Richard and Nancy Ann (Rickett) Grimshaw

Grimshaw, Early Settlers in Scioto County, Ohio

Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw
(See photo below for credits.)

Richard Grimshaw was born to Jonathan and Betsey (Willoby) Grimshaw in Beaver Co, Pennsyvania in 1823 (see companion webpage). Richard met his wife, Nancy Rickett, in that area, and they were married in nearby Carroll, Ohio on August 25, 1842. They started their family there (first child in 1843) and, sometime between 1847 and 1850, moved south to Scioto County. Richard and Nancy had a large family of 16 children who left many descendants that comprise one of the major Grimshaw lines in North America. One of their descendants was Ralph Grimshaw, who was a specialist on sheep at the Ohio State University in Columbus; he is the subject of a companion webpage. Two of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw’s sons and their spouses migrated to northeast Missouri and are the subject of a companion webpage.

It is likely that Richard’s father, Jonathan, is related to the family of Grimshaws – descendants of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Pratt) Grimshaw – who settled in Erie County in northwest Pennsylvania, but the connection has not yet been established. Jonathan and Elizabeth Grimshaw are also the subject of a companion webpage. There is one record that Richard may have had a brother, Benjamin, also in the Scioto County area.


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Photos of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw and Several of Their Children

Partial Descendant Chart for Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

Additional Descendant Information for Clinton Grimshaw from Michael Brown

Additional Family Members from Amie Agidius

Did Richard Have a Brother, Benjamin Grimshaw?

Published Descriptions of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

1850 Census Record for a Richard and Nancy Grimshaw in Ohio

1870 Census Record for Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

Maps of the Area in Scioto County Where Richard and Nancy Settled

Website Information on Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

Burial Place of Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw

Gravestone of Newton, Son of Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw

Information from Responses to Edwin Grimshaw Inquiry

Matthew Grimshaw, Civil War Veteran

Was Richard Grimshaw Related to the Erie County Line of Grimshaws?

John Wesley and Matthew J Grimshaw Migrated to Missouri

Obituary of James Theodore Grimshaw, Grandson of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

Information from Descendants of Clinton E and Mary Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw

Information and Photos of Charles Wesley and Turah “Perneta” (Anspauch) Grimshaw

“We Remember Arthur W. Grimshaw” by Naomi H. Grimshaw

Final Resting Places of Matthew Grimshaw and His Descendants

Photos of Clinton Grimshaw Family and Descendants Contributed by Eric Winter


Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Sharon Prince for providing the photos and much of the other information that appears on this webpage. Thanks also to Lucy Ellen Brown and her son, Michael R Brown, for providing descendant information for Clinton E. and Mary Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw. And thanks to James Jay McKinney for posting the descendants of Matthew and Eliphel (Morris) Grimshaw on a website ( Thanks also to Judy Bryson for providing descendant information for Charles Wesley and Turah (Anspauch) Grimshaw as well as several photos of that family line. Judy also provided a very complete descendant chart for Richard and Nancy Grimshaw. Thanks to James Adam Adius, and later Amy Agidius, for additional descendant information for their branch of the family line.

Photos of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw and Several of Their Children

Several photos of Richard and Nancy and their descendants are shown below. The full collection has not yet been posted.

1. John Wesley Grimshaw b. 7 Sep 1843 in Carroll, Ohio
2. James Madison Grimshaw b. 13 Nov 1845 in Carroll, Ohio
3. Mathew Joseph Grimshaw b. 15 May 1847 in Carroll, Ohio
4. Ralph Grimshaw b. 1848 in Ohio
5. William Grimshaw b. 1849 in Ohio
6. Sara Elizabeth Grimshaw b. 19 Apr 1850 in Lucasville (Scioto Co.) Ohio
7. Dorcas S. Grimshaw b. 19 Apr 1852 in Ohio
8. Mary Jane Grimshaw b. 27 Mar 1854 in Lucasville (Scioto Co.) Ohio
9. Nancy Anna Grimshaw b. 12 Jun 1858 in Lucasville, Scioto, OH
10. Richard Benton Grimshaw b. 29 Aug 1860 in Scioto, Ohio
11. Jonathan A. Grimshaw b. 19 Dec 1862 in Scioto, Ohio
12. Emily Alice Grimshaw b. 30 Dec 1865

1 and 2 show photos of Richard and Nancy and their oldest sons, John Wesley and Matthew J Grimshaw.

1. Photos and descriptions of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw and their son, John Wesley Grimshaw, from Sharon Prince

Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw and Abel Clark Rickett

John Wesley Grimshaw (oldest son of Richard and Nancy Ann Rickett Grimshaw;  grandson of Jonathan Grimshaw and Betsy Willoby Grimshaw; and John Richard Rickett and Sarah Clark Rickett) and his wife, Rebecca Esther Tritt Grimshaw, daughter of Joshua Tritt and Rachel DeSellem Tritt; granddaughter of Hans Peter Tritt and Esther (Hester) Suss; and Jacob Short DeSellem and Mary Shivers).

2a. Probable photo of Matthew and Eliphel Grimshaw. (Identified as such on webpage indicated under “Source” below photo, but no longer active on the internet).

Source: (no longer active)

2b. Photo of “Uncle Joe and Aunt Liza” (written on back of photo) from Judy Bryson, March 2006. Photo taken by “Nickell, Marceline, Mo.” Date unknown.

3a. Joseph and Nancy (Grimshaw) Strittmatter with two unknown children, presumably grandchildren. Photo extracted from family photo shown below.

3b. Richard Benton Grimshaw (right) with wife Mary (Clark) Grimshaw and son Earl Grimshaw. Photo taken in 1910 and provided by Michael Brown, July 2006.

4. Grandsons of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw (sons of Richard Benton and Mary [Clark] Grimshaw: Clinton E and Mary Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw (left) and Floyd and Francis Grimshaw (right). Photo from Lucasville Historical Society, 1991, p. 158(and repeated below).

Partial Descendant Chart for Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

A partial chart has been assembled from the records on this webpage and a descendant chart from Judy Bryson. The chart is shown in below.

Partial Descendant Chart for Richard and Nancy

Jonathan Grimshaw (ca 1773 – ?) & Betsey Willoby

|—Richard Grimshaw (2 Feb 1823, Erie Co, PA – 25 Nov 1902) & Nancy Ann Rickett (18 Aug 1823 – 6 Oct 1900)

|—|—John Wesley Grimshaw (7 Sep 1843 – 10 Apr 1916) & Rebecca “Esther” Tritt (27 Sep 1843 – 26 Jan 1928)

|—|—|—Thomas David (ca 1865 – ?)m & Melissa Mylar

|—|—|—|—Leota Marie Grimshaw 29 JAN 1901 – 15 JUN 1999 + J. Lloyd Mason

|—|—|—Robert L (ca 1868 – ?)

|—|—|—Isaac Newton (Newt) or Newton D Grimshaw (30 Oct 1866 – 30 Dec 1943) & Alice Narcissus Palmer (2 Sep or 12 Sep 1868 – 19 Nov 1918)

|—|—|—|—unknown Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Sarah Grimshaw JUL 1889 – + Frank Richardson

|—|—|—|—Waldo Grimshaw JAN 1900

|—|—|—|—Viola Grimshaw b 1903 –

|—|—|—|—James Theodore Grimshaw (17 NOV 1912 – 1 FEB 2003) & Norma Lee Calvert (21 JAN 1914 – 29 SEP 1980). Married Mar 1934.

