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Most of the Grimshaw Origins webpages were created in the web software Frontpage until it was discontinued by Microsoft. The previous FrontPage website still exists. A list of its webpages, along with links to their location, is shown further down on this webpage.


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Category 0 – Homepage

Category 1 – Origins of the Grimshaw Surname

Category 2 – Early Grimshaw Family Lines in England and Ireland

Category 3 – Involvement of Grimshaw Family Members in the Industrial Revolution

Category 4 – Grimshaw Immigrants to the New World And Around the Globe

Category 5 – Prominent Grimshaw Individuals and Families

Category 6 – Miscellaneous Grimshaw Individuals and Information

Webpages on the Previous Grimshaw Origins Website

Webpage History

Webpages on the Previous Grimshaw Origins Website

The table below presents names of the webpages and links to their location on the FrontPage website.

CatInvDatePageOld URL
01007/00A Homepage
060010/00What’s New
0372010/21Grimshaw Origins WebpagesNot on website
0373012/211 Webpage TemplateNot on website
112007/00The “Grimshaw Serpent” Tale
118007/00Viking Origins of the Grimshaw Surname
153010/00Harleian Manuscripts
1242002/21Distribution of the Grimshaw Surname in England in 1881 and 1998
1251005/21Celtic Origins of the Grimshaw Surname near Pendle Hill
1273003/21Mavis Long’s Grimshaw Research
1278004/21Grimsargh: What Is the Connection
1279004/21History of Whalley” by Thomas Dunham Whitaker, a Critical Source of Grimshaw Information
1345004/21Origins of the Grimshaw Surname
1348005/21Early Grimshaw Origins Research Reports
22007/00Clayton Hall: Grimshaw Family Manor from 1347 to about 1715
23007/00Clayton-le-Moors in 1790
25007/00Eccleshill on 1846 Map
27007/00Grimshaw Coat of Arms and Crest
28007/00Grimshaw History at Eccleshill and Clayton-le-Moors
29007/00Grimshaw Monument at St. Anne’s Church
211007/00Important Locations in England
214007/00The Earliest Recorded Grimshaw Family  Walter Grimshaw of Eccleshill
215007/00The Oakenshaw Family Line of the Grimshaw Family
216007/00The Pendle Forest Line of the Grimshaw Family
219007/00Where is Lancashire County Located in England
224008/00Clayton-le-Moors Industrial Development
227008/00Eccleshill Industrial Development
231008/00James Hargreaves, Inventor of the Spinning Jenny
235008/00Regional Map of Blackburn Area
238008/00The Grimshaw Location in Eccleshill
241008/00The Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe
243008/00Walter de Grimshaw of Edisford
252009/00The Preston Guardian” 1877 Articles on the Pendle Forest Line of Grimshaws
256010/00The Audenshaw Grimshaw Line
267012/00Edward and Dorothy (Raner)
270001/21Christopher Telfer’s Research
279003/21Thomas Shuttleworth Grimshaw
2115001/21The Grimshaws of Crowtrees
2125005/21Grimshaw Records in the Parish
2133010/21The Grimshaws of Errwood Hall
2139011/21Grimshaw Hall at Knowle
2159007/21The Grimshaws of Gisburn Forest
2160010/21Ainsworth’s History of the Grimshaws at Clayton-le-Moors
2178005/21History of Clayton-le-Moors by Richard Trappes-Lomax, 1926
2209002/21The Grimshaws of Churck Kirk
2213003/21Nicholas Grimshaw of Sabden
2219005/21Clayton-le-Moors under the Lomaxes
2225007/21Maria (Grimshaw) & Joseph Yewdall
2228010/21Abraham and Sarah Grimshaw
2232010/21Quaker Meeting House at Rawdon
2239011/21William and Alice (Longworth) Grimshaw
2243002/21Scotland Grimshaw Families
2261001/21Descendant Chart for Charles and Eliza (Waterworth) Grimshaw Line
2267002/21Thomas Grimshaw, Progenitor
2268003/21Baines’ 1870 History of Lancaster
2271003/21Grimshaws in the Abram Area
