William Alexander & Jane (Turner) Grimshaw

Lifelong Residents of Wisconsin

William Alexander (Alex) and Jane Grimshaw

Date of Photo Unknown

William Alexander Grimshaw was born in 1854 in New York to John James and Mary Ann (Mahoney) Grimshaw (see companion webpage). Jane Turner was born in Muncie, Indiana, also in 1854, to W. Riley and Sarah Turner. Both of their families migrated to Richland Center, Wisconsin, where the couple married on December 26, 1872. William apparently went by his middle name — “Alex” (or “Alec”). Later they moved to Beloit, where they lived out their lives. They are buried in Bowen Cemetery near Richland Center, not far from the grave of Alex’s parents.


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Photos of Alex and Jane (Turner) Grimshaw

Alexs Ancestors

Descendants of William Alexander and Jane Grimshaw

Summary of the Lives of Alex and Jane Grimshaw

Group Photos of Alex and Jane Grimshaw and Their Children

Individual Photos of Alex and Janes Children

Letters Written by Thomas Henry Grimshaw in the 1930s

Letter Written by Lovina (Grimshaw) Stebbins to Bob Grimshaw in 1971

Alex and Janes Final Resting Place


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Many thanks to Judy Tighe for being a collaborator in creating this webpage. Appreciation is also expressed to Bob Grimshaw, Terry Micks, and Thomas T. Grimshaw for providing some of the information, as well as many of the photos. And thanks go to Sandy Cunningham of the Richland County History Room for being extremely helpful in searching for Grimshaw records in their files. And to Karrin Werrenrath and Mike Grimshaw for providing the picture in Figure 13d.

Photos of Alex and Jane Grimshaw

A photo of Alex and Jane in their later years, apparently taken in 1931, is shown in Figure 1. Photos believed to be of Alex and Jane in earlier years are shown in the two figures below.

Alex and Jane Grimshaw in about 1931, when they would have been 77 years old. Photo may have been taken at their home in Beloit, Wisconsin. Photo provided courtesy of Judy Tighe.

Photo believed to be of young William Alexander (right) and his brother, John Etimer Grimshaw. More detail on this photo is given in the section below on Ancestors.

Photo believed to be of Jane Turner in her youth. More detail on this photo is given in the section below on Ancestors.

Marriage Record of Alex and Jane

An image of the marriage record for Alex and Jane is shown in the figure below.

Image of Alex and Jane Grimshaw’s marriage record. Thanks go to Bob Grimshaw for providing this record.

Alexs Ancestors

William Alexander was the son of John James and Mary Ann (Mahoney) Grimshaw and the grandson of George and Charlotte (Menard) Grimshaw; both of these families are the subject of companion webpages. George and Charlotte raised their family on Wolfe Island, Ontario. William was apparently born while John James and Mary Ann were in transit from Wolfe Island to their final place of settlement in Wisconsin.

Photos that are believed to be of John James, Mary Ann and their (surviving) children are presented in the figure below. The album from which these photos came is in the possession of Kernit Grimshaw, a descendant of William Alexanders older brother, George Thomas; it is described on the webpage for John and Mary Ann.

Photos believed to be of William Alexander and his brother, John Etimer (photo “c” below; same as in Figure 2, above) and his parents and other siblings. The two gentlemen in the left photo have been identified as Michael Henry and George Thomas Grimshaw, Alexs brothers. It seems apparent that the person who affixed the photos intended to show the entire family, with John James, Mary Ann, and their daughter, Lida, in the center photo.

Descendants of William Alexander and Jane Grimshaw

A descendant chart for William and Jane down to their grandchildren is shown below.

Descendant chart for William and Jane Grimshaw. Information provided courtesy of Judy Tighe and Terry Micks.

William Alexander Grimshaw (20 Aug 1855 – 13 Mar 1937) & Jane Turner (4 Oct 1855 – 22 Oct 1935)

|—–Bulah Grimshaw (About 1873 – )

|—–Jonas Grimshaw (10 Nov 1874 – 13 Feb 1875)

|—–Cora Nellie Grimshaw (1 Jun 1876 – 1 Nov 1964) & Bert Le Duc

|—–|—–Frankie Le Duc (14 Nov 1892 – )

|—–|—–Jennie Le Duc (Before 1896 – )

|—–|—–Mabel Le Duc (23 Jul 1896 – )

|—–|—–Willie Le Duc (23 Aug 1897 – )

|—–|—–Precious Le Duc (9 Apr 1900 – )

|—–|—–Madaline Le Duc (26 Feb 1902 – )

|—–|—–Baby Girl Le Duc (8 Nov 1904 – )

|—–|—–Alexander Le Duc

|—–Ida Grimshaw (Before 1878 – )

|—–Thomas Henry Grimshaw (13 Jun 1878 – 9 Jan 1961) & Georgia H. Lowrey (22 Feb 1880 – 11 Nov 1959)

|—–|—–Ulmont Grimshaw (About 1901 – 4 Feb 1994) & Judith A.