|—|—|—|—|—Robert Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—|—William Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—|—John Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—|—James Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—|—C Thomas Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—|—Henry C Grimshaw

|—|—|— Charles Wesley Grimshaw (his second marriage) (14 OCT 1868 – 26 JAN 1948) & Turah “Perneta” Anspauch (3 APR 1875 – 19 DEC 1958)
|—|—|—|—Ada Opal (Opal Ada) Grimshaw (7 JUL 1897 – 29 SEP 1972) & Jess Wheeler (10 JUN 1900 – 18 MAR 1970)
|—|—|—|—William Arthur Grimshaw (7 [or 1] JUL 1899 – 9 OCT 1979) & Virginia True Morris (4 JUL 1905 – 24 MAY 1986)
|—|—|—|—Lester Frances Grimshaw (28 JAN 1902 – 13 OCT 1967) & Ross Monroe Allen (22 OCT 1892 – 13 APR 1962)
|—|—|—|—Loral May Grimshaw (3 APR 1904 – 3 SEP 1969) & Ivy Isaacson (8 JUL 1899 – 6 AUG 1990)
|—|—|—|—Gracie Pearl Grimshaw (9 MAR 1906 – 6 MAR 1981) & Lloyd Cook (14 MAY 1896 – 21 JUN 1982)
|—|—|—|—Connie Bea Grimshaw (2 MAR 1908 – 6 JUN 1995) & Alex Watson (24 MAY 1904 – 16 SEP 1966)
|—|—|—|—Freeman Kermit Grimshaw (25 OCT 1909 – ?) & Addie Wright (first wife) (26 FEB 1911 – 10 JUN 1993)
|—|—|—|—Ruth Lillian Grimshaw (26 NOV 1911 – 17 SEP 1990) & Clarence Roberts (first husband) (6 JUL 1906 – 1 OCT 1963)
|—|—|—|—James Orland Grimshaw (21 NOV 1914 – 31 DEC 1937)
|—|—|—|—Delbert Earl Grimshaw (2 SEP 1917 – 12 JUN 1985) & Addie Wright (26 FEB 1910 – 10 JUN 1993)

|—|—|—Anna (Annie) Grimshaw (31 Jan 1871 17 Apr 1919) + George Smith (1 Mar 1868 – 2 Feb 1916)

|—|—|—Gerne (or Gurnie) Abigail Grimshaw (ca 1874 – ?) & Leonard Green Anspauch (14 MAY 1868 – 2 AUG 1947)

|—|—|—|—Ida May Anspauch (9 JUN 1894 – ?) + Waldo Walker

|—|—|—|—Hattie Lee Anspauch (26 AUG 1896 – 23 SEP 1987) + Grover C. Shoemaker

|—|—|—|—Roy Winifred Anpsauch (12 OCT 1898 – 9 DEC 1974) + Theola Jones (first wife) (21 NOV 1897 – 28 DEC 1948)

|—|—|—|—Harry Marvin Anspauch26 AUG 1903 – AUG 1964 + Goldie Marie Davis (17 AUG 1904 – ?)

|—|—|—Jennie Grimshaw (23 Oct 1877 – 13 Nov 1895)

|—|—|—Sarah Jane (ca 1878 – ?)

|—|—|—John Grimshaw, Jr. d 1917 + Lillie Zimmerman

|—|—|—|—Marvin David Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Maude Grimshaw

|—|—|—Dorcass Grimshaw (19 Jun 1886 – 14 Jan 1896)

|—|—Ester Grimshaw (ca 1843 – ?)

|—|—Werley Grimshaw? (ca 1843 – ?)

|—|—Sarah Elizabeth Grimshaw 19 APR 1846 – 4 MAY 1915 + Alexander Fields 28 SEP 1845 – 26 JUL 1917

|—|—|—Louella Field + Taylor Robertson

|—|—|—Joseph Field + Bertha Keller

|—|—|—|—Ollie Nancy Field + unknown Floyd

|—|—|—|—Eddie Field

|—|—|—|—Frances Field

|—|—|—|—Vena Field

|—|—|—|—Hescal Field

|—|—|—|—Verla Field

|—|—|—|—Garnet Field

|—|—|—|—Violet Field

|—|—|—|—Rhoda Field

|—|—|—Sarah Ann Field + Joseph Fitch

|—|—|—|—Ida Fitch

|—|—|—|—Lawrence Fitch

|—|—|—|—Merlin Fitch

|—|—|—|—Mary Fitch

|—|—|—|—Joseph Fitch

|—|—|—|—Edith Fitch

|—|—|—|—Harry Fitch

|—|—|—|—Agnes Fitch

|—|—|—Mary Field + Samuel Pyles

|—|—|—|—Edna Pyles

|—|—|—|—Oscar Pyles

|—|—|—|—Edith Pyles

|—|—|—|—Samuel Pyles

|—|—|—|—Earl Pyles

|—|—|—|—Annabelle Pyles

|—|—|—|—Mildred Pyles

|—|—|—|—Lowell Pyles

|—|—|—Richard Ancil Field + Lettie Hancock

|—|—|—|—Goldie Field

|—|—|—|—Lloyd Field

|—|—|—|—Bessie May Field

|—|—|—|—Charles Field

|—|—|—|—Harry Field

|—|—|—|—Orin Field

|—|—|—Cynthia Viola Field + Lawerence Fitch

|—|—|—|—Chester Purl Fitch

|—|—|—|—Bessie Gertrude Fitch

|—|—|—|—Joseph Owen Fitch

|—|—|—|—Sarah Adeline Fitch

|—|—|—|—Henry Glenn Fitch

|—|—|—|—Charles Elvin Fitch

|—|—|—|—Leoscar Fitch

|—|—|—|—Richard Donald Fitch

|—|—|—Nettie Field + Heber Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Nellie Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Francis Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Sarah Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Leona Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Louella Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Irma Faye Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Charlotte Shonkwiler

|—|—|—|—Kathleen Shonkwiler

|—|—|—Purle Walter Field – d in infancy

|—|—Matthew Joseph Grimshaw (15 May 1847 – 5 Aug 1918) & Eliphel Morris (9 Nov 1847 – 28 May 1916)

|—|—|—Robert Lemuel Grimshaw (22 Oct 1867 – 22 May 1948) or ( 1 Apr 1870 – 21 Oct 1892) & Mary Lillie Rose

|—|—|—Charles Clifford Grimshaw (Jan 1869 – 10 Oct 1882) or (22 Jan 1882 – 20 Nov 1882)

|—|—|—Rueben Rickett Grimshaw (28 Mar 1873 – 10 Sep 1953) & Lee Ora Ward (first wife) (9 AUG 1875 – 21 MAR 1901)

|—|—|—|—Chloe Lillie Grimshaw d 12 MAR 1979 + Everett Day b APR 1884

|—|—|—|—Clarissa Rachel Grimshaw 2 OCT 1898 – 28 NOV 1997 – ?)+ Otis Day APR 1896 – 1974 & Elizabeth Brammer Day

|—|—|—Arthur Wood Grimshaw* (28 Mar 1873 – 27 Feb 1961) & Ella Jane Dunseith (27 Dec 1877 – 21 Mar 1935). Married 4 Apr 1897.

|—|—|—|—Nola Coral Grimshaw (23 Feb 1898 – 10 Mar 1984) & Roy Whitfield (17 JUL 1898- 20 FEB 1991)

|—|—|—|—Otha Clifford Grimshaw (26 SEP 1900 – 17 AUG 1983) & Helen Eversole (18 NOV 1910 – 14 AUG 1983)

|—|—|—|—Floyd Derwood Grimshaw (4 May 1903 – 24 Dec 1965)

|—|—|—|—Sarah E Pauline Grimshaw (15 Jul 1906 – 15 Oct 1939)

|—|—|—|—Thelma F. Grimshaw (24 SEP 1918 – 3 NOV 1994) + William T. Cavender

|—|—|—|—Pauline Grimshaw (? – 15 OCT 1939) + Prosser Ray Jones (22 SEP 1906 – ?)

|—|—|—Arthur Wood Grimshaw* (28 Mar 1873 – 27 Feb 1961) & Naomi H Cavender (13 July 1903 – 16 Apr 1984). Married 8 February 1939.

|—|—|—Adah Lois Grimshaw (12 Apr 1877 – 13 Nov 1942) & Alex C. Coffman (4 APR 1876- 24 FEB 1962)

|—|—|—|—Omer Coffman 12 OCT 1901 – 5 APR 1978

|—|—|—|—Jeff Coffman 4 SEP 1904 – 21 SEP 1995

|—|—|—|—Ina Coffman 3 JAN 1907 – 14 APR 1982

|—|—|—|—Edith Coffman 10 SEP 1917 – + Prosser Ray Jones

|—|—|—|—Fern Coffman 13 SEP 1921 – 26 JUL 1994

|—|—|—Richard Thomas Grimshaw (9 Aug 1879 – 11 May 1948)

|—|—|—Chauncey Joseph Grimshaw (22 May 1883 – 22 Sep 1945)

|—|—|—Charlotte Dorcas Grimshaw (11 Mar 1885 – ?) & ___ Russell

|—|—|—Henry Purdy Grimshaw (17 Mar 1887 – 3 Jan 1954) & JosIpahne Gates

|—|—|—|—Geneva Grimshaw 1910 –

|—|—|—|—Geraldine Grimshaw 1915 –

|—|—|—|—Henry P Grimshaw (27 Mar 1918, Callao, MO – 31 Oct 1984, San Luis Obisop, CA) & unknown Hunter

|—|—|—Lottie Grimshaw + unknown Russel

|—|—Sarah Elizabeth Grimshaw (19 Apr 1850, Lucasville, Ohio – ?)

|—|—Samantha Grimshaw (ca 1851 – ?)