2274003/21Possible Grimshaws in “Lancashire Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids”
2276003/21The Coucher Book of Whalley
2277004/21Connection of the Pendle Forest Grimshaw Line To Its Parent Eccleshill and Clayton-le-Moors Grimshaw Lines
2281005/21William and Rachel (Nelson) Grimsahw
2283007/21Grimshaws on The Isle of Man
2291012/21David Grimshaw, Descendant of a Family Line from Prestwich, near Manchester
2294012/21Grimshaws in the Prestwich Area
2298001/21Sabden, Past & Present, a Photographic History
2300005/21Early Grimshaw Presence at Cliviger
2319005/21Edmund Grimshaw Married into the Peel Family
2324001/21Grimshaw Entries in All Saints
2325001/21Grimshaw Entries in Other Churches
2326001/21Grimshaw Entries in Parish Records of Churches in the Manchester Area
2327001/21Grimshaw Entries in the Gorton St James
2328001/21Grimshaw Entries in the Parish Records of Brookfield Unitarian
2329001/21Grimshaw Entries in the Parish Records of Manchester Cathedral
2330001/21Grimshaw Entries in the Parish Records of St Michael and All Angels Church
2340003/21Agnes Grimshaw of Gorton
2362003/21Nicholas Grimshaw of Wiswell
36007/00Geology of the Blackburn Area
323008/00Clayton-le-Moors Coal Mining
326008/00Eccleshill Coal Mining
330008/00Industrial Development at the Grimshaw Location in Eccleshill
333008/00Power Loom Riots
339008/00The Industrial Revolution: the Role of the Grimshaw Family
340008/00The Moorfield Pit Disaster
357010/00The Leeds & Liverpool Canal
362011/00Arkwright and Cartwright
3331001/21Harold Charlesworth Grimshaw
3332001/21Manchester, the First Industrial City
3334001/21Robert Grimshaw, Builder of Manchester Loom Mill in 1790 that Was Destroyed by Fire in 1792
3344004/21Involvement of the Grimshaws in the Industrial Revolution
420008/001930 U.S. Census Records
421008/00Alberta Grimshaw
422008/00Census Records of Grimshaws
425008/00Duckworth & Mary Jane (Moyes)
428008/00Eleanor Grimshaw
429008/00Immigrations of Grimshaws to the United States
432008/00North American Grimshaw
434008/00References for North American
436008/00Summary of Grimshaw Immigrations
442008/00U.S. Census References Containing Grimshaw Entries
444008/00William & Elizabeth (Lepninah)
445008/00William & MaryAnn (Blair) Grimshaw
446008/00William & Sarah (Rhoads) Grimshaw
449008/00Zephaniah Grimshaw
450009/00George Thomas & Aris (Ladd) Grimshaw
451009/00John James & Mary Ann
454010/00Joseph Grimshaw and His Two Families
458010/00Thomas & Helen (Brettargh) Grimshaw
465011/00The Edwin A. Grimshaw Collection – Responses
466011/00The Edwin Grimshaw Collection of American Grimshaw Family Lines
471001/21William Grimshaw, Illinois pioneer
472002/21Grimshaw Listings in the AGBI
477003/21T. Harold Grimshaw, Shetland Islands Missionary and Author
484004/21John & Margaret (Hartley) Grimshaw
485004/21Jonathan & Eliza (Topham) Grimshaw
487004/21The “Texas” Line of Grimshaws
488005/21Michael Henry & Maria (Norris)
490005/21William Alexander & Jane (Turner)
491006/21Grimshaw, Bulloch Co., Georgia
492006/21Lawrence & Mary (Duckworth)
493009/21Benjamin North Grimshaw
495009/21Ellis Island, New York
496010/21Jonathan & Elizabeth (Pratt)
497012/211880 Census2: MA to NJ
498012/211880 Census3: NY to PA
499012/211880 Census4: RI to WI
4100012/211880 U.S. Census Records
4101012/21Grimshaw Indications from Ed
4102012/21Grimshaws Living in the U.S.
4104012/21Henry and Mary (Mann) Grimshaw
4107012/21Zacharia and Ellen (Wilde) Grimshaw
4109001/21George and Mary (Barnes) Grimshaw
4110001/21John and Mary Grimshaw
4114001/21Joseph and Marinda (Ostrander)
4116002/21Duckworth and Bridget (Monahan)
4117002/21William Grimshaw’s Narrative
4118003/21Bill O’Halloran’s Webpage
4119003/21Supplemental Grimshaw Immigration Records from Filby, 2001-2002
