Ralph H. Grimshaw, Sheep Specialist

At Ohio State University

Ralph Grimshaw, about 1942. Date indicated by auto license also in photo. From photos provided by Eric Winter.

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Putting the pieces together…

Numerous old newspaper articles featuring talks, etc. by Ralph Grimshaw on the topic of sheep were found at the LDS Family History Library. Internet information indicated Ralph was with the Ohio State University Division of Extension. A letter from Mrs. Charles Grimshaw to Edwin Grimshaw in the 1970s (Letter EAG 34, see companion webpage) identified “Ralph Grimshaw, of Columbus [Ohio]” as a son of Clinton E. Grimshaw (born 1883).

According to information from Michael Brown, Ralph Grimshaw was the oldest son of Clinton E and Carrie A (Rader) Grimshaw. He was born on July 4, 1908 and married Alice Davis. They had two children, Carol (born February 9, 1937) and Kathryn. Carol married Allan R. Patton; this couple had a son and a daughter.

Clinton E. Grimshaw was born on 29 April 1883 to Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw (see companion webpage) in Scioto County Ohio. LDS FamilySearch records indicate that Clinton E. married Carrie Alice Rader on December 19, 1906. He apparently later married Mary Ellen Smith, born 1910. Clinton’s children apparently included Marie, Ralph, Russell, Harry, Albert, Faye, Nettie, Charles and Donald, according to a photo that also included Clinton and Carrie. Mrs. Charles Grimshaw’s letter identified the following children: Charles, Richard, Kenneth, Albert and Ralph. Charles, Richard, and Kenneth may have been by Mary Ellen.


Webpage Credits


Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Michael Brown for providing descendant information and photos of the family of Ralph Grimshaw.

Photo of Ralph Grimshaw and His Many Siblings

Ralph is the one in the back center, with a tie on.

Group photo of 16 children of Clinton E Grimshaw, taken May 1971, probably at the time of Clinton’s funeral. Faye, Ralph and Russell are in the back row. Photo courtesy of Michael Brown and Steve Abner.

Ohio Sheep Improvement Association

Grimshaw Scholarship

Over the past several years, the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association has provided a number of scholarships to young sheep people who are attending college. Ralph Grimshaw was The Ohio State University Sheep Specialist and the Executive Director of the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association for many years. Ralph was very involved in educational activities for both youth and adults and was instrumental in developing many of the sheep educational programs that we still have today. After his death, a scholarship fund was established at OSIA to honor Ralph and to carry on the tradition of educating our young people about the sheep industry.

OSIA raises money throughout the year by holding an annual Silent Auction at the Buckeye Shepherd’s Symposium and from various donors throughout the year. Any interested donors should contact OSIA.

One $500.00 stipend awarded annually to qualifying high school senior or college undergraduate student (Other finalist stipends awarded on merit and fund availability)

Congratuations to Previous Winners of Grimshaw Scholarship

2005 Jen Osbourn
Lisa Wickersham
Jamie Banbury
2004 Lindsey Ulrey
2003 Renee Hendershot
2002 Leslie Wickersham

Grimshaw Scholarship Application Form (pdf)

If you’d like more information

Email or Call OSIA at (614) 246-8293

Source: http://www.ohiosheep.org/WebPages/grimshawscholarship.htm 

Marriage Record on FamilySearch

Clinton E. Grimshaw    Compact Disc #74     Pin #738466
Sex: M 


Spouse: Carrie Alice Rader     Disc #74
Pin #738465
19 Dec 1906
 James L. RADER
2633 Gilbert Way Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-3513
URL: http://www.rader.org
 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource
File – Compact Disc #74
 CD-ROM Features: Pedigree View, Family View, Individual View, Reports, Downloadable GEDCOM files, Notes and Sources.

Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw Companion Webpage

Lucasville Historical Society, 1991, p. 1583

Photos, but no written information, on the Grimshaws in Scioto County. Ralph is second from left in the back row. His mother, Carrie, deceased in 1932, is to his left (right on photo). Clinton is to Carrie’s left.