|—–Turner Squire Grimshaw (21 Dec 1880 – 2 Dec 1894)

|—–Bert F. Grimshaw (Jul 1882 – )

|—–Frank B. Grimshaw (2 Jul 1883 – 17 Oct 1950)

|—–William Riley Grimshaw (4 Aug 1884 – 7 Sep 1884)

|—–Lillian Vaughn Grimshaw (14 Aug 1886 – 23 Jul 1969) & Orra Cleveland Peckham (7 Aug 1884 – Apr 1969)

|—–|—–John William Peckham (11 Jan 1916 – 21 Jun 1956) & Beverly Ruth Collings (18 Dec 1917 – )

|—–|—–Robert Peckham (14 Jan 1911 – 24 Dec 1976) & Margaret Fraser McCracken (6 Dec 1911 – )

|—–Mary Ellen Grimshaw (28 Dec 1888 – )

|—–Rolland “Clarence” Grimshaw (12 Oct 1893 – 7 Sep 1894)

|—–Lovina Grimshaw (9 Sep 1899 – ) & Delbert Stebbins

|—–|—–William J. Stebbins & Sally

|—–|—–Betty J. Stebbins & William Stolz

Lovina (Grimshaw) Stebbins, in a letter to Bob Grimshaw dated November 2, 1971 (described below), provided the following information on Alex and Janes marriage, children and descendants. Thanks to Bob Grimshaw for providing the letter and to Judy Tighe for “keying it in.”

William Alexander Grimshaw was born in Kingston, Canada August 20, 1854. He married Jane Turner, born in Muncie Indiana October 4, 1854, in Richland Center Wisconsin December 26, 1872. Their children were as follows:

Jonas Grimshaw Nov. 15, 1874 died Feb. 13, 1875

Cora Nellie Grimshaw June 1, 1876 died Nov. 2, 1964

Thomas Henry Grimshaw June 13, 1878 died Jan. 9, 1961

Turner Squire Grimshaw May 22, 1880 died Dec. 2, 1894

Wm Riley Grimshaw August 4, 1884 died Sept. 7, 1884

Lillian V. Grimshaw Aug. 14, 1886 died July 23, 1969

Mary Ellen Grimshaw Dec. 28, 1888 died no info

Clarence Grimshaw Dec. 4, 1893 died Sept. 9 1894

Frank B. Grimshaw July 2, 1883 died Oct. 17, 1950

Lovina Grimshaw Sept. 9, 1899

Cora Nellie married Birt LaDuct April 4, 1890. Their children were

Betty (Gwyneth) La Duct Huestes – Chicago

Wilbur Alex La Duct – Star City, Ind.

Beatrice La Duct Deceased

Doris La Duct Williams – Chicago

Isabelle La Duct Berge – Chicago

Thomas H. Grimshaw married Georgia Lowry in Richland Center, Wisc. Nov. 29, 1899. They had one son

Ulmont L. Grimshaw Minneapolis, Minn.

Frank B. Grimshaw married Mollie Stephensen in Richland Center, Wisc. They had three children

Thelma Grimshaw Young – Deceased

Wayne A. Grimshaw – Livermore, Cal.

Caroline Grimshaw Barlow – Santa Ana, Cal.

Lillian V. Grimshaw married Ora C. Peckham in Rockford, Ill. They had two sons

Robt. Peckham – Arcadia, Cal.

John Peckham – deceased

Lovina Grimshaw married Delbert L. Stebbins Aug. 5, 1918 in Indianapolis, Ind. Their children are

Wm J. Stebbins, Culver City, Cal.

Betty J. Stolz L.A. 45, (Westchester Cal)

Summary of the Lives of Alex and Jane Grimshaw

The best information apparently available on Alex and Jane comes from their obituaries, which are shown below. Thanks go to Bob Grimshaw for providing them. The obituary1 for Jane, who died first in 1935, reads as follows:

Obituary – Grimshaw

Jane Turner, daughter of Riley and Sarah Turner, was born in Muncie, Indiana, Oct. 4. 1854, and died in Beloit, Oct. 20, 1935, at the age of 81 years and 16 days.