4120003/21Zephaniah Grimshaw: Calvin Lamb’s Webpage
4121004/21Grimshaw Lake, Inyo County, CA
4122004/21Grimshaws Living in the U.S. – State and City List
4123004/21Hugh and Elizabeth (Burroughs)
4124004/21Mary (Grimshaw) and William Smith
4128006/21George and Rachel (Graves) Grimshaw
4129007/211870 U.S. Census Records
4130007/21Ann (Grimshaw) Jackson
4131007/21William & Barbara (Farrier) Grimshaw
4132008/21Thomas S. Grimshaw
4138011/21George & Susan (Terriere) Grimshaw
4142012/211850 U.S. Census Records
4144012/21Grimshaws in the Canadian 1881 Census
4145012/21Henry E. Grimshaw, Author
4146012/21Mormon Grimshaw Immigrants
4148001/211920 U.S. Census Records
4150002/21James and Mary Julia (Berthoud)
4151002/21Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw
4152003/21Aaron & Rosanna (Cook) Grimshaw
4155005/21U.S. Bureau of Land Management
4158007/21Robert E. Grimshaw, South Dakota Pioneer and Prominent Citizen
4161010/21Charles & Mary (Wiley) Grimshaw
4164012/21Grimshaw Immigrant Indications
4165012/21Pheby Grimshaw & Jeremiah Hustler
4166001/211860 U.S. Census Records
4168002/211810 U.S. Census Records
4169002/211820 U.S. Census Records
4170002/211830 U.S. Census Records
4171002/211840 U.S. Census Records
4173002/21James & Katherine (Barnett)
4176003/21James & Ellen (Cotterill) Grimshaw
4177004/21Ann (Grimshaw) and Samuel Entwistle
4179005/21Samuel and Mary (Shackleton)
4181005/21William and Phoebe Grimshaw
4186007/21John & Mary Ellen (Wignall)
4187008/211790 U.S. Census Records
4188008/211800 U.S. Census Records
4189008/211910 U.S. Census Records
4193008/21William & Emily (Brown) Grimshaw
4194009/21Jackson Grimshaw
4197011/21Francis E and Frances Grimshaw
4199011/21James & Rebecca (Bullough)
4201011/21John Thomas and Arvilla (Whitesell)
4204012/21Leah Nadine (Grimshaw)
4205012/21Leah Nadine Driggs, p 2
4210003/21George & Rebecca (Kennedy)
4211003/21Grimshaw Silk Mill, Additional Photos and Floor Plans of Apartments
4212003/21Grimshaw Silk Mill, Reading, Pennsylvania
4215004/21Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw
4216004/21Isaac Spice and Lettuce Grishaw
4217005/21Aaron and Joshua Grimshaw
4220005/21Thomas Grimshaw’s Diary
4222006/21Charles and Elizabeth (Bartington)
4224007/21Grunshaw Family Lines
4226007/21Thomas & Onnar (Radden) Grimshaw
4227009/21Henry and Rebecca Grimshaw
4229010/21Henry H Grimshaw
4230010/21Ivan Gerould Grimshaw
4231010/21James and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw
4233010/21Ralph Grimshaw, Sheep Specialist
4234010/21William and Dora (Tinley) Grimshaw
4235011/21Albert Harvey Grimshaw
4236011/21John & Maria (Haworth) Grimshaw
4237011/21Riley and Margaret (Briggs) Grimshaw
4238011/21Samuel and Hannah Grimshaw
4240012/21Encyclopedia of American Quaker
4241012/21John & Philip Grimshaw
4244003/21Barbara Bonner’s Family History
4245003/21Jim McKinney Webpages on Matthew and Eliphel (Morris) Grimshaw and Their Descendants
4246003/21John Henry and Elizabeth (Scholes)
4247003/21William and Elizabeth (Zephaniah) Grimshaw
4248004/21Grimshaw Immigrants to Missouri From Scioto County, Ohio in About 1870
4250005/21Alexander Eli Grimshaw
4252005/21Eli George Grimshaw
4254006/21Charles and Mary Jane (Edmonston) Grimshaw
4256010/21Jonathan and Betsey (Willoby)
4259011/21Henry and Julia Grimshaw
4260012/21Samuel Grimshaw of Henrico County
4262001/21John and Jane Grimshaw
4263001/21The Nova Scotia Line of Grimshaws
4264002/21Edward or Edwin Grimshaw and Mary Grimshaw
4265002/21Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
4266002/21Owen and Elizabeth Grimshaw
4272003/21John and Jane (Seavey) Grimshaw
4282007/21Austin Grimshaw, Dean of the University of Washington
4285009/21Sydney Grimshaw, Inventor
