bob Facer posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in June 2001:

Researching ancestors Simeon GRIMSHAW, wife Charlotte HARRISON GRIMSHAW, Simeon b.5 May 1855 d. 3 Dec 1934 was US Citizen, sailed into NY on the Mauretania, 26 June 1920 possible Camden, NJ resident around 1884. GG Grandfather/GG Grandmother.

A webpage has now been created on Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw at: 

John Henry Grimshaw, Immigrant to Canada from Ireland

David Grimshaw posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in May 2001:

I am trying to get in contact with the decendants of Wellington Grimshaw the son of John Henry Grimshaw who went to Canada form Ireland about 1900. Harry Grimshaw was Wellington’s only brother, they had one sister. This family are conect to the Grimason surname in Armagh, Ireland. I can also put any decendants in contact with other desendants from this same family line.

No additional information has yet been obtained on John Henry Grimshaw for this website.

Christina Grimshaw and John Egnar

Marilyn (last name unknown) posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in March 2001:

Am looking for any information that might be available on a Christina Grimshaw who married a John Egnar. They lived in Three Mile Bay, NY. and had a daughter named Sarah A. who married a Colyer. She had one son named Henry C. Colyer. Sarah later married a Mark Barber in TMB. I would guess that both of these families came from England to the New England states.This is all the information that I have. Thanks for any help that you might give me. Marilyn e-mail

Then also in March the author of this website posted the following:

I believe your Christina (or Christiana) was the oldest daughter of George and Charlotte (Menard) Grimshaw. Two webpages that may be of help to you are:

As part of a project to document as many Grimshaw immigrants and their descendants as possible, I would be interested in exchanging information on Christiana and her descendants. My e-mail is

William and Rebecca (Bullough) Grimshaw

Lorna M. Dobson posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in March 2001:

William Grimshaw and Rebecca Bullough

Those are my great-grandparents, both of Lancashire. One of their daughters moved to Johnston, Rhode Island, USA, and married John Dobson.

I am trying to find out if William Grimshaw moved to the United State because I find it difficult to believe my grandmother came over by herself. She used to have a sister named Jane who came from the UK to visit and I know Rebecca Dobson had nobody here that she was related to.

Lorna posted the following message in November 1998:

My grandmother, Rebecca Grimshaw, married a man named John Dobson and settled in Johnston RI. She had sisters that stayed in the UK and used to visit her, one whom I believe was named Jane Grimshaw.

Any connection to these Grimshaws?

A webpage has now been created on William and Rebecca Grimshaw at: 

Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw

Donna Arsenault posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in January 2001:

Looking for the parents of Richard Grimshaw b 1823 Washington Co., PA d 1902 Scioto Co., OH. Married to Nancy Ann Rickett 1842 Carroll, OH

A skeletal webpage on Richard and Nancy Grimshaw has been prepared for this website at the following location: 

Frances Grimshaw and John Fielding, Immigrants to New Brunswick, Canada

Bev Floyd posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in January 2001:

I am looking for information on John William Grimshaw, shoemaker(1839), lived Spotland Rd, Healey Dell, Rochester, Lancashire, married Nancy Kershaw. Daughter Frances Grimshaw, b Mar 27, 1846 in Smallbridge (#3 Lanes Ends), District of Rochdale, Lancashire married John Fielding and immigrated to NB, Canada circa 1884. Other daughter Mary Ann Grimshaw, born 1839 married Thomas Gartside.

Then in February, Bev posted the following message:

My great grandmother was Frances Grimshaw, born March 27, 1846, in Smallbridge, registration district of Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Her sister Mary Ann was born in the same location in 1839. There may have been other siblings. Her parents were William Grimshaw (occupation weaver) and Nancy Kershaw. Frances Grimshaw’s married John Fielding. Please let me know if you have more information.

No additional information has yet been obtained on Frances Grimshaw and John Fielding for this website.

