Jay Lee and Bessie (Cummings) Rogers

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Jay and Bessie Rogers

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Jay and Bessie Rogers are described on a companionwebpage. The webpage for Jay’s parents, Jeremiah and Martha (Bennett) Rogers,
may be found on another companion webpage.

The purpose of this addendum to their webpage is to present a number of relevant photos without making that webpage too long. Shown below is a set of old pictures that Jay Rogers had in his possession while he was still living.


Webpage Credits

Old Photos in the Possession of Jay Rogers

Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Charles Anderson, Oacoma, SD, for making the family photos for Bessie Cummings available.

Old Photos in the Possession of Jay Rogers

Shown below is a set of priceless photos that were in the possession of Jay Rogers, who apparently held them dearly, judging by the tone of the writing on the backs of the pictures. The photos are presented below in somewhat random order (for now) and without the usual cropping of pictures presented on this website. Jay’s entries on the backs are also presented because they provide almost as much value as the photos themselves.

“My mother and father – Jerry A Rogers (died 1929) & Martha M Rogers (Bennett) – about 1900”

In pencil: “Jay & George Jim Will – Rogers – Rogers Family”

In ink: “I and my brothers – Jay – Taken by BP Skewis – at – Bijou Hills S Dak – in about 1890 – George Jim & Will – & Jay”

“Our family picture – about 1900 – at Rudd, Iowa – Jim George Will Jay & Edna – & mother & father – & cousin Harley Bennett – & cousin Leon Skewis”

“Brother, Will Rogers – about 1901 – he has gone to his – reward years ago – July 6th 1970 – Jay”

“Gr pa Bennett – Dads Gr pa – Salaman”

“Aunt Aurie – Skewis – my mothers – sister’

“Uncle Sam Rogers – & Aunt Malva x Richard”

“Uncle Geo & Harley – Bennett – & Grandmother Bennett – Rudd – Iowa – 1897”

“James Trewartha”

“Uncle George’s – store in Rudd – Iowa – the people – Uncle George Bennett – Grandma Bennett – Aunt Carry Bert & Lisa – Nellie & Nettie”

“Aunt Allie – Marian & Ora. Their little sister – and Edna Rogers – 1898”

“Harley Bennett – & his livery team – Mutt & Jeff”

“Our old saw mill – up at Jim Sabins – about 1989”

“Where I and Ma lived – up at Bemidji Min – Fern was a baby – 8 months old”

“Sister Edna – at the old gulch lower end of – Sabins timber – about 1900. – thats under water now – 1968”

Unidentified Group 1. Looks like Martha (Bennett) Rogers, Jeremiah’s wife, on the left.

Unidentified Group 2. Appears to be Solomon Bennett in middle (seated, with dark suspenders)

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