|—|—Dorcas S Grimshaw (19 Apr 1852, Ohio – ?) + unknown Buchman

|—|—Mary Jane Grimshaw (27 Mar 1854, Lucasville, Ohio – ?)

|—|—Nancy Anna Grimshaw (12 Jun 1858, Lucasville, Ohio – ?) & Joseph Strittmatter

|—|—Richard Benton Grimshaw (29 Aug 1860, Scioto, Ohio – 6 Mar 1923) & Mary Emma (“Mollie”) Clark (1863 – 1935)

|—|—|—Clinton E Grimshaw (29 Apr 1883 – 27 May 1971) & Carrie A Rader (1885 – 1932). Married December 19, 1906.

|—|—|—|—Marie Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Ralph Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Russell Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Harry Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Donald Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Albert Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Faye Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Nettie Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Charles Grimshaw

|—|—|—Clinton E Grimshaw (29 Apr 1883 – 27 May 1971) & Mary Ellen Smith (December 15, 1910 – )

|—|—|—|—Annalee Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Janet Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Lucy Ellen Grimshaw & unknown Brown

|—|—|—|—|—Michael R Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Richard Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Kenneth Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Doris Jean Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Marilyn Jane Grimshaw

|—|—|—Floyd Grimshaw (1891 – 1955) & Francis unknown (1890 – 1970)

|—|—|—Earl Grimshaw (1893 – 1961)

|—|—Jonathan A Grimshaw (19 Dec 1862, Scioto Co, Ohio – ?)

|—|—|—Charles R A Grimshaw (11 Nov 1891 – ?)

|—|—|—|—Henry C Grimshaw

|—|—Emily Alice Grimshaw (30 Dec 1865 – ?))

|—|—Alice Grimshaw + unknown Schuler

|—|—Charles Grimshaw (ca 1867 – ?)

Author’s Notes: A companion webpage on Jim McKinney’s website includes more detail on the descendants of Matthew and Eliphel (Morris) Grimshaw. Note that brother and sister Charles Wesley and Gerne Abigail Grimshaw married sister and brother Turah and Leonard Anspauch.

Additional Descendant Information for Clinton Grimshaw from Michael Brown

Michael Brown provided the following additional descendant information for Clinton Grimshaw and his two wives, Carrie Rader and Mary Ellen Smith. (The names in italics were provided by James Agidius.)

Clinton E Grimshaw (29 Apr 1883 – 27 May 1971) & Carrie A Rader (1885 – 1932). Married December 19, 1906.

|—Ralph Grimshaw (4 Jul 1908 – 8 Mar 1993) & Alice Davis (12 Aug 1908 – 19 Jun 1993)

|—|—Carol Grimshaw Patton (2/9/1937 – ) & Allan R

|—|—Kathryn (2 Aug 1941 – )

|—Conrad Russell Grimshaw 4 Jun 1912 – 8 Apr 1972) & ?

|—|—Mary Alta (Dixie) Grimshaw Norton 22 Aug 1938 – )

|—|—|—Mary Faith Norton (4 Aug 1957 – )

|—|—|—Tim Norton (9 Dec 1960 – )

|—|—|—Rusty Norton (9 Dec 1960 – )

|—|—Robin Grimshaw (25 May 1955 – )

|—Garnett Marie Grimshaw (14 May 1914 – ?) & Alton Deemer (30 Jun 1912 – 27 Feb 1986)

|—|—Mary Deemer (24 May 1933 – ?) & Paul Keller

|—|—|—Paul Jeffery Keller (21 May 1956 -?)

|—|—Ruth Deemer (24 Jun 1939 – ?) & Claude Sammons

|—|—|—Todd Sammons (9 Jul 1963 – ?)

|—|—|—Elizabeth Ann (Beth) Sammons (12 Jul 1964 ?)

|—|—Judy Deemer (7 Oct 1940 – ?) Luther Lewellen

|—|—|—Lisa Rae Laxton (3 Aug 1963 – ?)

|—|—|—Eric J. Laxton (16 Mar 1967 – ?)

|—|—|—Rhonda Marie Laxton (21 Apr 1979 – ?)

|—|—Joy Deemer (7 Oct 1940 – /) & Arnold Leach

|—|—|—Lorri Ann Leach (12 mar 1970 – ?)

|—|—|—Chad Anthony Leach (8 Dec 1972 – ?)

[pick up here]

|—Harry Edwin Grimshaw 3/5/1916 – 4/12/1975 & Eileen

|—|—Eileen Grimshaw

|—|—Michael Grimshaw 12/20/1942 & Judi

|—|—|—Michael Grimshaw II

|—Donald Wells Grimshaw & Ann

|—|—Donna Kay Grimshaw 1/3/1941 & Andy Vito

|—|—|—Chris Vito

|—|—|—Valerie Vito

|—|—Jack Grimshaw 0/2/1942

|—|—|—Shawn Grimshaw

|—|—|—Carey Don Grimshaw

|—|—Danny Grimshaw 5/29/1950

|—Albert Burr Grimshaw & Eva

|—|—Sharon Grimshaw & Mark Calahan

|—|—|—Mark Davis Calahan 5/13/1965

|—|—Shirley Grimshaw 3/26/1951 & O. D. Robinson

|—|—|—Michael Andrew Robinson 4/25/1971

|—|—|—Jason Allen Robinson 8/27/1976

|—|—Pamela Grimshaw 1/22/1957 & Paul Angle

|—|—|—Necole Angle 5/6/1982

|—|—Michelle (Shelly) Grimshaw & Ross Clark

|—|—|—Christena Dawn Ross 6/26/1982

|—|—|—Adrian Michelle Ross 8/4/1984

|—Margaret Faye Grimshaw 27 Apr 1921 & Dick Parmenter

|—|—Mar1iyn Parmenter 20 Oct 1951 & Russ Hylton

|—|—|—Garrett Hylton 5 Nov 1982

|—|—|—Courtney Rene Hylton 9 Jul 1985

|—|—Stephen Frank Parmenter 22 Jan 1955

|—|—Phyllis Parmenter 2 Nov 1960 & Michael Mancari

|—Charles Clinton Grimshaw (Ruth) 28 Mar 1923

|—|—William Grimshaw

|—Netta Mae Grimshaw 25 Jun 1924 & James Peter Agidius

|—|—James Patrick Agidius 6 Sep 1945 & Pat

|—|—Paul Clinton Agidius 20 Jan 1951 & Cindy

|—|—|—Jason Paul Agidius

|—|—|—James Adam Agidius

|—|—|—Clinton Francis Agidius 1 Jul 1985

|—|—|—Amie Elise Agidius

|—|—Faye Jean Agidius 11 Dec 1954 & Wayne Kalbfleisch

|—|—|—Corey Kalbfleisch

|—|—|—Bryan Kalbfleisch

|—|—Kathy Agidius 26 Jun 1959 & Allen Kite

|—|—|—Allen Dayne

|—|—Hazel Agidius 26 Jan 19 & Don Bryan

|—|—|—Carrie Francis Agidius

Clinton E Grimshaw (29 Apr 1883 – 27 May 1971) & Mary Ellen Smith (December 15, 1910 – )

|—Analee Rose (Babe) Grimshaw (Jordan Abner) 23 Jul 1931

|—|—David H. Abner 23 Dec 1953 – Oct 1984

|—|—Steven Lee Abner 3 Jun 1955 & Patty

|—|—|—Bradly Abner

|—|—|—Stacy Abner

|—|—William Clinton Abner 3 Mar 1959 & Theresa

|—Janet Bernice Grimshaw 25 Dec 1933 & Joe Durand

|—|—Daniel Alan Durand 25 May 1957

|—|—Kathy Louise Durand 24 Jul 1958 & Keeney

|—|—John Clinton Durand 19 May 1961

|—Lucy Ellen Grimshaw 18 May 1935 & James M Brown

|—|—Michael Ray Brown (Christie) 21 Nov 1955

|—|—|—Thomas Clinton Brown 3 Jun 1988

|—|—|—Julie Ellen Brown 10 Apr 1993 – 16 Apr 1993

|—|—|—Hunter Michael Brown 17 Mar 1995

|—Richard Robert Grimshaw 17 Jul 1937

|—|—Cindy Lynn Grimshaw 17 Jul 1960

|—|—Barbara Ann Grimshaw 23 Jan 1962 & Paul Kikovetry

|—|—Richard Dale Grimshaw 9 Dec 1970

|—Kenneth Robert Grimshaw 9 Dec 1939

|—|—Debbie Lynn Grimshaw 20 Jun 1959 & Donald Branch

|—|—|—Donnie Branch Jr.

|—|—|—Dawn Nicole Branch

|—|—Rhonda Lee Grimshaw 16 Jul 1961

|—|—Brian Robert Grimshaw 2 Sep 1962

|—|—|—Grant Grimshaw

|—Doris Jean Grimshaw 27 April 1944 – ?) & Wendell Knore

|—|—Julie Ellen Knore 3 Apr 1967

|—|—Darcy Lee Knore 27 Apr 1970

|—|—Jennifer Elaine Knore 30 Mar 1971

|—Marilyn Jane Grimshaw 31 Jan 1949

Additional Family Members from Amie Agidius

In June 2008 Amie sent the e-mail shown below which provides information resulting in the additions to the descendant chart as shown below the e-mail (additions shown in bold). Thanks go to Amie for sending this information.