Edward or Edwin and Mary (McKee) Grimshaw

Sean Grimshaw posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in December 2000:

I am looking for information on a Edward (maybe Edwin) Joseph Grimshaw born 1849+- in England. He moved to Dover, New Hampshire USA and on May 21, 1878 at age 29 married Mary McKee born 1853+- in Ireland also of Dover NH. Any information on Mary or Edward Joseph, I have hit a rock hall on this side of my family.
Thank you, Sean

In January 2001, Sean posted the following message:

I have a marriage document for my gggrandfather who married in Dover NH USA in 1878 at age 29. He would have been born 1849+- in England. Most of the documents say his name was Edward Joseph but the marrage say Edwin. He had a number of children with his wife Mary McKee, 1 Elizabeth, 2 Mary, 3 Anne, 4 Edward J., 5 Martha, 6 William, 7 John, 8 Cecilia. If you can help

In December 2000, Sean posted the following message on

I am looking for information on Edward (J.?) Grimshaw born about 1849 or his wife Mary McKee born about 1853. Their children are
1.Anna born Oct 31,1880, who had a daughter May Ellen on Dec 4 1901.,
2.Mary E. born Oct 31,1880 who had a son Raymond Dec 4, 1900(Raymond is dead and beleive to be buried in New Haven Conn.),
3. Child name unknown.,
4.Edward J. born Sept 9 or 19, 1882 or 1883,Died on Oct 12, 1938 in Conn. buried in Dover, NH. Edward J. and Mary H. Dixon had a son George Edward on Apr 21, 1906.,
5.William H. born Dec 16, 1884.,
6.Martha born Dec 26, 1886 died in New Haven Conn.,
7.John Thomas born Feb 5 or6 1888 or 9. Married Carrie B. Chase who had 8 children (see message on John Thomas and Carrie Chase)
8. Cecilia Born June 13, 1893 died July 10 1902 buried in Dover, NH

A preliminary webpage Edward and Mary (McKee) Grimshaw has been posted at the following address:

Mary Grimshaw and William Saunders

Sharon Saunders posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in November 2000:

If you have any information about Mary Grimshaw born July 4th, 1886 in Manchester England married to William Saunders of Montreal Quebec, I would like to hear from you. Mary Grimshaw passed away on October 12th 1939 in Montreal, Quebec. That is about all the information that I have.

No additional information has yet been obtained on Mary Grimshaw and William Saunders for this website.

Grimshaws of Kilmarnock

Lawrence Hay posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in March 2001:

The Grimshaws of Kilmarnock were found to be recognised by the name of Fraser. The birth of James Fraser according to the 1881 census was given as registered in Boston U.S.A. Investigation has uncovered that there was no registration in Boston of James Fraser between 1800 and 1849 or in the annex towns between 1629 and 1912 if anyone can help it would much appreciated.

No additional information has yet been obtained on the Grimshaws of Kilmarnock for this website.

Phillip Grimshaw, Born on the Ship “The Seven Sisters”

Lawrence Hay posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in November 2000:

Philip Grimshaw was born on board a ship called The Seven Sisters about 1839 The ship was registered in London, but I believe that his registration was in Boston.

In April 2002 Lawrence Hay posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum:

I am looking for Grimshaws who may have lived in the area of Nova Scotia between 1800 and 1830. I have had information that a Grimshaw was in the Canadian navy sometime between 1845 and 1865. The story is that a Grimshaw was executed by the authorities for mutiny. Another story is that he jumped ship in Scotland and settled there.

Previously, in March 2000, Lawrence posted the following message:

James Grimshaw Born about 1813 on board a ship called “Seven Sisters”

Eliza Fraser Born about 1817 aboard a ship called “Seven Sisters”

Philip Grimshaw born about 1839 aboard a ship called “Seven Sisters

Lloyds Register of Shipping can give no clue to the “SEVEN SISTERS” after 1840. No ship that name after that date. It was a Brigantine and was classed as having been captured. can anybody give me any information about this ship.

It seems strange that father, mother and son should be born at sea aboard a vessel that had a dubious reputation of having sailed between London and Pictou in Nova Scotia.

It was built in 1784 and according to Lloyds its lifetime was 14 years, and yet it was still supposed to be sailing in 1840.

In January 2000, Lawrence posted the following message.

I am looking for descendents of Mary Grimshaw She married David Barclay on November 15 1886 in Dundee Scotland. They had five children, David Barclay was born on September 24 1890 in Dundee, Philip Grimshaw Barclay on February 16 1893 in Dundee, Thomas Hamilton Barclay was born on October 14 1902 in Linlithgow, Mary Ann Hamilton Barclay was born on February 19 1905 in Linlithgow, and Alberto Bracini Barclay was born on April 27 1908 Perth. I have had news about a member of the Barclay family who lives in SE London. I have also had some information about a Philip Grimshaw Barclay who lives in Winnipeg in Canada. Can anybody help me in this search if so? my home address is

Lawrence Hay
49 Lethbridge Close
London SE13 7QL
United Kingdom.