When but a small child she moved with her parents and located at Richland Center. On Dec. 26, 1872, she was married to Alex Grimshaw and to this union ten children were born, five of whom preceded her to the Great Beyond. Five children survive her, Nellie LaDuct, Chicago, Ill., Thomas Grimshaw, Richland Center, Frank Grimshaw, Beloit, Lillian Peckham, Rockford, Ill., and Lovina Stebbins, Beloit.

Mrs. Grimshaw was a good mother and a faithful Christian. While but a small girl she united with the church and remained faithful through the years. She was a member of the Free Methodist church.

She leaves to mourn her departure, her husband, Alex Grimshaw, the five children mentioned above, one sister, Mrs. Lovina Sennitt of Richland Center, eleven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon at the United Brethren church, Rev. Rollings officiating.

Card of Thanks

We wish to express our appreciation to our friends for the many kindnesses shown us at the time of our bereavement in the death of our mother.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Grimshaw

The obituary2 for William, who died a year and a half later, reads as follows:


William Alec (sic) Grimshaw

Wm. Alexander Grimshaw was born in Jefferson county, New York, August 20, 1854, and died March 14, 1937, at the family home in Beloit, at the age of 82 years.

He came to Richland Center at the age of 14 and resided here for nearly 40 years, when he moved to Beloit, where he has made his home for 30 years.

He was married to Jane Turner, Dec. 26, 1872, who preceded him in death, October 22, 1935.

To this marriage were born ten children, five of whom have preceded him in death. Those left to mourn are Mrs. Nellie La Duct, of Chicago, Illinois; Tom H. Grimshaw, of Richland Center; F. Bud Grimshaw, of Beloit; Mrs. Lillian Peckham, of Los Angeles, California; and Mrs. Lovina Stebbins of Beloit. There are twelve grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren.

The body was brought to this city Tuesday, and funeral services were held at the United Brethren church and burial made in the Bowen cemetery, in the town on Richland.

These obituaries indicate that Alex and Jane lived in Richland Center for nearly 40 years after their marriage before moving to Beloit in about 1907, where they lived out their lives.

Group Photos of Alex and Jane Grimshaw and Their Children

Thomas T. Grimshaw is in possession of two group photos of Alex and Jane and some of their children. These photos, although apparently taken many years apart (the dates are unknown), include the same individuals. They are shown in the figures below. Judy Tighe asked Bill Stebbins and Betty Stebbins Holz, grandchildren of Alex and Jane, to identify their mother and aunts and uncles in the photos; the results are as follows:

a. Uncle Bud

b. Lillian

c. Lovina

d. Nell

e. William Alexander

f. Jane

g. Tom

Earlier group photo of Alex and Jane (Turner) Grimshaw and some of their children. The individuals have been identified as follows from left to right: Uncle Bud (aka Frank), Lillian, Lovina, Cora Nellie (Nell,) William Alexander, and Jane, Thomas Henry. Thanks go to Thomas T. Grimshaw for providing this photo.

Later group photo of William and Jane and some of their children. The individuals have been identified as follows from left to right: William Alexander, Thomas Henry, Lovina, Lillian, Uncle Bud (aka Frank,) Nell, and Jane. Thanks go to Thomas T. Grimshaw for providing this photo.

Judy Tighe has another group photo, taken in 1947, which includes Lovina, Cora Nellie (Nell), Thomas Henry, and Lillian as well as spouses and children. The photo is shown below.

Group photo of several descendants of William and Jane Grimshaw. The identities are as shown below (left to right.) Thanks go to Judy Tighe for providing this photo.

Top: Lovina Grimshaw Stebbins, Orra “O.C.” Peckham, Nell Grimshaw LeDuc, Tom Grimshaw, Georgia Grimshaw, Georgia’s sister, Bert Stebbins, Lillian Grimshaw Peckham.

Middle: Peg Peckham (Robert’s wife), Beverly Peckham (John’s wife) Betty Stebbins Stolz, Sally Stebbins, Ulmont Grimshaw, Bill Stebbins.

Front: Robert Peckham, guest, Janet Peckham (Robert’s daughter) Judy Peckham (John’s daughter), Billy Stolz, John Peckham (John’s son) Bill Stolz, John “Jack” Peckham.

A photo of Alex with two of his grandchildren is shown. No doubt the photo was taken at one of the many lakes in Wisconsin. The second figure shows a group photo of Lovina, Nell, Thomas and Georgia (Lowery) Grimshaw, and Lillian in their later years.

