Simeon and Charlotte (Harrison) Grimshaw

“Double Immigrants” from Yorkshire to America between 1880 and 1884 and Again in 1920

Simeon and Charlotte (Harrison) Grimshaw

Simeon Grimshaw was born in Yorkshire in 1855 and was married to Charlotte Harrison in 1879. Like many Grimshaws from that area and era, Simeon worked in the textile business. Simeon’s ancestry in the Yorkshire line started by Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw (see companion webpage) has been established.

Sometime between the births of their first (William Arthur Grimshaw in 1880) and second child (Elizabeth in 1884), Simeon and Charlotte emigrated to New Jersey, where they lived in Camden. In about 1891, the family (with two additional children) apparently returned to England. Nearly 30 years later, perhaps after Simeon had retired, the couple and several members of the family returned to America, where they settled at Lakewood, New York. Simeon and Charlotte apparently lived out their lives there and are buried together in Lakewood.


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Photos of Simeon Grimshaw and Charlotte (Harrison) Grimshaw

Needlepoint Piece by Charlotte Harrison

Group Photos of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw and Family

Elizabeth (Grimshaw) Brook, Daughter of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw

1881 British Census Record of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw and Simeon’s Family of Origin

1920 Passport for Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw

Homes of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw and Frank and Elizabeth Brook in Lakewood, New York

Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw’s Family Bible

Descendant and Ancestor Charts for Simeon Grimshaw

Probable Photo of John and Elizabeth (Keighley) Grimshaw

Grandfather Clock Wedding Gift to John and Elizabeth (Keighley) Grimshaw

Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw’s Gravesite


Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Bob Facer for providing the information and images that have made this webpage possible. Thanks also to Daniel Biery for providing the picture of the clock that appears below.

Photos of Simeon Grimshaw and Charlotte (Harrison) Grimshaw

Bob Facer has provided the photos shown below of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw

Needlepoint Piece by Charlotte Harrison

Charlotte dated the needlepoint piece shown below as 1878, which was the year before her marriage to Simeon. The piece is shown in upper and lower portions with overlap.

Group Photos of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw and Family

The group photographs shown below of Simeon and Charlotte were generously provided by Bob Facer.

Back Row, Left to Right: Lewis, Frank and William Arthur Grimshaw

Front Row, Left to Right: Elizabeth, Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw

Charlotte Grimshaw standing in center of photo. Simeon seated to the right of Charlotte on this photo.

Lewis and Edith (Appleton) Grimshaw above and to the left of Charlotte.

Frank and Elizabeth (Grimshaw) Brooks above and to the right of Charlotte.

Adults and children in lower part of photo as yet unidentified.

Elizabeth (Grimshaw) Brook, Daughter of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw

Elizabeth Grimshaw, who married Frank Brook, was the only daughter of Simeon and Charlotte; her photo is shown below. Also shown is a photo of the wedding party at the time of her marriage.

Elizabeth Grimshaw and Frank Brook Wedding Photo, September 12, 1914.

Standing, Left to Right: Frank, Simeon and Lewis Grimshaw

Seated, Left to Right: Unknown (possibly Martha Barker Brook), Frank Brook, Elizabeth (Grimshaw) Brook, unknown, Charlotte Grimshaw 

The photo below was taken of Elizabeth in 1974, when she was 90 years old.

1881 British Census Record of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw and Simeon’s Family of Origin

The 1881 British Census found Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw living at 7 Almhouses in Shipley with their young son, William A Grimshaw. Simeon’s parents and siblings were at 3 Westcliff Road in Shipley. Images of the two census records are shown below.

1920 Passport for Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw

Possible associated with their return to America in 1920, Simeon and Charlotte received a U.S. passport while in London. An image of the passport is shown below, with the excellent photos Simeon (and his signature) and Charlotte excerpted and shown first. Interestingly, the passport indicates that Simeon (and therefore probably also Charlotte) had U.S. citizenship, which he (or they) may have obtained during their earlier immigration to New Jersey.

Homes of Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw and Frank and Elizabeth Brook in Lakewood, New York

After their return to the U.S., Simeon and Charlotte lived next door to daughter and son-in-law Elizabeth and Frank Brook in Lakewood, New York. A photo of Simeon and Charlotte’s home is shown below. It is not known who the four people on the porch and steps, or the man near the right edge of the photo, are.

The photo below is of the garage between the two homes.

Probably Elizabeth’s daughter on the left, with Charlotte and her daughter Elizabeth

Photos of Elizabeth and Frank’s home are shown below.

Probably Frank Grimshaw, Elizabeth Brook and her daughter

Identity of person near the chimney unknown

The expenses for building the home at 45 Bentley Avenue in Lakewood are shown in the following image.

Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw’s Family Bible

Two pages from the family Bible showing pertinent information on children and their death dates are shown below. The excellent handwriting is most likely that of Charlotte.

Descendant and Ancestor Charts for Simeon Grimshaw

Bob Facer has collected genealogical information on Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw and their descendants, which is summarized below.