In August 1999, Lawrence posted the following:

Philip Grimshaw/Mary Ann Hamilton 1864

The 1881 Census states that Mary Ann Grimshaw was resident at 138 Lochee Road Dundee and her Daughter Eliza Jane was also mentioned. I find it very strange that her husband was not named nor were her other two daughters Mary and Isabella. Isabella was my Great Grandmother and I have her death Certificate from 1939. Can anybody help in my search.

In May 1999, Lawrence posted the following:

I am looking for any information about the family of Richard Fitzgerald who married Mary Barclay somewhere between 1915 and 1925. To her family she was referred to as Needle.

and the following:

David Barclay Married to Mary Grimshaw about 1885/1899 in Dundee, but went to live in Glasgow in the Area of West Graham Street.

Daughter lived in the Great Western Road Glasgow. I knew her as Auntie Needle.

and the following in February and July 1999 and in March 2000:

James Grimshaw father of Philip Grimshaw and wife of Elya Grimshaw ms Fraser. Around about 1830/1900

Information about the ship called “The Seven Sisters” This ship sailed between London and Pictou(Nova Scotia) and was last registered in 1813. James Grimshaw was never registered as a Ship Master. This ship was reported as having been captured and was in very bad condition it was a Brigantine, it had a single-deck and weighed 179 tons. James Grimshaw had nothing to do with the “Seven Sisters”

James Grimshaw probably from somewhere in Pictou Nova Scotia

No additional information has yet been obtained on this line of Grimshaws for this website.

A preliminary webpage on Philip Grimshaw has been posted at the following address:

William Henry and Hannah (Benton) Grimshaw

Steven G. Grimshaw posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in March 2000:

Looking for information on William Henry Grimshaw was born 1828 in Cheshire, Dunkinfield, England. He married Hannah Benton January 06, 1851 in St. Michael, Ashton under Lyne, Lancaster County, England, daughter of William Benton. She was born abt. 1830 in Lancashire Hurst, England.

Child of William Grimshaw and Hannah Benton is: Sarah J. Grimshaw, born October 1856 in Iowa County, Wisconsin. She married William J. Rowe September 04, 1875, son of Edward Rowe and Grace Hockins. He was born July 04, 1839 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

Children of Sarah Grimshaw and William Rowe are: William A. Rowe, born Abt. 1880 in Missouri, John F. Rowe, Grace L. Rowe, and Annie T. Rowe.

William Henry Grimshaw was the third son of George and Ann (Higginbottom) Grimshaw, as indicated on the webpage on George and Rebecca (Kennedy) Grimshaw at the following address: 

Thelma Grimshaw and Augustus Soper

Larry Soper posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in March 2000:

At Christimas time in 1925 Dr. Augustus Soper of Galt (now Cambridge) Ontario wrote making a Christmas gift to THELMA GRIMSHAW written living in Detroit, Michigan the daughter of George Soper born Dereham, Ontario moving to Kingston Michigan area in the late 1800s. Other children listed of George Soper were Madaline Schander and Beatruce Soper also of Detroit in 1925. Information about any of the above named please write Larry Soper,

No additional information has yet been obtained on Augustus Soper or Thelma Grimshaw for this website.

Robert and Mary Grimshaw, Siblings Who Immigrated to Canada

Marlene Holt posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in February 2000:

Robert (dob 1887) and Mary (dob 1880) were brother and sister. They emigrated to Canada at the end of the 1800s beginning of 1900s. Destination unknown. Robert (“Bob”) and his sister were raised in North Devon England. Parents William and Emma Grimshire

It is known that at one time they were in Lethbridge Ontario. Any information gratefully received. I too am researching the Grimshires from Devonshire.

No additional information has yet been obtained on the Robert and Mary Grimshaw for this website.

John Thomas and Carrie (Chase) Grimshaw

Calvin Hall posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in October 1999:

I am looking for any information on John Thomas Grimshaw who is believed to have been born prior to 1890 somewhere in New Hampshire. He moved to Augusta Maine and married Carrie Chase in 1913. I have looked at the birth records of most of his children and he never listed his birthplace the same way twice. I have not been able to find him on census records either. John’s father is reported to have been Edward Grimshaw.