Family History Update

From: Amy Agidius (

Sent: Mon 6/23/08 8:55 PM



I am Amie E. Agidius, the daughter of Paul Agidius, the son of Jim and Nettie Agidius, the daughter of Clinton and Carrie Grimshaw. I was just emailing to inform you of a few additions to the family on our side. James Adam Agidius, my brother has two children; James Andrew Agidius (4/14/1998) and Solomon Robert Agidius (7/17/07). My eldest brother Jason is married to a woman named Sarah. As well my Cousin Bryan Kalbfleisch, son of Faye Jean Agidius, is married to Michelle and they have three children, Noah, Brianna and Allison. Patrick Agidius, son of Nettie has two daughters, Nichole Agidius, and Heather (Agidius) Kramer who is married to Bob Kramer and they have 1 daughter Ava Kramer.

I love your website! It’s very neat to be able to get online and find pictures of my great grandparents and great great aunts and uncles. Keep up the good work! It can’t be easy documenting all these people,


Amie E. Agidius

Clinton E Grimshaw (29 Apr 1883 – 27 May 1971) & Carrie A Rader (1885 – 1932). Married December 19, 1906.

|—Netta Mae Grimshaw 25 Jun 1924 & James Peter Agidius

|—|—James Patrick Agidius 6 Sep 1945 & Pat

|—|—|—|—Nichole Agidius

|—|—|—|—Heather Agidius & Bob Kramer

|—|—|—|—|—Ava Kramer

|—|—Paul Clinton Agidius 20 Jan 1951 & Cindy

|—|—|—Jason Paul Agidius & Sarah

|—|—|—James Adam Agidius

|—|—|—|—James Andrew Agidius (14 Apr 1998 – )

|—|—|—|—Solomon Robert Agidius (17 Jul 2007 – )

|—|—|—Clinton Francis Agidius 1 Jul 1985

|—|—|—Amie Elise Agidius

|—|—Faye Jean Agidius 11 Dec 1954 & Wayne Kalbfleisch

|—|—|—Corey Kalbfleisch

|—|—|—Bryan Kalbfleisch & Michelle

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Did Richard Have a Brother, Benjamin Grimshaw?

The following account1 (page 896) of the Blue Run Methodist Church mentions a Benjamin Grimshaw who is apparently a peer of Richard Grimshaw. There appear to be no Benjamins among Richard’s descendants. Therefore it is concluded that Benjamin may have been a brother of Richard, although there is no other evidence to confirm this hypothesis.

Photos of Richard and Mary (“Mollie”) (Clark) Grimshaw

Michael Brown has provided pictures of Richard and Mollie Grimshaw, parents of Clinton E Grimshaw, as shown below.

Left to right in both pictures: Charles Clark (Mollie’s father), Mollie Grimshaw, Earl Grimshaw (son of Richard and Mollie) and Richard Benton Grimshaw

Published Descriptions of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

Several published references provide valuable information on Richard and Nancy; the relevant sections are shown below.

Evans, Nelson W., 1903, p. 376-3782

References to Grimshaws shown in bold.


Jefferson was a township prior to 1810, but the exact date of Its organization is unknown. It Included Valley Township until 1860, when the township was divided, the ‑eastern part retaining the name of Jefferson and the western part becoming Valley Township. Jefferson Townshipwas formerly part of Seal and Union Townships.

The present Jefferson Township was settled first on Long Run in the southeast comer of the township in 1808. Some of the earliest settlers were James “Painter” Wilson, Joshua Tritt, J. H. Munn, James Haney, Jesse Rice, Rodney Marshall, Samuel Farmer, Jacob Crouse, Richard Grimshaw, Jared Spriggs, Abner Field, Aaron Gee, Daniel Conkell, Daniel McLaughlin, Thomas Carlisle and Solomon Munn. The original Jefferson Township settlements were on the SciotoRiver in what is now ValleyTownship.

Boundary, Area and Valuation.

The boundary of Jefferson Township was first changed December 5, 1826, as follows: The east half of the southeast quarter of section 25, township 3, range 21 taken from Jefferson and attached toMadison. There have been other small changes for the accommodation of certain residents, but none are of much importance. The township records are very Incomplete. Nothing of consequence is recorded prior to 1838, when Leonard Groninger was clerk. The present boundary is north by PikeCounty, east by Madison and HarrisonTownships, south by Clay and west by Valley Township.

The area of JeffersonTownship is 14,940 acres. The value of the real estate is $49,660; personal property, $25,013, making a total valuation of $74,673. It ranks 14th in area, 15th in population, (smallest) 16th in real estate, 16th in personal property and 16th in total of both.


Jefferson contains very hilly and rough land, but also some very good farm land. In the southeast corner, the Valley of Long Run contains good farms. Southwest of the center and extending to the eastern. boundary of Valley Township is a strip of bottom land on Marsh’s Run, that is very productive farm land. On Blue Run are found the ‑widest fertile bottoms, but in the region called “Flat Wood” is a large area of level high land that produces well, both grain and fruits. Fallen Timber Valley, in the north‑east ‑corner, Is narrow but it contains some good farms. Jefferson has a great many hills but all of them can be profitably *cultivated in berries, peaches and other fruits. ExceptVernon, Jefferson is the roughest township east of the Scioto river.


The township officers In 1851 were: Treasurer, James L. Thomas; Clerk. Leonard Groniger; Justices of the Peace, Mark Snyder and Isaac N. Johnson; Constables, Thomas Carlisle, John Stewart and O. B. Murphy. The present township officers are: Clerk, T. Frank Craig; Treasurer, P. H. Reinoehl; Trustees, John Shuman, Jerry Field and W. L. McCain; Justices of the Peace, James McWilliams and Jared Spriggs; Constable, Stephen Keller.

JeffersonTownship has no furnaces nor factories, and never has had but three mills, one water power, one horse power and one steam power.


There are few townships but have a better school system than Jefferson. In 1851, Jefferson had eight schools, one special and 7 sub‑districts. The following is copied. from its first records. District Number 1, 78 youth, $64.13 school fund: District No. 2, 67 youth, $55.08 school fund; District No. 3, 71 youth, $58.38 school fund; District No. 4, 39 youth, $32.06 school fund; District No. 5, 63 youth, $51.80 school fund; District No. 6, 60 youth, $49.35 school fund; District No 7, 34 youth, $27.96 school fund; Special District, 54 youth, $48.9.1 school fund. The township fund for the same year was $69.81.

Jefferson Township at present has five schools, as follows: District 1, Munn’s School, 41 pupils; District 2. Flat Woods, 39 pupils; District 3, Black Run, 36 pupils; District 4, Blue Run, 39 pupils; District 5, Fallen Timber, 60 pupils. The term to seven months, and the teachers’ wages are $30.00 per mouth. Two of the school buildings, Flat Woods and Fallen Timber, are nearly new. The average value of each school house and site is about $500.

Blue Run Methodist Episcopal Church was organized, and a church built in 1859. Rev. Harrison Willis was the first pastor. The first trustees were: James Varner, Milton Deselen and John Morgan. The ‑original members were: John Morgan and wife; Abner Field and wife; Samuel Miller and wife; Jared Spriggs and wife; Eliza Varner,  James Varner and wife and Mrs. Nancy Mar­shall. The pastor is Rev. G. E. Hughes.

Fallen Timber Christian Church was organized in 1865. The first pastor was Rev. Asa Eblin. The membership of the church is nearly 100 and the Sunday School is large. Edward McWilliams is Superintendent of the Sunday School.

Flat Woods Methodist, Protestant Church was organized in 1876. The first pastor was Rev. Perry Orr and the trustees were: Hamilton Myers, Nicholas Funk and Jared Spriggs. The original members were David Crull and wife; William Porter and wife; Henry Bricker and wife; Abigail Crull, Catherine Farmer and Rachel Ralphsnider. The pastor is Rev. W. W. Gadd. The church has about fifty members and a large Sunday School.


