William Dakin Grimshaw, Inventor Par Excellence

Possibly from Southampton, Southwest of London

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William Dakin Grimshaw was a highly prolific inventor, with more than __ U.S. patents covering a broad range of ideas and devices. He was in Southampton and Mitcham, southwest of London, but later also lived near Birmingham. He may have maintained residences in both England and the U.S., as his addresses (as indicated in his patents) overlapped in the two countries. In the U.S., he lived in New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut during the time he was receiving patents.


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Summary of William Dakin Grimshaw’s U.S. Patents

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Patent Report in Scientific American, June 2, 1860

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William Grimshaw’s Family Information

Married Ellen? Had three daughters – Laura, ?, Jessie. Daughters christened on same day in Mitcham. Recorded in 1860 U.S. Census in NJ.

Additional Information and Images from Patents.

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