Calvin also posted the following message on the Grimshaw Message Board on in October 1999:

I am looking for any information on John Thomas Grimshaw. He was in Augusta, Maine in the early 1900’s. He may have been from the Dover, New Hampshire area or in Mass sometime prior to that. His father is reported to be Edward Joseph Grimshaw who may have come over from Lancaster, England.

Siblings of John Thomas include: Joseph, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary Ellen, Martha, and William.

Sean Grimshaw posted the following messages on the Grimshaw Message Board on in December 2000:

John Thomas Grimshaw was in Augusta, ME in the early 1900’s. Was married on Jan 7,1913 to Carrie B. Chase at St Mary’s Church. He died on March 27, 1950 and is buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery. He worked for Central Maine Power Company as a Lineman. Please respond to this message, I have questions for you (Calvin Hall)

William H. born Dec 16, 1884. Martha born Dec 26, 1886 died in New Haven Conn. I have more info but I am missing some to make it make sense. I am the great-grandson of John Thomas Grimshaw. Contact me at

It is now known that John Thomas is the son of Edward or Edwin and Mary (McKee) Grimshaw, who are the subject of a companion webpage.

John T. and Arvilla (Whitesell) Grimshaw

Jeff Anderson posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in June 1999:

Looking for Grimshaws from the Detroit Michigan area. The patriarch being John T. Grimshaw born about 1855 and who married Arvilla Whitesell in the 1870-80s. They seem to have settled in the Detroit area generally. I know they had several children I just don’t have my list with me today. I am related through the grandparents of Arvilla. I believe I have a picture of her mother that I would happily share with any interested but as yet unknown relatives.

David J. Grimshaw responded in July 2001 as follows:

Information on the 1900 census of Michigan shows the following;
John T Grimshaw (Head) Born Jan 1863 in England
Anilla (Wife) Born Apr 1884 in Michigan
Leottie E (Daughter) Born Apr 1884 in Michigan
Blanche E (Daughter) Born Feb 1886 in Michigan
John B (Son) Born Dec 1887 in Michigan
Earl J (Son) Born Oct 1889 in Michigan
Ernest W (Son) Born Oct 1889 in Michigan

John T Grimshaw arrived in USA in 1863

A webpage has now been created on John T. and Arvilla Grimshaw at the following address: 

William and Dora Grimshaw of Michigan

In connection with the above postings, James Pillon posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in June 1999:

My mother was a Grimshaw from Detroit. Her Father was George and he was born in Aurora Canada about 1878. My Grandfather had a Brother Albert E. and a sister Anna Sara Lisa who married a Charles Kimmel. My great grandfathers name was William and he was married to a Dora Tinley. I do not know if William had any siblings or not. He died in 1911 in Detroit. Don’t know if this fits with what you have but, who knows we may be related.

David J. Grimshaw responded in July 2001 with the following:

The information shown on the 1900 Census of Michigan shows the following;
William Grimshaw (Head) Born May 1845 in Illinois
Dora (Wife) Born Apr 1853 in Canada
Albert E (Son) Born Aug 1876 in Michigan
Ches? R (Son) Born Aug 1879 in Michigan
Annie (Daughter) Born Jan 1881 in Michigan
Lester (Son) Born Sep 1890 in Michigan

Dora arrived in USA in 1875 and had been living in Michigan 25 years at the time of the census.

No additional information has yet been obtained on or this website.

A webpage has now been created on William and Dora Grimshaw at the following address:


William and Elsie (Olsen) Grimshaw

Sharron C. Albee  posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in December 1998:

Looking for information on William Grimshaw born 1864. Lived in Canada. (Irish-Canadian) Married Elsie Olsen issue, Agnes Evelyn, Ella Marie, Jessie May, William Alexander, Earl, and Harold LaVern. Immigrated to USA into Wisconsin and then to Cheyenne, WY. Any information will be appreciated.

No additional information has yet been obtained on William and Elsie (Olsen) Grimshaw for this website.

Albert Harvey Grimshaw of Rhode Island

Thad Grimshaw posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in September 1998:

Searching for information on Albert Harvey Grimshaw (1883-1949.) He was born in Providence, R.I. and attended the Mass. College of Pharmacy, MIT, Columbia University, New Bedford Textile School, & NC St. University. He also taught school at NC St. for 26 years. He was buried in the North Burial Ground in providence, R.I. I would really appreciate any information that anyone could provide.