Bill Stebbins, William Alexander Grimshaw, and John “Jack” Peckham

A photo, taken later in life, of Lovina, Nell, Georgia (Lowery) and Thomas Grimshaw, and Lillian

Individual Photos of William and Janes Children

Several of Alex and Janes children are shown in the photos below, starting with two boys that are believed to be theirs (see figures below). Thomas Henry and Georgian (Lowery) Grimshaw and their descendants are shown subsequently. The newspaper photos are from the Richland Center Republican & Observer. The last figures present two pictures of Lillian.

Two boys believed to be the sons of Alex and Jane, probably Turner (right) and Frank. (From Kernit Grimshaw Album. Identities are inferred.).

Thomas Henry and Georgia (Lowery) Grimshaw and their only child, Ulmont. Thanks go to Thomas T. Grimshaw for providing this photo.

Ulmont Grimshaw. Photo from Manuscript 365 at the Richland County History Room. Image obtained February 2003.

Four generations of Grimshaws; shown are Thomas H. Grimshaw (right), his son Ulmont (standing), grandson Thomas T (seated) and great-grandson, Scott. Photo from Manuscript 365 at the Richland County History Room. Image obtained February 2003.

Another four-generation picture, this time with Alex (right), Thomas Henry (holding Thomas Tollin), and Ulmont (“Doc”) Grimshaw (left). Photo dated August 1933. Courtesy Mike Grimshaw through Karrin Werrenrath, November 2005.

Photos of Thomas H. and Georgia Grimshaw in their later years. The first was taken in 1949 on the occasion of their golden anniversary, and the second in 1954 on their 55th wedding anniversary. Both photos are from Manuscript 365 in the files of the Richland County History Room. Image obtained February 2003.

Two photos of Lillian Grimshaw, the first taken at the time of her high school graduation and the second taken later, possibly at the time of her wedding.

Letters Written by Thomas Henry Grimshaw in the 1930s

Thomas wrote two very interesting letters to his cousin, William Clarence, and Williams daughter, Fern Ethel, in the 1930s. The first one reads as shown below. Thanks go to Bob Grimshaw for providing these old letters.

From: T.H. Grimshaw

516 N. Main Street

Richland Center, Wisconsin

Richland Center, Wisconsin

June 26, 1938

Dear Cousin,

I am in receipt of a letter written by you to the County Clerk to find out about your birth. At that time I do not think they kept any record of births, at any rate there was no record of your birth in the courthouse here.

Now I guess I am the only Grimshaw left in Richland Center and my name is Thomas H. Grimshaw, address 516 North Main Street, Richland Center, Wisconsin. I am six years older than you, was sixty years old the 13th of June. You have one other cousin — yes two other cousins living here, Mrs. Maude Draver, Richland Center, R. and Mrs. Nora Barry, Richland Center.

I can remember very well the day you started from in front of Lida Norrises house in your covered wagon for Kansas. Your father had a colt named Real which he had shod before he started a suckling colt. I was at your house in Magnolia when your mother was married (buried), and also at your house two years later one winter when I drove a team of colts I bought from Acorn, Iowa to Edgerton, Minnesota. Then I came home to Wisconsin and went back three years later, but didnt see you folks as I was in Edgerton with Uncle George who I hear has been dead for a number of years.

Then I came back here and got married and a steady job and have lived in Richland Center ever since.

Your brother Henry was here one winter with his half sister, I can’t just remember her name. One day he said, well I guess I will jump in my old tin can and beat it for the west which they did and I have never heard a word from him since. Hope he is alive and doing good.

About eight years ago I was in Sioux City, Iowa, visiting some friends and I ran across Cousin Eva, Uncle George’s girl. Spent the evening with her and her family and a couple months after wrote her but she never answered my letter so I never heard any more from Uncle Georges family.

My father has been dead about one and one-half years and Uncle John has been dead about four years.

I am just wondering how you came to go out to Wyoming and if you know anything about Uncle George’s family and how your father’s family is. So if you get time sometime just write me a nice long letter, tell me all you know about our folks .

I have one brother in Beloit, Wisconsin; one sister in Chicago and two sisters in Los Angeles, California. Two of Uncle John’s girls live here and are in the north part of the State.

Now I think have done pretty good for the first time so will say good-bye.

P.S. I have a wife and one boy and two grandsons. My boy lives in Minneapolis, working for Uncle Sam, a mail carrier the same as myself.

T.H. Grimshaw

516 N. Main St.

Richland Center,


The second letter is shorter and reads as follows; note the use of the name “Alex” rather than “William” for William Alexander. Thomas Henry’s signature on this letter is shown below the letter.