John Grimshaw (ca1829, Calverley, Yorkshire – Jun 1898) & Elizabeth Keighley (2 May 1828, Idle, Yorkshire – 18 Jun 1943). Mar. 23 Jun 1851.

|–Peter Grimshaw (23 Jun 1852 – ?)

|–|–Fred Grimshaw

|–|–Edward Grimshaw

|–Simeon Grimshaw (5 May 1855, Calverley, Yorkshire – 3 Dec 1934) & Charlotte Harrison (13 Oct 1855, Bradford, Yorkshire – 19 Jul 1943). Mar. 11 Apr 1879.

|–|–William Arthur Grimshaw (17 May 1880, Shipley, Yorkshire – Dec 1948)

|–|–Elizabeth Grimshaw (20 May 1884, Camden, NJ – ?) & Frank Brook (? – 3 Mar 1960). Mar. 19 Sep 1914.

|–|–Lewis Grimshaw (7 Dec 1887, Camden, NJ – 12 Mar 1974) & Edith Appleton

|–|–Frank Grimshaw 16 Apr 1890 – 2 Mar 1960). Never married.

|–Albert Grimshaw (4 Oct 1858, Calverley, Yorkshire – 21 Jul 1891)

|–Barrett Grimshaw (6 Jul 1862 – ?)

|–Marthaann Grimshaw (18 Apr or 6 Jul 1865 – 22 Jul 1865)

|–Phebe Ann Grimshaw (29 Dec 1867 – 11 Jan 1870)

|–Herbert Grimshaw (1 Dec 1869 – ?). Mar. May 1890.

|–|–Flossie Grimshaw

|–|–Mary Elizabeth Grimshaw (1891, Shipley, Yorkshire – ?)

Simeon Grimshaw is among the descendants of Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw, whose line was centered in the Calverley area nearLeeds in Yorkshire (see companion webpage). An abbreviated descendant chart showing the position of Simeon is shown below.

Seventh generation descendant…

Edward Grimshaw (About 1559 – 22 Jun 1635) & Dorotye Raner
|–Abraham Grimshaw (1603 – 1670) & Sarah ( – 21 Sep 1695)
|–|–Abraham Grimshaw* (About 1651 – 6 Dec 1707) & Rachel Bond (1672 – 23 May 1696)
|–|–Abraham Grimshaw* (About 1651 – 6 Dec 1707) & Elizabeth Bond ( – 1744)
|–|–John Grimshaw* (23 Nov 1664 – 20 Jun 1749) & Grace Ibbotson (15 Nov 1671 – 29 Nov 1700)
|–|–John Grimshaw* (23 Nov 1664 – 20 Jun 1749) & Phoebe Cockshaw (About 1678 – 21 Feb 1747/1748)
|–|–|–John Grimshaw (26 Apr 1703 – ) & Sarah Cooper
|–|–|–Rebeccah Grimshaw (23 Sep 1705 – )
|–|–|–Jonathan Grimshaw (28 Jul 1708 – 8 Jul 1763) & Ellen Dale (1723 – 8 Mar 1798)
|–|–|–|–Jonathan Grimshaw (17 May 1748 – 18 Mar 1818) & Dorothy (1755 – 27 Nov 1829)
|–|–|–|–|–Peter Grimshaw (23 Jul 1799 – 5 Nov 1831) & Martha (1805 – 11 Jul 1870)
|–|–|–|–|–|–Ann Grimshaw (Before 1824 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–Emily Grimshaw (Before 1824 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–Mary Grimshaw (2 Jan 1824 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–Phoebe Grimshaw (23 Feb 1826 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (1829 – ) & Elizabeth (1829 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Peter Grimshaw (1853 – 11 Apr 1910)
|–|–|–|–|–|–|–SimonSimeon Grimshaw (1855 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Albert Grimshaw (1859 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Barret Grimshaw (1863 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Herbert Grimshaw (1870 – )
|–|–|–|–|–|–Peter Grimshaw (1830 – ) & Sarah (1828 – 12 Apr 1900)

Probable Photo of John and Elizabeth (Keighley) Grimshaw

The photo shown below was provided by Bob Facer, who has reason to believe that it is of Simeon’s parents, John and Elizabeth (Keighley) Grimshaw.

Grandfather Clock Wedding Gift to John and Elizabeth (Keighley) Grimshaw

Thanks go to Daniel Biery for providing the photo of the grandfather clock shown below. The following excerpt from Daniel’s email indicates the origins of the clock as a wedding gift in 1851, some 3 years before Simeon Grimshaw’s birth.

My brother-in-law, Bob Facer, asked me to forward these pictures of the grandfather’s clock in our home.  This was in Bob’s parents home and we were lucky enough to receive it when Margaret died.  On the inside of the door was a taped card that states “Mother Brooks Paternal Grandparents at their wedding Clock”. 

Simeon and Charlotte Grimshaw’s Gravesite

Simeon Grimshaw’s grave, probably in Lakewood, New York is shown below. The photo was apparently taken after Simeon’s death in 1934 and before the death of Charlotte in 1943.

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