John & Maria (Haworth) Grimshaw

Immigrants to Massachusetts from Lancashire in about 1910

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John and Maria (Haworth) Grimshaw immigrated to Fall River, Massachusetts, apparently from the Blackburn area in Lancashire, in about 1910, where they raised their two boys, Thomas H and Edmund Grimshaw. John and Maria were born in Blackburn, and both are buried in Fall River.


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Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Peter Grimshaw for providing the information on this webpage.

Peter Grimshaw E-mail Regarding John and Maria Grimshaw

Peter sent the e-mail shown below requesting information on this family line on November 3, 2005. Persons with information are requested to contact Peter at the following  e-mail address:


I have a reasonably full family background for my branch of the Grimshaw family tree. I have recently looked at the web site for “Grimshaw” in North America and found your e-mail address.

I am trying to trace the descendants of my great Uncle who emigrated from Blackburn, Lancashire, to Fall River, Mass. in approx 1910. John Grimshaw, born 1 Oct 1866 in 33 Fox Street, Blackburn, died 10 Oct 1937 in Fall River, who married Maria Haworth, born 29 Aug 1868 in Blackburn, Lancashire and died 19 March 1935 in Fall River. With their two sons, Thomas and Edmund, they lived in Fall River, a cotton weaving area. John was my Grandfather`s elder brother.

Thomas H Grimshaw was born in Blackburn 1892 and died 13 May 1967 Cranston, Rhode Island.

Edmund Grimshaw was born 05 May 1899 in Blackburn and died 3 Nov 1922 Springfield, Mass.

I wrote to the last known address, 642 Birch Street, Fall River, in 1986 and had a reply from a neighbour, Mr William H Baron, who reported that Edmund died of pneumonia and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River. Mr. Baron also indicated that Thomas H Grimshaw married Eliza A. Whitehead and they had a daughter, Ruth. They lived in Taftville, Connecticut and after the Second World War moved to Burrilville, Rhode Island. Thomas and Eliza are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River.

Ruth married David F Collins Jr. in 1939 who died 18 June 1982 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Mr. Baron wrote that Ruth and David Collins lived in Rhode Island until David`s death. Ruth then moved to 42-6 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa, Florida, where she was last heard of in 1986.

Children of Ruth and David Collins:

Carol Collins b 1942

Cathleen Collins b 1948

David F Collins b 1958

My wife tried to make contact in the year 2000 but the letter was returned unknown.

Members of my family visited John and Maria in the 1930`s and I have a photo of them with their two sons, probably taken just before they emigrated to the USA.

Do any of these people fit into your `family tree`? If so, I would be grateful to hear from you or to have any suggestions as to how we might go about locating them.

Yours sincerely.

Peter Grimshaw

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