Soto Grimshaw, Argentinian

Naturalist, Explorer and Gaucho

Soto Grimshaw, from Wikipedia

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Soto Grimshaw (1833 – 1900) Was an Argentinian naturalist, explorer and gaucho. Grimshaw was born from British parents in La Pampa province. Growing up on the family ranch, Grimshaw became well versed in the cattle rustling skills required of any gaucho. He then went to complete his studies at the University of Buenos Aires where he studied natural sciences. As a naturalist Grimshaw travelled extensively throughout the Amazon region of Brazil and he is credited with the discovery of over 350 new species of plants and animals, as well as producing several field guides to South American plants and animals. He died in 1900 after contracting cholera during an expedition to the coast of Colombia.

Sources: Baccarini, E.S.F. “La Historia Natural en Argentina”, Compañia Argentina de Editores, Buenos Aires, 1953.

Photo of Soto Grimshaw in 1865. Source: “La Historia Natural en Argentina”.

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