A webpage on Albert Harvey Grimshaw has been prepared at the following location: 

Elizabeth Grimshaw and Richard Heber Benson

Steve Anderson posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in September 1998:

My GRIMSHAW info is Elizabeth GRIMSHAW, b. 12 May 1850, Dunken Field, Cheshire, Eng. marr. 24 Oct 1868 in Salt Lake City, Utah Richard Heber Benson (my gg grandparents) both died in Parowan, Utah. Parents of Elizabeth: George GRIMSHAW, b. 4 Aug 1825, Longsite, Lancashire, Eng. d. Feb 1899, Parowan, Utah marr. 1849 Eliza Snell, b. 2 Aug 1825, Chester, Cheshire, Eng. d. 13 Aug 1852, Manchester, Lancs, Eng. George had a second wife, Hannah Harrison, and a son (brother of Elizabeth) James GRIMSHAW, b. 13 Aug 1852, Dunkenfield, Cheshire, Eng. Parents of George GRIMSHAW: Charles Hewitt (stepfather?) b. abt. 1799, and Elizabeth GRIMSHAW b. abt. 1803, both England. My GRIMSHAW ancestors were converted in England to the Mormon faith, and then went to Utah between 1852 and 1868. Elizabeth’s husband Richard Benson’s family was in Utah by 1852. Richard Benson had a second wife Emaline Guyman GRIMSHAW (no other info). Interested in tracing GRIMSHAW’s back in England.

It is now known that Elizabeth was the daughter of George and Eliza (Snell) Grimshaw, who are the subject of a companion webpage.

Marion Elliot Grimshaw and William Snaden of Australia

Coral Haymet posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in August 1998:

Marion Elliot Grimshaw

Searching for the birth of my grandmother, daughter of Frederick Grimshaw, pointsman of Manchester c. 1860 Arr. West Australia 1880 and married William Snaden, carpenter in Perth. 2 sons and 2 daughters, died W.A. 1934.

No additional information has yet been obtained on Marion Grimshaw and William Snaden for this website.

Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw

Philip Brown posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in May 1998:


Isaac Grimshaw was born about 1770 in England and married about 1794 in the West Riding of Yorkshire to Hannah WORRALL. Hannah was born 1774 at Ughill, WRY, YKS, ENG to Henry WORRALL and Sarah BURDEKIN.
Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw had at least one child: Thomas Burdekin GRIMSHAW about 1795. The family immigrated to New York City, NY about 1805, where Isaac was a school teacher for some years.
Family memories say that they moved West about 1817, and here we have lost their trace.
I have lots to share on the Worrall side of this line and would like to find descendants to pass on this information.
Please click on my name to get my e-dress and let’s share some stories.

A webpage on Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw has been created at the following address: 

Henry or Harry and Ethel (Donahue) Grimshaw

Lisa Mingus posted the following message on the Grimshaw Message Board on in November 2003:

I’m looking for information on a Henry Grimshaw who also was known by Harry. He came to America about when he was fourteen. He was born in England around Manchester in the year 1865. He lived in California and was married twice. Ethel Lily Hazelwood Donahue whom he had a daughter Helen Inez Grimshaw and a infant son James Clarence who died. Henry parents may be James and Mary Grimshaw. Any information or help is appreciated and thank you.

It is likely that this Henry or Harry is the same as the one described aboveas the son of James and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw. No additional information has yet been obtained on Henry and Ethel Grimshaw for this website.

Mahala Grimshaw and John Moses

Skye Yung posted the following message on the Grimshaw Message Board on in September 2003:

Does anyone know the parents of George Grimshaw ? He married a Charlotte Menard. Would anyone know if he had a sister Mahala? Seeking info on a Mahala Grimshaw that married a John Moses before 1846.Mahala passed away before 1855 . John Moses remarried a Catherine Crowley 1855. Family lived on /around Wolfe Island Frontenac Co Ont.

Terry Micks provided the following reply in October:

I have several Mahala’s in my Grimshaw line. I am a direct descendant of George and Charlotte. George and Charlotte’s son, Alexander has a daughter named Mahala. Alexander also has a granddaughter who was named Mahala so it would certainly seem to be a family name that may have originated with George’s generation. There are several researchers working on this particular family line. We believe George to be the son of William and Elizabeth (Lepinah?) who lived in New Hampshire prior to moving to Canada. George married Charlotte in Quebec and they settled in Wolfe Island for many years before coming to the U.S. Census records indicate that George probably had several sisters, one of whom may have been Betsy I believe, but I do not know if there is documentation of the other sisters. This is truly exciting information because it opens up a whole new avenue of research.