Jefferson Township Cemeteries are fenced and kept at the expense of the township. The Morgan Cemetery Is located on the high hill back of theBlueRunChurch. Here are buried some of the oldest pioneers of Jefferson, but few If any of their graves have record stones from which data can be obtained.

TheJacobsCemetery is located on Fallen Timber Run. None of the old pioneers’ graves can be found in this.

Flat WoodsCemetery is near theFlat WoodsChurch on Stony Hill.

The HickmanCemetery is on the farm of Jacob Hickman.

Perhaps the most noteworthy grave in Jefferson Township is that of Major James Munn, who was buried on top of the hill near Oertel Corner, on the Portsmouth and Harrisonville turnpike. It is well cared for and the grave can be seen from the road near the Oertel homestead. While it has no stone, it is well known.

Portsmouth Area Recognition Society, 1986, p. 319-3203

Probably the most complete publication on Richard Grimshaw.


One of the first settlers in Jefferson Township was Richard Grimshaw, born in 1823 inErie County,  Pennsylvania. He came to Portsmouth by boat in the early 1840’s. While working there he saved money for land, a team of horses and the making of a large sled.

As time permitted he scouted the area of government land, in time he bought four sections, (40 acres each section) paying 32 cents per acre. He walked to the capital at Chillicothe, Ohio, to obtain the sheepskin deed.

After preparation of needed supplies and with the horses and sled he followed the dirt road out to Oertles Corner, (State Route 139) then using the creek as road he arrived at the recently purchased land. This area was named Blue Run because of the abundance of blue slate in the creek bottom. The clearing of virgin timber began and log buildings erected.

He married Nancy Ann Rickett of Portsmouth and they were the parents of 16 children. Twelve grew to adulthood, some remaining in the area, and some migrating to other states. There continues to be descendants in these areas.

The first church was held in a one-room log building on the Grimshaw land, later church services were held in the log school house. After several years, a church building was built near the presen tMethodist Church. Much later in 1920 the presentBlueRunMethodist Church was erected. Among those that helped make this possible was Richard Benton Grimshaw, a son of the pioneer Richard Grimshaw. Another descendant a grandson of the pioneer was Floyd Grimshaw, who was county treasurer in late 1940’s. Several of his descendants live in the Portsmouth area.

Another descendant of the pioneer, Clinton Grimshaw, a farmer, was a life-long resident of Blue Run. He died in 1971 at the age of 88. Richard died in 1902 at the age of 79; Nancy died in 1900 at the age of 77. They are buried at StoneyHillCemeteryon the Lucasville,

Minford Road. 

In the 150 years since, descendants of this first family continue to live on Blue Run.

Lucasville Historical Society, 1991, p. 1584

Photos, but no written information, on the Grimshaws in Scioto County.

1850 Census Record for a Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

The following information from the 1850 U.S. Census is taken from a companion webpage on this website. Initial examination of this record would lead one to conclude that it shows the Richard and Nancy who are the subject of this webpage, but it is apparently a family located in Jefferson County (not Scioto County) that is coincidentally similar to that of Richard and Nancy.

Ohio, Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

Richard Grimshaw, age 37, and his 36-year-old wife, Nancy, were living in Jefferson County, Ohio with their three children – John W, age 6; Mathew, 3; and Sarah E., 6 months. Richard and Nancy were born in Pennsylvania ; the children were all born in Ohio. Also living in the household were John Mafale (?) and William Haley.

1870 Census Record for Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

The following image from the 1870 U.S. Census of Scioto County was obtained from the website. It shows 47-year-old Richard and Nancy, one year younger, living with four of their children – Nancy A., age 12, Richard B, age 9, Jonathan, age 7 and Emily, age 5

Maps of the Area in Scioto County Where Richard and Nancy Settled

Scioto County is on the southern border of Ohio, across the Ohio River from Kentucky (red star on map below).

In maps published by Barton and Gibbs5 (1875, p. 11 — Jefferson Township), the Grimshaw property is clearly depicted, as shown below (west and southwest of the number for Section 26).

The Richard Grimshaw property is shown on the following map published by the U.S. Geological Survey (7-1/2 Minute Quadrangle, Lucasville Sheet, 1961)

GoogleEarth image of area of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw’s home place (within white rectangle). The town of Lucasville can be seen to the west of the rectangle. Blue Run goes through the rectangle, and Back Run forms a loop to the northeast.

Map of Scioto County from Evans2 in 1903 shows the location of Jefferson Township, where Richard and Nancy Grimshaw’s property is located (near the “O” in “Union”).

“Archaeological and Topographical” map of Portsmouth by G.S. Hempstead map in Evans2, 1903. Note the abundance of Indian mounds from the Mound Builder native American era.

Website Information on Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

Several websites were found on the internet with relevant information on Richard and Nancy. Extracts from these website are shown below.

Scioto County Website 


 Grimshaw, Mathew Joseph25 Jan 1875Jefferson TwpJno W GrimshawEaster Troth


Flatwoods (aka Stoney Hill) Cemetery is located on Lucasville-Minford Road at its intersection with Cook Road. Stones date from 1841, and the cemetery is still in use.

This transcription was done 21 Jun 1987 by Thomas Adkins.



father GRIMSHAW, Nancy A
his wife




02 Feb 1823


18 Aug 1823

25 Nov 1902
06 Oct 1900
[2 fieldstones]  

Rootsweb Cemeteries 

Lucasville Cemetery, Valley Township, Scioto County OH Lucasville Cemetery is located two blocks from U.S. Route 23 off Scioto Street in Lucasville. The oldest section was probably originally the Lucas family graveyard. Most stones are in good condition, and the cemetery is well-kept. SECTION VII-B: Transcribed 02 Jul 1991 by Thomas Adkins.

GRIMSHAW, Carrie A. 1885 – 1932 

GRIMSHAW, CLINTON E. 1883 – 1971 

GRIMSHAW, M. Ellen 1910 – nd 

GRIMSHAW, Russell 1912 – 1972 (In memory of)

Bill Lewis’ Webpage 

Joseph Stritmatter Clan, Deer Lodge, Tennessee

Photo was taken outside the family homestead, Seated in the center are Joseph and wife Nancy Anna (Grimshaw) w/grandchildren(??) Directly behind and to the left are my Gr-Gr grandparents Richard Thomas Stritmatter and his wife Mamie Aldridge Stritmatter. If anyone knows who the others are, please let me know!

Lynn Allan Grimshaw, Scioto County, Ohio Prosecutor

Mr. Grimshaw, a probable descendant of Richard and Nancy, was named Prosecutor of the Year for Scioto County in 2001: 

“(Left to right) Award Committee Chair Julia Bates, Lucas County, 2001 Prosecutor of the year Lynn Alan Grimshaw, Scioto County, and OPAA President Mat Heck Jr.”

“The Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association is a private non-profit membership organization which was founded in 1937, for the benefit of the 88 elected county prosecutors. The founding attorneys developed the original mission statement, which is still adhered to, and reads:

To increase the efficiency of its members in the pursuit of their profession; to broaden their interest in government; to provide cooperation and concerted action on policies which affect the office of Prosecuting Attorney, and to aid in the furtherance of justice.

Further, the association promotes the study of law, the diffusion of knowledge, and the continuing education of its members.”

Hon. Lynn Alan Grimshaw
Scioto County
Scioto County Courthouse
Portsmouth, OH 45662
FAX: 740-354-5546

Burial Place of Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw

The burial place of Richard and Nancy in Flatwoods or Stoney Hill Cemetery is described in Adkins, Thomas, 1991 (p. 5, 19, 64, 65, 71)6 as follows:

Burial Place of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw (p. 5)

Flatwoods or Stoney Hill Cemetery is located on Lucasville-Minford Road at its intersection with Cook Road in Jefferson township. The oldest stone is dated 1841, and the cemetery is still in use. Inscriptions were copied June 21, 1987, by Tom Adkins and Rosemary Crabtree.



Richard (father) Feb 2, 1823 – Nov 25, 1902 age 79Y 9M 23D.



Nancy A. his wife (mother) Aug 18, 1823 – Oct 6, 1900 (same stone).



(2 fieldstones)


Burial place of Mary E. Grimshaw (p. 19)

Pine Grove Cemetery, also known as Harger Cemetery, is located on Fallen Timber road, about 3/4 mile north of Rose Hill and Back Run Roads. Stones date from the 1850s and the cemetery is still being used today. Inscriptions copied June 1, 1978 by Caryn R. Shoemaker and on June 8, 1971 by Thomas Adkins.