4287011/21Elizabeth (Grimshaw) & James Cayton
4290012/21Connection of Lawrence & Mary (Duckworth)
4292012/21George & Charlotte (Menard) Grimshaw
4293012/21George & Charlotte Descendant Research
4295012/21Levi & Hannah (Towne) Grimshaw
4302006/21Claude Walter and Phyllis Lorraine (Rogers) Grimshaw
4306006/21Samuel Grimshaw, Immigrant to English Settlement, New Brunswick and then Jefferson County, Ohio
4307006/21The Dorothy (Zastrow) Grimshaw Photo Album
4312011/21Philip Grimshaw, Born at Sea
4314012/21Frank Barstow Grimshaw, Immigrant to New Jersey
4316012/21William Raymond Grimshaw Migrant to Tulsa, Oklahoma from New Jersey
4320011/21Eddie Grimshaw, Child Laborer
4323001/21George Richard and Judy (Berger) Grimshaw
4336002/21Henry Ewart Grimshaw
4337002/21Robert and Mary Elizabeth Aston (Shaw) Grimshaw
4338003/21Douglas W Grimshaw, Artist and Ham Radio Operator
4339003/21Simeon and Charlotte (Harrison) Grimshaw
4341004/211880 Census: AR to LA
4343004/21Grimshaw Immigrants to the New World And Elsewhere Around the Globe
4349002/21George Grimshaw, Immigrant to Parowan, Utah
4355007/21Benjamin and Annie (Marsh) Grimshaw
4356007/21Edward and Mary Ann (Heywood) Grimshaw
4358001/21John Grimshaw, English Immigrant
4359001/21Robert Henry Grimshaw
4360001/21William Grimshaw, Immigrant to New York City
4361003/21Christopher Grimshaw and Jane Annear
4363008/21John Henry Grimshaw
4364008/21William Henry and Hannah (Benton) Grimshaw
4365009/21Enid (Grimshaw) Clay
4366010/21Major William C Grimshaw
4367006/21Frank and Margaret Emilie (Fielding) Grimshaw
4368007/21William Grimshaw, Born in Darwen and Emigrated to New York in 1890
4374012/21Benjamin and Margaret (Redmayne) GrimshawNot on website
54007/00Early Grimshaw Family Lines
513007/00The “Irish” Line of the Grimshaw Family
537008/00The Caleb Grimshaw, Immigrant Ship
547008/00William Grimshaw of Haworth
548008/00William Grimshaw of Haworth-Old
561010/00William Grimshaw, Noted Historian and Immigrant to Philadelphia from Ireland
563011/00Arthur H. Grimshaw
564011/00Nicholas Grimshaw of Ireland
568012/00Nicholas Grimshaw of Ireland: Family History Information Developed by Hilary Tulloch
569012/00William Grimshaw, Veteran
573002/21John Grimshaw, Coldstream Guards Soldier
574002/21William Grimshaws NH Records
575003/21Beatrice Grimshaw, South Pacific Adventurer, Travel Writer and Novelist
576003/21Nicholas Grimshaw, Mayor of Preston, Lancashire, Seven Times
580003/21Thomas Wrigley Grimshaw
581003/21William Grimshaw’s New Hampshire Life After the Revolutionary War
582004/21Atkinson Grimshaw, Noted Painter of Ethereal Scenes and Fairy Figures
586004/21Roland “Roly” Grimshaw
589005/21Robert E. Grimshaw, Distinguished American Mechanical Engineer
5108001/21Coldstream Guards
5111001/21John Grimshaw’s Foreign Service
5112001/21John Grimshaw’s Life
5113001/21John Grimshaw’s Life in the Coldstream Guards
5147012/21William H. Grimshaw, Author
5154005/21Cecil T W Grimshaw
5156006/21William Grimshaw’s “Principles of Christianity Vindicated”
5167001/21Charles T. Grimshaw, Descendant of Caleb Grimshaw
5172002/21Additional Newspaper Coverage
5180005/21Samuel Grimshaw, Recipient of Medal of Honor in the U.S. Civil War
5192008/21John C. Stewart’s Diaries
5196011/21Beatrice Grimshaw: Bibliography of Works from the “Pulp Rack” Website
5203012/21Caleb Grimshaw & Company
5206001/21Nicholas Grimshaw, Architect
5221006/21Caleb Grimshaw, Transatlantic Shipping Pioneer of the 1800s in Liverpool
5269003/21Dark Mysteries of Papua
5275003/21Robert E Grimshaw Submittals
5296001/21Beatrice Grimshaw Articles Published in The Saturday Evening Post in 1906 and 1908
5297001/21Major-General Harry Grimshaw
5299001/21The Tale of the Pearl Lagoon