Mahala Grimshaw may have been the sister of George Grimshaw (m. Charlotte Menard), who is described on a companion webpage.

Nellie Grimshaw and Thomas Greenhalgh, Immigrants to Canada

Marilyn Allen posted the following message on the Grimshaw Message Board on in October 2000:

I’m looking for anyone belonging to the Grimshaw Family. My grandmother was Nellie Grimshaw and she came from Barrow in Furance, England. She married Thomas Greenhalgh and then came to Canada in the early 1900’s.

Then in March 2001, Marilyn added the following.

I checked with my mother and she said that Nellie (her mom) only had 2 sisters – one sister named Ethel and a half sister named May. They were all born in England and then came straight to Canada.

No additional information has yet been obtained on Nellie Grimshaw and Thomas Greenhalgh for this website.

William and Bert Grimshaw, 1930s Immigrants

Barbara McKee posted the following message on the Grimshaw Message Board on in April 2000:

Does anyone have information on a William Grimshaw? Immigrated from London, England with a brother (Bert) Bill was in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. in late 1930s. Believed to have moved later to Cincinnatti, Oh. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

No additional information has yet been obtained on William and Bert Grimshaw for this website.

Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw

The following information from “The Richmond Family”is provided on James and Mary Grimshaw

p. 497:

5695c George Simmons Richmond (11/1/1824 – 12/8/1887) & Mary Cordelia Dickinson (3/17/1822 – )

7733 William Belden Richmond (8/27/1849 – )

7734 Jane Maria Richmond (11/19/1850 – ) m. H.H. Squire

7735 Harriet Levens Richmond (1/12/1854 – ) m. Ellery Edwin Grimshaw

7736 George Simmons Richmond

p. 536:

7735 Harriet Levens Richmond (1/12/1854 – ) & Ellery Edwin Grimshaw (4/16/1854 – ) m 11/24/1874. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Grimshaw. Resided in Thomaston, CT.

8232 Herbert Elton Grimshaw (6/29/1876 – )

8233 Frank Ellery Grimshaw (6/23/1879 – )

8244 George Henry Grimshaw (11/29/1880 – )

aRichmond, John Bailey, MDCCCXCVII (1897), The Richmond Family, 1594-1896 and Pre-American Ancestors, 1040-1594: Privately Published, 614 p.

Ellery Edwin Grimshaw was the son on Henry and Julia (Thompson) [NOT Elizabeth] Grimshaw. Henry and Julia Grimshaw are described on the following webpage. 

Joseph and Ann (Blackburn) Grimshaw

Trudell Wright posed the following information on Samuel Grimshaw, Son of Joseph and Ann (Blackburn) Grimshaw on on May 24, 2004:

Samuel GrimshawSouth Carolina Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient

While on vacation in South Carolina, I had the pleasure of touring the USS Yorktown. One of the displays listed the Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients and to my delight listed a Grimshaw. Needless to say being a Grimshaw descendant, I stopped and inquired about this Gentleman.

Samuell Grimshaw, born March 2nd, SmithfieldOhio, fathers name Joseph Grimshaw born 1812 LeedsEngland, Mother, Ann Blackburn born Westmoreland Co. Pa.

If you are a descendant of this Grimshaw, please contact Congressional Medal of Honor Society National Headquarters Carol Cepregi, Administrative Assistant

40 Patriots Point Road Mt.
SC 29464

phone 843 884 8862/8136


There is quit a extensive file on Samuel Grimshaw. Samuel as it turns out is NOT a relative of mine. Just passing along some information

A webpage has been prepared for Samuel Grimshaw at the following address: 

Indicated Immigrants from Ed Grimshaw’s Collection (see companion webpage)

As noted above, Edwin A Grimshaw provided the information on the “Indicated Immigrants” from his research.

John and Carrie Grimshaw

Stanley Grimshaw provided the following information in a letter to Edwin Grimshaw in 1979:

Grimshaw, Stanley R., South China, ME, (EAG-7)

South China, Maine

Oct. 26, 1979

Dear Mr. Grimshaw

I admire your efforts in tracing our genealogy, but am afraid I have little to offer. Due to a difference [in] our religion, I know very little about my fathers family.

