James B and Mary (Coax) Hagerty Grimshaw

James Was a Descendant of the Yorkshire Grimshaw Line

Kevin Howley has identified the parents of James B Grimshaw as Joseph and Anne (Blackburn) Grimshaw, which means that James is descended from the Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw line. A webpage has been previously prepared for James Grimshaw’s grandparents, Samuel and Mary (Shackleton) Grimshaw (click here). The tie-in of James to his ancestors is indicated below on this webpage.

James’ older brother, Samuel, received the medal of honor for bravery in the U.S. Civil War, as described in a companion webpage.

Those who wish to correspond about this family line are encouraged to contact Julie at the following e-mail address: 57julie@comcast.net.


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Information from Genealogy Forum and Ancestry.com Postings

Descendant Chart from Kevin Howley, January 2007

Additional Postings on Ancestry.com, December 2007

Record from 1880 U.S. Census

FamilySearch Record for Joseph J. and Nellie (Crick) Grimshaw, and Daughter Iva

Summary Descendant Chart, Based on Compiled Information

Tie Back to Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw Line

Photo of Mary Coax’s Father


Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Kevin Howley for providing the information to tie this family line back to the Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw family line. Thanks also to two persons posting on Ancestry.com — Julia and unknown Watson — for providing essential additional detail on this family line. Julie also kindly provided the photo of Mary (Coax) Grimshaw’s father, shown on this webpage.

Information from GenForum and Ancestry.com Postings

Several postings were made in 2001 and 2002 on Genforum and Ancestry.com that provided initial information on James B and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw. These postings are included on the “Grimshaw Indications” Webpage, a companion webpage on this website, and are shown below.

James B and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw

Julie Smith posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in December 2001:

I am trying to find info on Grimshaw that married Mary Coax b. abt 1850 in Reynoldsville PA. They had two sons – Harry and Pershing. I believe they lived in NJ

Later, in August 2003 Julie posted the following:

I found the it was James B. Grimshaw married to Mary Coax. Their son was Pershing or Percy Grimshaw. She also had a daughter Millie Hagerty. Percy married Luella Harvey from Ohio. they had children which include: Vera, Marguerite or Mary, Forrest and Donald. The children were in the Soldier and Sailors orphanage in 1930. Percy remarried Stella and lived in Dayton Ohio in 1930. I would like to find the descendants.

Then in October 2003, Diane Syron posted the following message:

Dear Julie,

I am writing in behalf of my mother. She is trying to research my half brothers family history for them. She was married to Robert Taylor Grimshaw, born November 29, 1925. they had two children, Steven Taylor Grimshaw and Richard Blaine Grimshaw. My mother was in the OS & SO Home in Xenia, Ohio. They dated when they were teenagers but lost contact after Robert went into the service. My mother then met and married my father, Robert Lewis Dutcher.

My mother’s brother, Olin was older than her and he was friends with Donald Harvey Grimshaw, one of Robert’s brothers. Robert also married and I believe his wife was murdered in Ohio. Sometime after my mother and father divorced she met Robert again in Columbus, Ohio where he was stationed. They eventually married and moved to California. They later divorced. He lives in California with his third wife. I believe he retired from the Navy. She also thought Robert’s father’s name was Percy or something similar to it. She also thought there was mention of them living in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She now resides in Hebron, Ohio.

She said there were 7 children in the home from that family and that Vera and Mary were older sisters of Robert and Donald. She is going to mail me the information she has been able to attain so far. It is not a lot but I found information through Ancestry.com that shows information from the 1880 Census that shows J.B. Grimshaw born in 1846 in Ohio, with an occupation of Druggist. His father’s birthplace was England and mother’s birthplace was PA. His wife’s name was Mary. She was born in 1851 in PA. Both of her parents were born in PA. The house hold contained a Mille Hagerty, stepdaughter to J.B. Grimshaw, she was 6. It states both of her parents were born in PA. Pershing Grimshaw, 2 born in PA. and a sister-in-law to J.B. Grimshaw, Jemima Coax, 19 born in PA. This was from the census from Driftwood, Cameron, PA. Hope this helps. If you find anything about the Grimshaw’s we would love to hear it. Likewise any info. we discover we would be glad to share.

