William Grimshaw, Immigrant to New York City

Married Jennie Attridge

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Constructed ancestor and descendant chart…

Hugh? Grimshaw & Mary Chorlton? (ca 1834, England – ?) [This apparently an incorrect connection]

|—-William Grimshaw (Jun 1854, England – ?) & Jennie Attridge (ca 1865, New York, NY – ?). Married ca 1879.

|—-|—-George Edward Grimshaw (31 Mar 1883, New York – Oct 1978, Pittsburgh?) & Unknown (? – bef 1910) [Not sure of this one]

|—-|—-George Edward Grimshaw (31 Mar 1883, New York – Oct 1978, Pittsburgh?) & Alice Roarke (9 Aug 1883, New York – ?)

|—-|—-|—-Agnes Grimshaw (ca 1908, New York, NY – ?)

|—-|—-|—-John Anthony Grimshaw (18 Sep 1916, New York, NY – Jul 1969, Topeka, KS) & Beverly Welander Brown (27 Jul 1924, Ishpeming, MI – 4 Aug 2008, Topeka, KS). Married 17 Jul 1947, Lansing MI.

|—-|—-|—-|—-Ann Grimshaw

|—-|—-|—-|—-Laura Grimshaw & Ron McCall

|—-|—-|—-|—-Cindy Grimshaw & Mark Stubbs

|—-|—-|—-|—-Kathy Grimshaw & Bob Devin

|—-|—-|—-|—-John Grimshaw

|—-|—-|—-|—-Tom Grimshaw

|—-|—-|—-George Edward Grimshaw Jr. (7 Jul 1916, Pittsburgh, PA – ?) & Phyllis Armstrong. Married in Pittsburgh, PA

|—-|—-William Grimshaw (ca 1897 – ?)

|—-Robert Grimshaw (ca 1858, New York, NY – ?)

From the “Indicated Grimshaws Webpage…

#William and Jennie (Attridge) Grimshaw

George Grimshaw provided the following information in a letter to Edwin Grimshaw in 1980:

Grimshaw, George E. – Pittsburgh, PA – (EAG 19)


Dear Mr. Grimshaw

I too have wondered about the genealogy of my family but have only very meager information.

My father born in 1883, married to Alice Roarke, was born in N.Y.C. and died about one year ago at the age of 95. He lived in N.Y.C. most of his life and his parents died at any early age so I know nothing about his parents other than their names – William Grimshaw and Jennie Attridge, both born in England.

Since the name is so unusual, I imagine there is a relationship some where along the line between your family and mine but it probably goes back to the early 1800s or before.

Sorry I have not been much help to you.

Did you know that there is a tiny town in Canada (Province of Alberta) by the name of Grimshaw? I retired recently so some day I may take a trip up there and perhaps learn something of its history. Perhaps in the meantime you might send an inquiry to that town.

If I should develop any new information, I will be glad to pass it along.


George E. Grimshaw Jr.

William Grimshaw – born England – Married to Jennie Attridge, also born in England

|–William Grimshaw

|–Geo. E. Grimshaw – Born 3/31/1883, New York – Married Alice Roarke, born 8/9/1883, N.Y.

|–|–John A. Grimshaw – Born 9/18/1916, New York – Married Beverly Brown

|–|–|–Six children

|–|–Geo. E. Grimshaw Jr. – Born 7/7/1916, Pittsburgh, Pa. – Married Phyllis Armstrong, Pgh, Pa

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