I believe he had a twin brother, at least he had a brother named Joseph, whereabouts unknown. He had two sisters: Elizabeth Welsh [John]; Annie Goodwin [Harry]. Elizabeth lived in Dover, N.H. [She] had a large family, only three that [I] knew. John, Velma & Raymond.

Annie lived in Kennebunk, Maine. [She] had two children, I never met.

My father, John, born 1888, died 1950. My mother, Carrie, born 1891, died 1946. Lived in Augusta most of life.

There were eight members of my family.

Donald, born 1913, wife Alexandria Roussell, son Gary born July 1940.

Mildred Zientara [Thadius], born 1915, no family.

Stanley, 307-17, wife Pauline Hemphill, 5-21-17, daughter, Sandra Thomas, 5-10-44, son, Richard, 11-18-47.

Marjorie Dennett [Donald], born 1919, 5 children.

Jane Cunningham [Damon], 4 boys.

Madeline – unmarried.

Dorothy Hart [Byron], 3 children.

Gail Woodward [Edwin], son Michael, dau Brenda.

Four of us are g-parents, if you want the latest up-date.

Our whole family live in and around Augusta. Afraid I have lost track of the girls birthdates. Since the death of our parents I see very little of the girls, but Donald & I are very close. Perhaps he has some further information for you.

Good luck in your endeavor.

Stanley R. Grimshaw

It is now known that Stanley Grimshaw is descended from the Edward and Mary (McKee) Grimshaw family line

Edward and Francis (Stockwell) Grimshaw

Norman Grimshaw provided the following information in a letter to Edwin Grimshaw in 1979:

Grimshaw, Norman – Rutland, Vt – (EAG 8)

Rutland, Vt


Dear Mr. Grimshaw,

Recently I received your inquiry concerning your family tree and I was very much interested until I showed it to my mother who is 89 years old this month.

She went over the chart that you sent me, but said that there is no way that the two Grimshaw families are related.

Our Grimshaw family originated in Manchester, England. My fathers father was named Edward and my father was named Hugh Edward. He married my mother who was born in Stowe, Vt and her name was Francis Gates Stockwell.

Sorry I wouldnt help you more.

Good luck


Norman Grimshaw

64 Bellevue Ave.

Rutland, Vt 05701

It is now known that Norman Grimshaw is a descendant of the Edward and Mary Ann (Heywood) Grimshaw family line. A webpage has been prepared for this family line at the following address: 

John and Helen (Kippling) Grimshaw

Mary C. Grimshaw provided the following information in a letter to Edwin Grimshaw in 1979:

Grimshaw, M., Rennemede, NJ, (EAG-12)

609 Central Ave.

Runnemede, N.J. 08078

(no date)

E. A. Grimshaw

Im sorry I can not help you. My husbands parents were separated before I met him. I will tell you what I know of his family. I am sending your letter to my sister-in-law in Phila. She is the only one living in this family. She said if she can help you she will .write to you. Mrs. Thelma Symnoski.

My father-in-law was:

John Grimshaw – Helen Kippling 4 children

Born 1850 Phila., Pa

Died 1960

Helen Grimshaw – MeGee 1 child, June

Born 11-1906 Phila.


Alice Grimshaw – Mathew Weber No children

Born 5-19-1908 Phila.

Died 5-17-1968 Phila.

Thelma Grimshaw – Stanley Symnoski No children

Born 9-14-1909 Phila

Joseph Grimshaw – Mary Hatfield 1 child, Mary Carole

Born 8-29-16 Phila.

Died 7-30-68

Cousin to John Grimshaw, Samuel Grimshaw, 1 child, Samuel Grimshaw, Jr., 1 child to Jr. – Richard Grimshaw


Mary C. Grimshaw

A webpage has been prepared for John and Mary Grimshaw (of Philadelphia) at the following address: 

Edward and Mary Ann (Heywood) Grimshaw

Robert Dixon provided the following information in a letter to Edwin Grimshaw in 1980:

Dixon, Robert A. – Bolton, Connecticut – (EAG 14)

January 21, 1980

Dear Mr. Grimshaw,

Recently my cousin, Norman Grimshaw of Lullow, Vermont, sent me your letter to him which told of your attempt to trace the Grimshaw genealogy. I have reviewed your “family tree” and see no name that I recognize.