Richland Center Wisc.

Feb. 12-39

Dear Cousin,

We were very happy to get such a fine letter from a 16 year old girl. You sure told us all about your family, which we appreciate very much.; but, you did not tell me what your dad works at. I am a mail Carrier now in my 27th year. I am 60 years old -I think about 5 years older than your dad. Yes I knew bertha and the rest of Uncle Mike’s family by his first wife. I as out to the funeral of Aunt Maria when I was 14 years old, and the next year I worked in that country and was at Uncle Mike’s at Xmas time in 93 -quite a while ago. That is the last time I have seen any of the family except Henry and a step sister of his who were out here about 16 years ago. Yes I knew all your grandfather’s brothers. They were George, John, Alex and Mike and a sister Lida. Their father’s name was John and his father’s name was John and he came from England from a very rich family. His father owned a bunch of ships and my grate grandfather was Captain on one of them and he sailed from England to Canada one time. When he went back home to England he took a wife with him, a French girl. His dad disowned him for marrying in Canada and gave him his share and sent him back to Canada. to stay. So that started the Grimshaw in this country. This John Grimshaw had three sons: Eli, Alex and John and John happens to be my grandfather and your great grandfather and he had 4 sons as I have told you. You have a cousin here, John Grimshaw’s girl, who is a daughter of a cousin to your dad. She was at our place for dinner last Sunday and she read the letter and said she would write you. Your folks sure have a nice large family. We only have one boy 38 years old and two grandsons.

I have two sisters living in Los Angeles, Calif., one in Chicago, and a brother living in ___. I dont suppose you ever hear from any of uncle George’s family. I saw one of his girls out in Sioux City about 8 years ago. I wrote her when I got home but she never answered it. They all live in Dakota or Montana someplace. Sixty years ago all 5 of the Grimshaw families lived here with their families but they all went west except me and two cousins are all that are left here. I’m ashamed of my writing today but maybe you can make it out and if I have not answered your questions please let me know and we will be expecting another letter from you some day.

T. H. Grimshaw

516 No Main Street

Richland Center, Wisc.

Signature of Thomas Henry Grimshaw on letter to Ferne Ethel Grimshaw.

Letter Written by Lovina (Grimshaw) Stebbins to Bob Grimshaw in 1971

Lovina (Grimshaw) Stebbins wrote the following letter to Bob Grimshaw in 1971, which provides interesting background information on the Grimshaw family. Note that the family lore about “Sir George” Grimshaw being a ship captain that was rejected by his family for marrying a French Canadian girl (Charlotte Menard.) This lore was also presented in the second letter by Thomas H. Grimshaw above. More information on George and Charlotte is provided on a companion webpage.

238 Harruby Dr.

Calimesa, Cal. 92320

November 2, 1971

Dear Mr. Grimshaw:

Im sorry I am so slow in getting this information to you. Im afraid it is just a matter of procrastination. I hope what I am sending will be of some help.

I do remember of my father saying his grandfather was Sir George or John Grimshaw. He sailed from England to Canada, fell in love with a French Canadian girl, married her and took her to England. She was not accepted by the Grimshaw family. He was disinherited and returned to Canada. He bought an island in the St. Lawrence River called Wolf Island (I believe) and lived there. I cant remember Dad mentioning how many children he had.

This story may or may not be true, but my father was a truthful and dependable man. I believe he thought what he was telling was true.

Im sorry I can not read your graph well enough to learn, but I am of the opinion that you are Uncle Mikes grand-son. I remember my grandfather and Uncle John, his brother. I never met any of the other brothers.

My husband and I are, of course, retired and enjoying life in our semi-rural community. We keep very busy keeping up our home and leading a busy social life. With Womans Club, Bridge parties and entertaining in our home we dont think about our age. My husband is 76 and I am 72.

I hope you can use this information, and I have not bored you with my fathers stories. I was very fond of him.


Lovina Stebbins

Alex and Janes Final Resting Place

William and Jane Grimshaw are buried at the Bowen cemetery at Richland Center, Wisconsin. A photo of their headstone is shown below. Note that the birth years appear to be off by one year (1855 instead of 1854.)

Headstone of final resting place of William Alexander and Jane (Turner) Grimshaw at Bowen cemetery, Richland Center, Wisconsin. Note again the use of “Alex” as his first name rather than “William.” Thanks go to Bob Grimshaw for providing the photo.


1(Richland Center?) Democrat, October 30, 1935.

2(Richland Center?) Republican Observer, March 18 1937

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