Clinton with Ellen, his second wife:

Mary Ellen (Smith) Grimshaw, step-mother of Ralph Grimshaw and widow of Clinton E. Grimshaw. Photo taken about 2000, when Mary Ellen was about 90 years old. Photo courtesy of Michael Brown and his mother, Lucy Ellen (Grimshaw) Brown.

Photo Including Ralph Grimshaw from Eric Winter

Note auto license date of 1942.

Ancestors and Descendants of Ralph Grimshaw

Jonathan Grimshaw (ca 1773 – ?) & Betsey Willoby

|—Richard Grimshaw (2 Feb 1823, Erie Co, PA – 25 Nov 1902) & Nancy Ann Rickett (18 Aug 1823 – 6 Oct 1900)

|—|—John Wesley Grimshaw (7 Sep 1843 – 10 Apr 1916) & Rebecca “Esther” Tritt (27 Sep 1843 – 26 Jan 1928)

|—|—Ester Grimshaw (ca 1843 – ?)

|—|—Werley Grimshaw? (ca 1843 – ?)

|—|—Sarah Elizabeth Grimshaw 19 APR 1846 – 4 MAY 1915 + Alexander Fields 28 SEP 1845 – 26 JUL 1917

|—|—Matthew Joseph Grimshaw (15 May 1847 – 5 Aug 1918) & Eliphel Morris (9 Nov 1847 – 28 May 1916)

|—|—Sarah Elizabeth Grimshaw (19 Apr 1850, Lucasville, Ohio – ?)

|—|—Samantha Grimshaw (ca 1851 – ?)

|—|—Dorcas S Grimshaw (19 Apr 1852, Ohio – ?) + unknown Buchman

|—|—Mary Jane Grimshaw (27 Mar 1854, Lucasville, Ohio – ?)

|—|—Nancy Anna Grimshaw (12 Jun 1858, Lucasville, Ohio – ?) & Joseph Strittmatter

|—|—Richard Benton Grimshaw (29 Aug 1860, Scioto, Ohio – 6 Mar 1923) & Mary Emma (“Mollie”) Clark (1863 – 1935)

|—|—|—Clinton E Grimshaw (29 Apr 1883 – 27 May 1971) & Carrie Alice Rader (1885 – 1932). Married December 19, 1906.

|—|—|—|—Marie Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Ralph Grimshaw (4 Jul 1908 – 8 Mar 1993) & Alice Kathryn Davis (12 Aug or 13 Sep 1908 – 19 Jun 1993). Married August 1933.

|—|—|—|—|—Carol Alice Grimshaw (2 Sep or 9 Feb 1937 – ) & Allan Robert Patton. Married 7 Sep 1957.

|—|—|—|—|—|—Timothy Robert Patton (6 Jun 1958 – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—|—Lisa Kathryn Patton (26 Aug 1960 – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—Kathryn Frances Grimshaw(1 or 2 Aug 1941 – )

|—|—|—|—Russell Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Harry Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Donald Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Albert Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Faye Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Nettie Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Charles Grimshaw

|—|—|—Clinton E Grimshaw (29 Apr 1883 – 27 May 1971) & Mary Ellen Smith (December 15, 1910 – )

|—|—|—|—Annalee Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Janet Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Lucy Ellen Grimshaw & unknown Brown

|—|—|—|—Richard Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Kenneth Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Doris Jean Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Marilyn Jane Grimshaw

|—|—Jonathan A Grimshaw (19 Dec 1862, Scioto Co, Ohio – ?)

|—|—Emily Alice Grimshaw (30 Dec 1865 – ?))

|—|—Alice Grimshaw + unknown Schuler

|—|—Charles Grimshaw (ca 1867 – ?)

Note: Italicized entries are from Shepard Family Genealogy1, Benjamin Shepard Line, p. 10.


1Daughters of the American Revolution, 1976, Ohio DAR GRC Report: S1 v 602, Miscellaneous Ohio Records, p. 10 – Shepard Family. Copied at DAR Library in Washington, D.C. in August 2008.


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