I, too, am trying to trace the Grimshaws, but am having difficulty in doing so. My mother was a Grimshaw. Her name was Ada Mary Grimshaw, born September 15, 1892. She married twice to Arthur Dixon and Raymond Barker, and died July 22, 1978. (She was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut). Her father (my grandfather) was Edward Grimshaw who was born April 24, 1857 in Prestich, England. On October 13, 1881, he married Mary Ann Heywood. They had 6 children, Hugh, Walter, Sarah Ellen, May, Clara, and my mother, Ada.

Edward died December 27, 1924 in Hartford, Connecticut and is buried in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

I know that his parents were John and Sarah Walker Grimshaw, but I have been unable to learn any more about them. Letters of inquiry to various people in Prestwich, England have not brought any satisfactory responses.

If you have learned anything of this line of Grimshaws, Id appreciate your sharing it with me. I, in turn, will keep your “tree” in my file and check it against anything I uncover – and, of course, advise you of any findings.

Thank you – and best wishes,

Robert A. Dixon

17 Rolling Hills Trail

Bolton, Connecticut 06040

It is now known that Robert Dixon is a descendant of the Edward and Mary Ann (Heywood) Grimshaw family line. A webpage has been prepared for this family line at the following address: 

William and Jennie (Attridge) Grimshaw

George Grimshaw provided the following information in a letter to Edwin Grimshaw in 1980:

Grimshaw, George E. – Pittsburgh, PA – (EAG 19)


Dear Mr. Grimshaw

I too have wondered about the genealogy of my family but have only very meager information.

My father born in 1883, married to Alice Roarke, was born in N.Y.C. and died about one year ago at the age of 95. He lived in N.Y.C. most of his life and his parents died at any early age so I know nothing about his parents other than their names – William Grimshaw and Jennie Attridge, both born in England.

Since the name is so unusual, I imagine there is a relationship some where along the line between your family and mine but it probably goes back to the early 1800s or before.

Sorry I have not been much help to you.

Did you know that there is a tiny town in Canada (Province of Alberta) by the name of Grimshaw? I retired recently so some day I may take a trip up there and perhaps learn something of its history. Perhaps in the meantime you might send an inquiry to that town.

If I should develop any new information, I will be glad to pass it along.


George E. Grimshaw Jr.

William Grimshaw – born England – Married to Jennie Attridge, also born in England

|–William Grimshaw

|–Geo. E. Grimshaw – Born 3/31/1883, New York – Married Alice Roarke, born 8/9/1883, N.Y.

|–|–John A. Grimshaw – Born 9/18/1916, New York – Married Beverly Brown

|–|–|–Six children

|–|–Geo. E. Grimshaw Jr. – Born 7/7/1916, Pittsburgh, Pa. – Married Phyllis Armstrong, Pgh, Pa

A webpage has been prepared for William and Jennie (Attridge) Grimshaw at the following address: 

William and Emily Grimshaw

Herbert W. Grimshaw provided the following information in a letter to Edwin Grimshaw in 1980:

Grimshaw, Herbert W. – Philadelphia, Pa. – (EAG 21)

1253 Gilham St.

Phila, Pa.

Jan 12, 1980

Dear “EAG”

I am receipt of your recent letter concerning the genealogy of the Grimshaw clan. I have looked very carefully over the list of names submitted and regret to advise that none of the names are familiar to me. I can track my ancestry back to my grand father William Born in Accrington, England and my grand mother Emily. They emigrated in 1800 to Bordentown, New Jersey and raised their family. First William then Margaret and then Frank. Next came Lamar (my father born in 1870). He married Lilla my mother born in 1872.

They raised 3 children, Herbert (thats me), Russell, and Gertrude.

During my association with the company, which employed me, I traveled extensively. Some of my “ports of call” which should interest you was the Jefferson Island Salt Co. at New Iberia, which I toured and the Texaco Oil Plant at Port Arthur.

Several years ago (1978), I had correspondence with a Charles Grimshaw of Renton, in the state of Washington seeking similar to your request.

It is possible that if you should care to write to him that he could help you in your endeavors.

His name and address is:

Charles R. Grimshaw

15825 132 nd Pl.

Renton, Wash. 98055

Good luck to you


Herbert W. Grimshaw – Philadelphia

It is now known that Herbert Grimshaw is now known to have descended from the William and Emily (Brown) Grimnshaw family line. A webpage has been prepared for this family line at the following address: 

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