5311011/21Beatrice Grimshaw’s “In the Savage South Seas”
5313012/21Articles on Beatrice Grimshaw in Hecate
5335002/21Evaluations of the Work of Beatrice Grimshaw
5342004/21Early Grimshaw Family Lines in England and Ireland
5346004/21Prominent Grimshaw Individuals and Families in England and Around the World
5369008/21Ship Caleb Grimshaw by William Day
610007/00Grimshaw Origins and History With Family Lines and Migrations (Booklet)
617007/00The Y2K Grimshaw Yearbook
655010/00Moses Grimshaw
659010/00Website OutlineNot found
678003/21The Griffin  Privateer Brig
683004/21Gary Grimshaw, Concert Poster Artist for Famous Rock Music Groups
694009/21Early Grimshaw Family History, Anonymous
6103012/21Hall of Fame” for Contributors
6105012/21History of Pike County, Illinois
6106012/21Miscellaneous Grimshaw Individuals and Information
6126006/21Doctor Grimshawe’s Secret”
6127006/21Dr Grimshaws Secret Analysis
6134010/21When I Was a Boy in England”
6135011/21Archbishop Grimshaw School
6136011/21Brendon Grimshaw’s
6137011/21C. Grant Grimshaw Elementary School
6140011/21Grimshaw of St. Kits”
6141011/21Peter Grimshaw’s “Excavators”
6143012/21Bannister Grimshaw’s book, “The Entwisle Family”
6149001/21Mary Grimshaw, “Charwoman”
6153004/21Overview of Grimshaw Origins & Family HistoryNot found
6157007/21A Force in Spiritualism
6162010/21World Population of Grimshaws
6163012/21Grimshaw Green
6174002/21John Elisha Grimshaw
6175002/21LDS Pedigree Resource Files
6182006/21Grimshaw Obituaries
6183006/21Grimshaw-Gudewicz Foundation
6184007/21Danny Lee Grimshaw
6185007/21Emile Grimshaw, Noted Banjo Composer, Player, Instructor and Builder
6190008/21Grimshaws in Heritage Quest
6191008/21Grimshaws in the Family and Local Histories Database of Ancestry.com
6195010/21Conrad Grimshaw
6198011/21Grimshaw, Baxter & J.J. Elliott Ltd.
6200011/21John Grimshaw, M.D.
6202011/21U.S. Marines in Vietnam
6207001/21Walter Grimshaw, Chess Player
6208002/21Phill Grimshaw
6214003/21Quaker Records of Grimshaws
6218005/21Bob Grimshaw
6223006/21Seaman John Grimshaw
6249004/21The “Accrington Pals”
6253006/21Ann Grimshaw, Creator of Cross Stitch Sampler at Ackworth School in 1818
6255008/21Young Blood: A History of the 1st Battalion, 27th Marines, (Vietnam) 1968
6257011/21Emile Grimshaw Guitar Information
6258011/21Grimshaws in the “Find-A-Grave”
6270003/21Grimshaw Articles from the New York Times, 1851 to 1980
6280004/21The Complete Banjo Works of Emile Grimshaw
6284007/21John L. Grimshaw, World War II Fighter Pilot
6286010/21Percy H Grimshaw, Insect Specialist
6288011/21George W “Woody” Grimshaw
6289011/21Soto Grimshaw
6301006/21Charles and Dora (Porter) Cummings
6303006/21James Grimshaw, Slaveholder
6304006/21Jay and Bessie (Cummings) Rogers
6305006/21Richard and Anna (Grassman) Sehnert
6308007/21Charles and Rebecca (Richmond) Bice
6309007/21Freda Elaine (Sehnert) Bice
6310010/21William Grimshaw, Tattooist
6315012/21Grimshaw, Bagshaw, and Bradshaw
6317001/21Jeremiah and Martha (Bennett) Rogers
6318001/21Joe & Freda Bice Trip to Mexico
6321011/21Harry and Gemmy Grimshaw, Successful Jockeys
6322012/21Rex W Grimshaw, Clay Expert
6333001/21Mortimer Grimshaw, “Thunderer of Lancashire”
6347005/21About the “Grimshaw Origins” Website
6350004/21Captain John Grimshaw, Alleged Victim of Libel by Archibald Prentice, Manchester, 1831
6351004/21James Grimshaw, Minister of the Gospel in Lancaster
6352004/21John Grimshaw, Ropemaker
6353004/21William Dakin Grimshaw, Inventor
6354004/21William Grimshaw, Convicted of Burglary
6357007/21Ernest Grimshaw, Author of “The Teacher Librarian”
6370012/21Jay and Bessie Rogers Addendum
6371012/21Jay and Bessie Rogers Addendum 2

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