James & Ellen (Cotterill) Grimshaw

Immigrants to Brooklyn, NY from Manchester, England

James Grimshaw was born in Manchester in 1832. He and Ellen Cotterill (born in Manchester in 1833) were married on November 8, 1851 in the cathedral in Manchester. Sometime between the birth of their third child, Joseph, in 1863 in Manchester and their fourth child, Maggie, in 1865 in Brooklyn, the family apparently immigrated from England to the U.S.


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Descendant Chart for James and Ellen Grimshaw

Photographs of Marguerite or Margaret Grimshaw

Photos of Voorhees Allen Herbert, Oldest Son of Marguerite Grimshaw, and His Descendants

Photo of Margaret Olive Herbert, Fourth Child of Harry Allen Herbert and Marguerite Grimshaw

Marriage Certificate of Marguerite Grimshaw and Harry Allen Herbert

Easter Postcard from Marguerite (Grimshaw) Herbert to Her Son, Voorhees

Postcard from Aunt Em to VA Herbert (Emma Jane Grimshaw, b. 1860)

Additional Pictures, April 12, 2004

Emma J Grimshaw Birth Certificate, Added July 15, 2004

Additional Pictures, July 25, 2004


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Thanks go to Karrin Werrenrath for providing the information on this webpage. Karrin’s website is at the following address:


Thanks also to Thomas T. Grimshaw for making the connections that made this webpage possible.

Descendant Chart for James and Ellen Grimshaw

A partial descendant chart for James and Ellen has been prepared by Karrin Werrenrath and is shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Descendant chart for James and Ellen (Cotterill) Grimshaw

1 James Grimshaw (1832, Manchester – ?) + Ellen Cotterill (1833, Ancoats, Manchester – ?)

|– 2 Ellen Grimshaw (1853, England – ?)

|– 2 Emma Jane Grimshaw (1860, Manchester – ?) + Voorhees R. Sanders (1860, Passaic Twp, NJ – ?)

|– 2 Joseph Edward Grimshaw (1864, Manchester – >) + Amalia Elsen

|–|– 3 Edna Grimshaw + unk Miller

|–|– 3 Elizabeth Ellen Grimshaw (26 Feb 1886, Brooklyn, NY – ) +Joe Spender

|– 2 Margaret A. Grimshaw (7 Nov 1868, Brooklyn, NY – ) + Harry Allen Herbert (3 Jul 1861, England – ). Married July 3, 1886, Madison, NJ

|–|– 3 Voorhees Allen Herbert (17 Apr 1887, Hoboken, NJ – 29 Jan 1960, Los Angeles, CA) + Ella Augusta May (10 Oct 1884, Huntington, Long Island, NY – 9 Aug 1950, Paradise, CA). Married April 10, 1911 in Huntington, Long Island, NY)

|–|–|– 4 Dorothy May Herbert (1912 – 2001) + Andrew Jackson Myers (1913 – 1979)

|–|–|– 4 Ella Winifred Herbert (1914 – 2000) + Earl Heim (1913 – 1993)

*2nd Husband of Ella Winifred Herbert: Albin John Tollin# (1906 – 1966)

|–|–|– 4 Cynthia May Herbert (1916 – ) + John Mitchell Marnie (1913 – 1980)

|–|–|– 4 Vera Arlene Herbert (1918 – 1986) + William Ralph Yeaman (1916 – 1990)

*2nd Wife of Voorhees Allen Herbert: Nelle Smith

|–|– 3 Pearl Ellen Herbert (Nov 1889, NJ – ) + Bill Sherman

*2nd Husband of Pearl Ellen Herbert: Harold Provost

*3rd Husband of Pearl Ellen Herbert: Walter Dew

|–|– 3 Joseph A. Herbert (Jul 1891, NJ – ) + Dorothy Herbert (unk, Canada – ?)

|–|–|– 4 Warren Herbert

|–|–|– 4 Joyce Herbert

|–|–|– 4 Olive Herbert Rutherford

|–|–|– 4 Robert John Herbert

|–|– 3 Margaret Olive Herbert (23 Jan 1898, NJ – 11 May 1995, NJ) + Henry Charles Mitchell (?, New York, NY – 1 Feb 1971, Long Island City, NY)

|–|–|– 4 Charles Henry Mitchell (1929 – 1992) + Mearl Grace Blackburn June –

|–|– 3 Elizabeth Herbert + George Cordtmeyer

*2nd Husband of Elizabeth Herbert: Doug Davidson

|– 2 Walter Grimshaw (1867, Brooklyn, NY – ?)

#Coincidentally, Albin Tollin’s twin sister, Judith, married Ulmont Grimshaw, grandson of William Alexander and Jane (Turner) Grimshaw, who are described in a companion webpage.

1870 Census Records of James Grimshaw and Family

The 1870 U.S. Census (see Figures 2a and 2b below) found James living with five of his children in the 8th Ward of Brooklyn. This record indicates that Ellen was not with the family, nor was the third child, Halton (twin of Margurite or “Maggie”?). A younger brother of Marguerite, Walter, is also indicated as living with the family.