Mary E. 1913 – 1960 (ma)


Burial places of Floyd and Frances Grimshaw (p. 64); Richard Benton and Mary Emma Grimshaw, Earl Grimshaw (p. 65); Carrie A. and Clinton E. Grimshaw, M. Ellen Grimshaw, Russell Grimshaw (p. 71)

Lucasville Cemetery is located two blocks from U.S. Route 23 off Scioto Street in Lucasville, Valley Township. The oldest section was probably originally the Lucas family graveyard and was read separately. Most stones are in good condition, and the cemetery is well-kept.



Floyd 1891 – 1955      FRANCES 1890 – 1970




Richard Benton 1860 – 1923      MARY EMMA  1863 – 1935


 Earl 1893 – 1961



Carrie A. 1885 – 1932     CLINTON E. 1883 – 1971      M. ELLEN 1910 – nd.


 Russell 1912 – 1972 (In memory of)

Stony Hill Cemetery, the burial place of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw, is shown on the following U.S. Geological Survey 7-1/2 Minute Quadrangle ( New Boston Sheet, 1961):

Photos of the grave of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw and of Stony Hill Cemetery from are shown below.

Headstone of Nancy Grimshaw, showing the inscription for Nancy. It may be a common headstone with Richard’s.

Close view of inscription for Richard Grimshaw

Views of Stony Hill Cemetery

Gravestones of John Wesley and Newton, Sons of Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw

John Wesley and Rebecca Esther (Tritt) Grimshaw are buried at Antioch Pioneer Cemetery near Bevier in Macon County, Missouri according to Sharon Prince, who has provided the following photo of their gravestone. As shown on the gravestone, John lived from September 7, 1843 to April 10, 1916; Esther lived from September 27, 1843 to January 26, 2928. Thanks go to Sharon Prince for providing this photo.

Photos of the gravestone of Newton and Alice Grimshaw are shown below. Thanks to Sharon Prince and Judy Bryson for providing these images.

Information from Responses to Edwin Grimshaw Inquiry

Edwin Grimshaw Collection (in preparation)

Grimshaw, Mary Ellen & Grimshaw, Charles R. – Renton, Wa. – (EAG 55)

Lucasville, Ohio

April 12, 1980

Dear Sir;

In response to your recent letter concerning the genealogy of your family, I am quite interested and we do have a limited amount of our family history, we do have relative Charles R. Grimshaw living in Renton, Wa., who has done considerable research and you may have contacted him but will include his address and am sure he will be very eager to hear from you.

My late husband Clinton Grimshaw was the third generation to live in this area of Southern Ohio, his Grandfather came here as a young man about or in early 1840- from England, so it seems there must be some connections – the following dates of three generations are.

Richard Grimshaw – Erie, Pa. – 2/2/1823 – 11/15/1902

Richard Benton Grimshaw – S Cioto Co. Ohio – 8/29/1860 – 3/6/1923

Clinton Grimshaw – S Cioto Co. Ohio – 4/29/1883 – 5/27/1971

Do hope to hear from you again.


Mary Ellen Grimshaw

R.R. 4 Box 399

Lucasville, Ohio

June 2, 1980

Dear Ed.

Thank you for your letter, most welcome.

Yes I met Mary Ellen Grimshaw in May of 1977. She lives on the Blue Run in Lucasville, Ohio.

My great grandfather Richard & his wife Nancy Ann (Rickett) Grimshaw had a homestead here in the 1840s. The old log home is still in use today but has posted from the family ownership. I think Marys home is on some of the old homestead land.

My father was a Chas R. A. Grimshaw born Nov. 11, 1891 at Lucasville, Oh. His father was a Jonathan A. Grimshaw born Dec 19, 1892 at Lucasville. Oh. His father was a Richard Grimshaw born Feb. 2, 1823 in Penna. His father was a Jonathan Grimshaw born (I have 2 locations) 1 Penna 2 New York (state) which is which I dont know. He was born about 1773. Was also a veteran of the war of 1812.

This is just a rough brake down. I can give you other family information on children ect. If we have a tie-in.

Do you have the book from Beatrice Bayley? I also have it here. It gives most of the Grimshaws in the U.S.A. at present time.

I write often to the following person he has lots of Grimshaw information.

Mr. Henry C. Grimshaw

1104 Buckley Rd.

Liverpool, New York 13088

(Summer address)

His winter address is in Fl. Last winter it was at

844 Karen Ave.

Betman Acres

Zephyrhills, Fl. 33599

You should be able to reach him in New York State at this time of year.

Keep in touch with me.


Chuck Grimshaw

Matthew Grimshaw, Civil War Veteran

Matthew, second son of Richard and Nancy, served in the 73rd Ohio Infantry (Company E) during the American Civil War according to the following website:

73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry – Regimental History

This Regiment was organized at Chillicothe, Ohio, December 30, 1861, to serve three years. The original members (except veterans) were mustered out Dec 30, 1864, by reason of expiration of term of service, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits, retained in service until Jul 20, 1865, when it was mustered out in accordance with orders from the War Department.

The official list of battles, in which this Regiment bore and honorable part, is not yet published (in 1888) by the War Department, but the following list has been compiled, after careful research, during the preparation of this work:

McDOWELL, VA                  May 8, 1862
CROSS KEYS, VA                June 8, 1862
CEDAR MOUNTAIN, VA            August 9, 1862
FREEMAN'S FORD                August 23-25, 1862
BULL RUN, VA (Second battle)  August 30, 1862
CHANCELLORSVILLE, VA          May 1-4, 1863
GETTYSBURG, PA                July 1-3, 1863
LOOKOUT VALLEY, TN            October 29, 1863
MISSION RIDGE, TN             November 25, 1863
RESACA, GA                    May 13-16, 1864
NEW HOPE CHURCH, GA (Dallas)  May 25 to Jun 4, 1864
KENESAW MOUNTAIN, GA          June 9-30, 1864
PEACH TREE CREEK, GA          July 20, 1864
ATLANTA, GA (siege of)        July 28 to September 2, 1864
AVERYSBORO, NC                March 16, 1865
BENTONVILLE, NC               March 19-21, 1865

73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry – Company E

Mustered in 30 Dec 1861 at Camp Logan, Chillicothe OH, by Thomas W. Higgins and J. G. Schooler, second Lieutenants, and Mustering Officers. Mustered out 20 Jul 1865 at Louisville KY By E. A. Weeks, Capt., 150th New York Volunteers, and and ACM.

Grimshaw, Matthew J Corporal 18 Mar 23, 1864 3 yrs Appointed Corporal Mar 1, 1865; mustered out with company Jul 20, 1865.

Colors of the 73rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry

National Colors of the 73rd O.V.V.I.

73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (second image)

The inscription on Matthew Grimshaw’s tombstone includes “CO. E. 73RD. O.V.V.I.”

Was Richard Grimshaw Related to the Erie County Line of Grimshaws?

Richard is reported to have come to Ohio from Erie or Erie County, Pennsylvania. His father’s name was Jonathan and his mother’s name was Betsey (common name for Elizabeth). He was born on February 2, 1823. The similarities to David Grimshaw on the descendant chart for Jonathan and Elizabeth Grimshaw (who were not immigrants to North America themselves), as described on a companion webpage, is uncanny, as though they may have been twins.

In addition, one of the biographies above indicates that Richard was born in Erie County:

One of the first settlers in Jefferson Township was Richard Grimshaw, born in 1823 inErie County,  Pennsylvania. He came to Portsmouth
by boat in the early 1840’s. While working there he saved money for land, a team of horses and the making of a large sled.

However, other records indicate that Richard was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, which is over 100 miles south of Erie (northwest of Pittsburgh).

In any case, it seems highly likely that Richard is tied to the Erie, Pennsylvania family line, but the exact connection has not yet been determined.

Thanks again to Elaine Ruggiero for providing the following descendant chart. The descendants who emigrated to the U.S. are shown in bold, italic font and include their children Benjamin and John W. and their grandchildren William Aaron, Craven, and Jane Grimshaw. However, neither Richard nor his father, Jonathan, are shown on the chart.

