John Grimshaw, English Immigrant

To Massachusetts and Rhode Island Married Flora Fraser, Who Was Born in Malta

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John Grimshaw was born about 1826 to 1830 and immigrated to Massachusetts and Rhode Island from England.  He and Flora Fraser, who was born in 1838 and had immigrated with her parents from Malta, were married in Lawrence, Massachusetts on February 9, 1861. They lived primarily in Providence, RI. They apparently had three or four children, Emma (born about 1844), possibly Edith (twin of Emma?), Lizzie (born about 1852), Valetta, (born about 1870), and William Hunter Grimshaw (born in 1875). John died in September 1894, and Flora in June 1900. John’s parents were James and Mary Grimshaw, but they have not yet been identified in England. Flora’s parents were William Fraser, apparently born in Scotland, and Sophia, born in Spain, but the couple immigrated to the U.S. from Malta.

This family may be related to another Grimshaw family that lived in North Providence at about the same time, the James and Rebecca (Bullough) Grimshaw family, which is described on a companion webpage. This possible relationship has yet to be clarified.


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Marriage Record in Lawrence, Massachusetts

U.S. Census Records in 1870, 1880, etc.

John Grimshaw’s Service in the Civil War

Preliminary Descendant Chart for John and Flora Grimshaw

James Grimshaw  & Mary ?

|–John Grimshaw (ca 1828 – 2 Sep 1894, RI) & Flora Fraser (ca 1838, Malta – 8 Jun 1900, RI). Mar. 9 Feb 1861

|–|–Emma Grimshaw (ca 1844, RI – ?)

|–|–Edith Grimshaw? (ca 1844 – ?)

|–|–Lizzie Grimshaw (ca 1842 – ?)

|–|–Valetta H Grimshaw (ca 1870, RI – ?) & John Townsend. Mar. 21 Oct 1895.

|–|–|–Charles De K. Townsend (ca 1897 – ?)

|–|–William Hunter Grimshaw (e Jul 1875, RI – 21 Oct 1936, Providence, RI) & Laura DeEtte Miller. Mar. 9 Jun 1910.

|–|–|–Ruth F Grimshaw (ca 1911 – ?)

|–|–|–Edith Grimshaw (ca 1912 – ?)

William Hunter Grimshaw World War I Draft Card

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 about William Hunter Grimshaw
Name: William Hunter Grimshaw
City: Quincy
County: Norfolk
State: Massachusetts
Birth Date: 3 Jul 1875
Nearest Relative:
Color of Eyes/Hair:

1870 U.S. Census from James & Rebecca Bullough webpage…

Nephew? John, Age 40, married Flora, children Lizzie, Emma, Valetta

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