Figure 2a. Partial 1870 U.S. Census Record showing James and five of his children living in Brooklyn. A more complete record for the census is included in a companion webpage.









Brooklyn Ward 8











Brooklyn Ward 8






Emma J





Brooklyn Ward 8











Brooklyn Ward 8









New York


Brooklyn Ward 8






Walter J



New York


Brooklyn Ward 8



Figure 2b. Image from Ancestry.com

Photographs of Marguerite or Margaret Grimshaw

Karrin Werrenrath has included on her website many pictures of Marguerite Grimshaw and her descendants; the most applicable for this webpage are shown below and in subsequent sections.

Figure 3. Marguerite (Grimshaw) Herbert and Emma E. (Morgan) May (“This is Maggie Grimshaw, Win’s Grandmother, VA;s Mother; Emily May, Wm H May’s wife, Win’s Grandmother”)

Figure 4. Marguerite (Grimshaw) Herbert and her great-granddaughter, Darrin Tollin

Photos of Voorhees Allen Herbert, Oldest Child of Marguerite Grimshaw, and His Descendants

From Karrin Werenrath e-mail:

I’m also attaching a couple more pictures of VA Herbert, my grandfather…    and his truck, from Long Island, NY.   He met my grandmother, Ella Augusta May, at church. She played the organ.  He owned a hardware store, I do believe, and sold it, bought a brand new Pierce (sp? Pearce) Arrow, which I have pictures of by the way, and packed up his family of 4 girls, and wife, and hired a driver, and moved to CA.  My Mom was 12, so about 1926.  They settled in the Glendale, CA, area.  My Grandfather, then, went back to school and became a DOCTOR!!  He was, of course a Mason and a Shriner, too.  How he did all that with 4 girls, don’t know.  He ended up practicing in Beaumont CA…..during WWII.  We’ve always had a strong sense of “medicine” in our family.   I have  a picture of him next to a skeleton.  Pretty funny. 

VA Herbert, Win’s father, my Grandfather (first child of Harry Allen and Margaret Herbert)

Voorhees Allen and Augusta (May) Herbert

VA and Ella Herbert engagement picture: group family picture of Ella Augusta May and Voorhees Allen Herbert, 1909??, 3rd from the left, S. Franklin VanSise, in front of him, Flora May VanSise.

Two views of VA Allen’s Delivery Truck in Huntington Station, NY

Pearl?, ?, VA, Marguerite Herbert, Mom, Olive, Elizabeth, and Darrin, Woodbury, LI, NY, 1947

Dot May Myers, Win Tollin, AJ standing, you can tell by the pipe!, Darrin, Ella A. May Herbert, Cynthia Ann Marnie, VA Herbert, Jack Marnie, and Cynthia May Marnie, Jack Myers missing, taking the picture?

Cynthia May Herbert, Dorothy May Herbert, Vera Arlene Herbert and Ella Winifred Herbert…all in their twenties, probably in Southern California

Ella Winifred Herbert

Al and Win Tollin, about 1940, at the beach. (Al Tollin’s twin sister, Judith, married Ulmont Grimshaw, a member of an unrelated Grimshaw family line).

The Tollin Clan — Seated left to right: Luana, Win, Al, Karrin, Alice, Marlene, Axel, Darrin……Standing, L to R: Madeline, Ruth and Wally

Karrin Marie Tollin with sons, Wesley Jared Harding, and Whitney Ryer Harding, in front of Win’s house in Long Beach, CA (ca. 1986)

Albin, with the ball, and his twin sister, Judith Tollin Grimshaw

Photo of Margaret Olive Herbert, fourth child of Harry Allen Herbert and Marguerite Grimshaw

Marriage Certificate of Marguerite Grimshaw and Harry Allen Herbert

Easter Postcard from Marguerite (Grimshaw) Herbert to Her Son, Voorhees

Postcard from Aunt Em to VA Herbert (Emma Jane Grimshaw, b. 1860)

Additional Pictures, April 12, 2004

Karrin Tollin provided these additional pictures, which will be put in the correct position later.

Ella and Four Daughters

Ella and Four Daughters, Later Photo

V.A. Herbert and Four Daughters

V.A. Herbert’s Pearce Arrow

Ollie Herbert Mitchell (left) and Darrin Tollin Batch

Win Tollin (right) with Her Aunt Ollie

Emma J Grimshaw Birth Certificate, Added July 15, 2004

Additional Pictures, July 25, 2004

Karrin Tollin provided these additional pictures, which (agian) will be put in the correct position later.

Tom Hayes and VA, with Bones

Vee Coming Back from Hawaii

I’m attaching another picture, VA, holding my cousin Jackie, I think, my Dad, Albin Tollin, holding me I think, VA’s wife, Ella Herbert, and my Mom, Winifred Herbert Tollin. Oh, and that’s my cute sister smiling in the fore ground. Evidently Vee, came back from Hawaii, not pictured. Check out the airport, and the chain link fence! I’m positive it was LAX!!! No security, remember those days!

Win and Vee in Palm Springs

Just put on another, of my mom on the left, and Vee on the right, sisters, having fun riding bikes in Palm Springs!

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