Descendant chart for Jonathan and Elizabeth Grimshaw, showing (in bold italic font) their descendants who immigrated to Pennsylvania.

|– 1 Jonathan Grimshaw b: Aug 15, 1790 d: Apr 24, 1881 f: 1841 Clothier + Elizabeth Pratt b: 1795 m: Sep 11, 1820 d: Jun 18, 1868

|–|– 2 Ann Grimshaw b: Jun 23, 1821

|–|– 2 David Grimshaw b: Feb 25, 1823 d: 1900 + Esther Rhodes b: 1823 m: in Calverley, England d: Oct 12, 1881 in Calverley, England

|–|–|– 3 [2] William Aaron Grimshaw  b: 1847 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England d: Apr 15, 1926 in North East, Erie CO, PA + [1] Jane Grimshaw b: Abt. 1857 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England m: Abt. 1878 in Yorkshire, England d: Aug 3, 1926 in North East, Erie CO, PA Father: Benjamin Grimshaw Mother: Sara Ann Pullan

|–|–|– 3 Ada Grimshaw b: 1855 d: Dec 3, 1939 in England + George Blakesley

|–|–|– 3 Emily Grimshaw b: 1861

|–|–|– 3 Frank Grimshaw b: 1865 d: 1932 + Harriet Emily Morgan b: 1873 d: 1946

|–|– 2 Job Grimshaw b: Apr 24, 1824 in Yorkshire, England d: Mar 14, 1897 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England +  Mary Ann Craven b: 1824 m: Abt. 1847 d: Oct 15, 1854 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England

|–|–|– 3 Henry Grimshaw b: 1849 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England d: Apr 2, 1913 in Eng

|–|–|– 3 Albert Grimshaw b: Abt. 1851 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England d: in New Brighton, PA o: Bookkeeper and musician

|–|–|– 3 Craven Grimshaw b: May 18, 1853 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England d: in North East, Erie CO, PA o: Weaver(spinner’s trade) while in England. Employed at W A Grimshaw Woolen Mill & Co till 1884, then grew vineyards. f:1873 Arrived in America – Passenger & Immigration lists 86-90 +    Sarah Wells b: Abt. 1850 in North East, Erie CO, PA   m: Jul 1, 1875 in North East, Erie CO, PA d: in North East, Erie CO, PA

|–|– *2nd Wife of Job Grimshaw: + Hannah b: 1832 in Engl m: Abt. 1887 in England d: Oct 22,1906

|–|–|– 3 Albert Grimshaw b: 1859 + Harriet Harris b: in New Brighton, PA

|–|–|– 3 Thomas Grimshaw b: 1863

|–|–|– 3 Edwin Grimshaw b: 1865

|–|–|– 3 Isabella Grimshaw Grimshaw b: 1867

|–|–|– 3 Amelia Grimshaw b: 1871

|–|– 2 Fanny Grimshaw b: 1828 + Peter Simon?

|–|– 2 Benjamin Grimshaw b: 1828 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England  d: Apr 11, 1873 in North East, Erie CO, PA    o: 1859 Arrived in Harbor Creek Twp, and worked at Cass Woolen Mills. f: 1857 Arrived in America – Passenger & Immigration lists 86-90, arriving in 1853. +    Sara Ann Pullan b: 1833 in Yorkshire, England m: 1853 in Yorkshire, England    d: 1889 in North East, Erie CO, PA

|–|–|– 3 [1] Jane Grimshaw b: Abt. 1857 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England d: Aug 3, 1926 in North East, Erie CO, PA +    [2] William Aaron Grimshaw b: 1847 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England     m: Abt. 1878 in Yorkshire, England d: Apr 15, 1926 in North East, Erie CO, PA      Father: David Grimshaw Mother: Esther Rhodes

|–|–|– 3 Fred Grimshaw b: Jul 6, 1871 d: 1936 in North East, Erie CO, PA f: 1936 Interred at North East Cemetery +    Nellie Grace b: May 24, 1873 in North East, Erie CO. PA    d: Apr 12, 1927 in North East, Erie CO, PA    Father: Michael Grace Mother: Helen Lynch

|–|–|– 3 *2nd Wife of Fred Grimshaw: + Lucy Covell d: 1965

|–|– 2 Elizabeth Grimshaw b: 1831 + ? Swaine

|–|–|– 3 Fred Swaine

|–|–|– 3 Elizabeth Swaine + ? Breadsell

|–|– 2 Emma Grimshaw b: 1833 d: 1891 + James Bannister b: 1833 d: Nov 11, 1915

|–|–|– 3 Libbie Bannister b: 1864 d: 1876

|–|–|– 3 Mary D Bannister b: 1861 d: 1902

|–|–|– 3 Arthur Grimshaw Bannister b: 1871 d: 1939 + Catherine Allen b: 1874 d: 1955

|–|– 2 John W Grimshaw b: 1834 in Yorkshire, England

|–|– 2 May/Mary Grimshaw b: 1836 + Mr Thompson

|–|– 2 Jacob Grimshaw b: 1839

John Wesley and Matthew J Grimshaw Migrated to Missouri

As indicated by the 1880 Census records from a companion webpage, the two oldest brothers, John Wesley and Matthew Joseph Grimshaw migrated to Macon, Missouri, where they left a number of descendants who still live in the area today.

Census Place:

Hudson, Macon, Missouri




FHL Film 1254701 National Archives Film T9-0701 Page 363B

















Fa: PA

Mo: OH










Keeps House

Fa: OH

Mo: OH










Works On Farm

Fa: OH

Mo: OH










Works On Farm

Fa: OH

Mo: OH










Works On Farm

Fa: OH

Mo: OH









Fa: OH

Mo: OH


Gerne Abigal GRIMSHAW







Fa: OH

Mo: OH









Census Place:

Valley, Macon, Missouri




FHL Film 1254701 National Archives Film T9-0701 Page 539C

















Fa: OH

Mo: OH










Keeping House

Fa: MD

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Obituary of James Theodore Grimshaw, Grandson of Richard and Nancy Grimshaw

The Columbia Daily Tribune published the following obituary on February 2, 2003, which provides additional detail on the Grimshaw descendants of Richard and Nancy in Missouri. It is apparent that not only John Wesley and Matthew, but also Newton Isaac Grimshaw – James Theodore Grimshaw’s father –  migrated to Missouri from Ohio.

James Theodore Grimshaw, 90, of Moberly died Saturday, Feb.1, 2003, at Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital.

Services will be at  2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Trinity United Methodist Church in Moberly with the Rev. George Burgin officiating. Arrangements are under the direction of Nilson Funeral Home, 5611 St. Charles Road.

Mr. Grimshaw was born Nov. 17, 1912, in Macon County to Newton Isaac and Alice Narcissus Palmer Grimshaw.

He married Norma Lee Calvert in March 1934 in St. Joseph, and she preceded him in death.

Mr. Grimshaw was a retired grocer and provided tax service for the elderly. He volunteered at Moberly Regional Medical Center and was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church. He also was a Navy veteran of World War II and a member of American Legion Post 6.

Survivors include three sons, Robert Grimshaw of Clinton, William Grimshaw of Oregon and John Grimshaw of Columbia; and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He also was preceded in death by two sons, James Grimshaw and C. Thomas Grimshaw; a brother; and two sisters.


Information from Descendants of Clinton E and Mary Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw

Michael Brown and his mother, Lucy Ellen (Grimshaw) Brown have kindly provided the pictures shown below.

Mary Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw, widow of Clinton E. Grimshaw. Photo taken about 2000, when Mary Ellen was about 90 years old. Photo courtesy of Michael Brown and his mother, Lucy Ellen (Grimshaw) Brown.

Group photo of 16 children of Clinton E Grimshaw, taken May 1971, probably at the time of Clinton’s funeral. Faye, Ralph and Russell are in the back row. Photo courtesy of Michael Brown and Steve Abner.

Thanks to Michael Brown for the above information and photos. In August 2013, Michael noted that Ellen Grimshaw had died at age 102 and provided the following obituary.

Ellen Grimshaw, age 102, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, August 14, 2013. She was born on December 15, 1910 on Dry Run, Washington Township, Portsmouth, Ohio, the daughter of Leonidas and Minerva Roberts Smith, Ellen attended elementary school in a one-room “rural” schoolhouse on Dry Run. At age 14 she worked the summer as a housekeeper and cook to earn money for books and bus fare to Portsmouth High School for the year. After high school, she continued to work as a housekeeper. In 1933, Ellen married Clinton E. Grimshaw, a widower with 9 children, who owned a farm on Blue Run Road near Lucasville, Ohio. Immediately her life became one of cooking, gardening, farming, canning, sewing, and caring for a large household. Ellen was well known for her cooking and baking, especially bread and cinnamon rolls. Winter months the Grimshaw house became a gathering place for local youth to go sleigh riding down the hill with Ellen making hot chocolate and popcorn balls for all. During winter months quilting frames would be set up for months in the living room. Many of these quilts are still cherished by family. She was “Mom” to all the Grimshaw children and “Granny” to the many grand and great-grandchildren. Ellen served as a 4-H Advisor for many years and in 1975 she was honored with a trip to Washington, D.C. to be presented a 25 years Advisor Pin. Ellen had a sharp mind and enjoyed many hobbies. She enjoyed listening to the radio while working, keeping informed on national news and was interested in history, geography and music and traveling to visit family. Until a short time ago she could readily recall the birth dates of her siblings, family and events, rarely missing a birthday card. She lived on Blue Run until the age of 87 when she moved into an apartment in Minford, Ohio. Ellen remained independent, only giving up driving at age of 95. In 2010 she moved into Elbrooke Pavilion, an assisted living facility in Minford, Ohio. Since February 2013 she has been a resident at Heartland of Portsmouth Nursing Home. A lifelong devout Christian, Ellen was a member of Blue Run United Methodist Church for over 75 years, Ellen was a founding member of United Methodist Women, a Sunday School Teacher, church delegate to the Annual Conference and served as a cook for local church youth attending Camp at Lancaster, Ohio and the church food booth at the Scioto County Fair for many years. Ellen enjoyed reading her Bible nightly. Just a few weeks prior to her passing she enjoyed hearing and singing hymns, remembering the words to her favorites. She was preceded in death by her parents; brothers, Melvin, Leonidas, Cecil, Homer, Raymond and Harold Smith; sisters, Elizabeth Manley and Lorena Smith Holstein; husband, Clinton E. Grimshaw; daughters, Jeanne Finch and Janet Durand; and step children, Marie Deemer, Lucille, Ralph, Russell, Harry, Donald, Albert and Charles Grimshaw. Ellen is survived by and her memories will be cherished forever by surviving children, Annalee (Jordan) Abner, Lucy Ellen Brown, Richard, Kenneth, Marilyn Jane Grimshaw, long-time son-in-law, Jordan Abner, and step daughters, Faye Parmenter and Nettie Agidius, 41 grandchildren; 70 great grandchildren; several great-great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be conducted at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, August 18, 2013 at Erwin-Dodson-Allen Funeral Home in Minford with Pastor Tim Palla officiating. Burial will be at Lucasville Cemetery in Lucasville. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Saturday and one hour prior to the service on Sunday. Online condolences may be sent to In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be sent to Save the Children.Org, 54 Wilton Road, Westport, CT 06880.

Information and Photos of Charles Wesley and Turah “Perneta” (Anspauch) Grimshaw

Judy Bryson has kindly provided the information and pictures shown below.

Charles Wesley & Turah “Perneta” Anspauch Grimshaw

Children:  Ada Opal (b 7 JUL 1897; d 29 SEP 1972), Gracie Pearl (b 9 MAR 1906; d 6 MAR 1981), Lester Frances (b 28 JAN 1902; d 13 OCT 1967), Loral May (b 3 APR 1904; d 3 SEP 1969), William Arthur (b 1 JUL 1899; d 9 OCT 1979)

Charles Wesley Grimshaw

James Orland Grimshaw b 21 NOV 1914; d 31 DEC 1937 – died as a result of a motorcycle accident.  He is holding his pet chicken.

James Orland Grimshaw’s grave marker.  His father, Charles Wesley, carved the stone.  On the opposite side of the stone is “Orland Grimshaw.”  He is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Callao, MO

Ruth Lillian Grimshaw Roberts b 26 NOV 1911; d 17 SEP 1990; Freeman Kermit Grimshaw b 25 OCT 1909 – still living; Connie “Bea” Grimshaw Watson b 2 MAR 1908 – 9 JUN 1995; Virginia “True” Morris Grimshaw (wife of William Arthur Grimshaw) b 4 JUL 1905; d 24 MAY 1986; little girl – unknown. Photo taken about 1983.

Thomas David Grimshaw (brother of Charles Wesley Grimshaw and son of John Wesley & Rebecca “Esther” Tritt Grimshaw)

On the back of this photo, it says “Maud & Marvin.” My mom believes these are John Grimshaw, Jr.’s twin children. John, Jr. would be John Wesley & Ester Tritt Grimshaw’s child. But in my records (which most likely are not complete on John Jr.), I show he is married to Lillian Zimmerman and I do show 1 child – Marvin David. Do you have more info on this line to verify he had children names Maud & Marvin? The back of the photo also said “Charles Wesley’s brother’s children.

Roy Whitfield – son-in-law of Arthur Wood & Ella J. Dunseith Grimshaw. Roy was married to Nola Coral Grimshaw.

The back of the photo says: “Children of John Grimshaw & Mrs. Werman.” The handwriting was difficult to read, and I’m not convinced if “Werman” was correct. Could have been a nanny? My mom believes that Maud and Marvin are on each end of the photo, and not sure of the other children.

“We Remember Arthur W. Grimshaw” by Naomi H. Grimshaw

Naomi (Cavender) Grimshaw wrote a memorial piece to her husband, Arthur Wood Grimshaw, who died in 1961. The date of the memorial is not indicated but must have been between 1961 and the date of Naomi’s death, April 16, 1984. An image of the introduction to the piece is shown below, followed by the text of the memorial.

Thanks go to Judy Bryson for sharing this invaluable document for the history of this family line.


As I think of his passing in an early morning hour of February 27, 1961 to the Fathers House of many mansions, (John 14:1, 2 & 3) I know he had lived in readiness for that hour. It comforts my heart in the midst of grief.

Twenty-two years I spent with this good man. He was good, and, patient and gentle; truly a Christian gentleman at all times. An humble man and very conservative in his manner, he never wanted to call attention to himself. His love and devotion for his family was deep and abiding, often expressed by his kindly manner and expressive ayes, rather than words.

His grandson, Max, suggested that the family preserve in writing some incidents of his life, “lest we forget” as the years go by, what a wonderful man he was. It has been a great pleasure to recall the things he told me of himself and his family, and to remember my life with him.

Naomi H. Grimshaw

The full text of this document is provided on the companion webpage on the Grimshaw lines that migrated to Missouri.

Final Resting Places of Matthew Grimshaw and His Descendants

Judy Bryson has kindly provided the following photos of the gravestones of Matthew and Eliphel (Morris) Grimshaw and some of their descendants.

Matthew and Eliphel Grimshaw

Arthur Wood Grimshaw and His Wives, Ella Jane and Naomi

Ross M and Lester Frances (Grimshaw) Allen

Delbert E Grimshaw

George and Annie (Grimshaw) Smith

Pearl Gomer Smith, son of George & Annie Smith

Ralph Leo Smith, son of G. Earl and Eva Smith, grandson of George and Annie Smith

Photos of Clinton Grimshaw Family and Descendants Contributed by Eric Winter

In July 2008, Eric Winter sent photos that he had found in a rental car that he had rented in Columbus, Ohio. After making e-mail contact with the website author, Eric sent the photos, which are shown below. In August 2013, Michael Brown informed the website author that the photos were probably left in the rental car by his mother, Lucy Ellen Brown, who apparently rented the car for a family reunion in the summer, 2008. Thanks go to Eric Winter for providing the photos for this webpage.

The photo shown below is the same as one shown above on this webpage

The photo below shows Floyd Grimshaw, son of Clinton and Mary Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw and his spouse, Francis.

Annalee Rose Grimshaw, a daughter of Clinton and Mary Ellen Grimshaw, is shown in the photo below.

Daughters of Clinton E Grimshaw by two marriages are shown below.

Three of Clinton Grimshaw’s daughters are shown below.

Two of Clinton Grimshaw’s daughters are depicted below.

The Grimshaw family members in the three picnic photos below have not yet been identified.

Clinton Grimshaw and many of his sons are shown in the following photo. As indicated by the year on the license plate, the photo was apparently taken in 1942.

This photo appears to be of Faye Grimshaw, daughter of Clinton Grimshaw

The following photos appear to be of Faye Grimshaw and her family at increasingly later times.


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Webpage History

Webpage posted February 2003. Updated with information from Sharon Prince in June 2004. Updated May 2005 with expansions of descendant chart and additions of Erie, Pennsylvania line (and Matthew Civil war veteran status). Updated March 2006 with Charles Wesley Grimshaw descendant information and photos from Judy Bryson. Updated June 2006 with addition of Clinton Grimshaw descendant chart from Michael Brown. Updated July 2006 with additions to Clinton Grimshaw descendant chart and with photos of Richard Benton Grimshaw and his family. Updated with GoogleEarth image in July 2006. Updated December 2006 with addition of images referencing Richard’s possible brother, Benjamin. Updated August 2007 with addition of family members of Nettie Mae Grimshaw and James Peter Agidius, provided by James Adam Agidius. Updated June 2008 with addition of more family members of Nettie and James Agidius, provided by Amie Agidius. Updated August 2008 with photos provided by Eric Winter. Updated April 2013 with reorganization and addition of grave photos. Updated August 2013 with obituary of Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw from Michael Brown.