God Bless,

Diane Syron

On January 2001, Paul Winston Grimshaw posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum:

Where to start? My father is Donald Harvey Grimshaw. He is one of 7 children that were placed in the OS&SO Home (Orphan Sailor And Soldiers Orphan Home in Xenia, Ohio. This was around 1928. His father was Percy Grimshaw. He was married to Louella Harvey. Have been told that Louella is a cousin(s) to Eli Harvey. Trying to find a place to start to trace.

Julie Smith, in July 2003, responded to Paul with the following:

I believe Percy Grimshaw was the son of Mary Coax Grimshaw. I found he had two children to Luella, vera and Mary. That was all I had. 7? What happened to Luella and Percy? Mary Coax was sister to my g grandfather.

The following is a chain of entries on Ancestry.com regarding this line of Grimshaws.

Gary Smith, 2001

I am trying to find info on Grimshaw that married Mary Coax b. abt 1850 in Reynoldsville, PA. They had two sons – Harry and Pershing. I believe they lived in NJ.

Gillian Parnell England, May 2002

A Harry Grimshaw married Florence Moore – my g. uncle’s daughter. They lived in Paterson,, N. Jersey. Florence was born there, but her parents moved from Coventry in England. not sure of exact date, but they are listed in Paterson in 1891. Harry has a living nephew named Harry Huber, he still lives in the area. Any connection, please reply.

Julie Smith, May 2002

Can you find out if Harry had a brother named Pershing? The years match. With such an unusual name we surely could tie if you find that.

Gillian Parnell, May 2002

I don’t know if he did, but his nephew is still around. I will write to him as soon as I can. As he married my g.g. Aunt Florence Moore-can you be of any help to me in that direction. Florence’s father ran a jewelry shop at 386 Main and lived 143,Hamilton Ave Paterson. Harry Grimshaw ran the shop until he became ill with cancer after my g. uncle retired. Perhaps we can help each other. Thanks

Hi again. Just checked some notes and really need to know where your side of this fits with mine. It’s possible Harry G had a sister. If that’s so, the line leads back to the parents being English. If so there are still living relatives this side of the ocean I could check out. The Moores are from England also, although Florence was born in America. Not sure about her 2 brothers as I don’t know exactly what year my g. uncle emigrated. Contact me with some detailed information about your sides connection and I can perhaps solve the problem.

Preliminary Descendant Chart (now known to be erroneous)

Based on the above information, the following preliminary descendant chart was previously constructed, but has since been shown to be erroneous. The Percy Grimshaw who married Luella Harvey was apparently not the Pershing Grimshaw who descended from James B and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw. Percy Grimshaw and his ancestors and descendants are still being researched.

Unknown Grimshaw (England) & Unknown (PA)

|—James Grimshaw (ca 1846, OH – ?) & Mary (Coax) Hagerty (1851, Reynoldsville, PA – ?)

|—|—Henry or Harry Grimshaw

|—|—Pershing Grimshaw & Luella Harvey

|—|—|—Vera Grimshaw

|—|—|—Marguerite or Mary Grimshaw

|—|—|—Donald Harvey Grimshaw

|—|—|—Forrest Grimshaw

|—|—|—Robert Taylor Grimshaw (29 Nov 1925 – ?) & unknown (murdered?)

|—|—|—Robert Taylor Grimshaw & unknown

|—|—|—|—Steven Taylor Grimshaw

|—|—|—|—Richard Blaine Grimshaw

|—|—|—Robert Taylor Grimshaw & unknown

|—|—Pershing Grimshaw & Stella

Descendant Chart from Kevin Howley, January 2007

Kevin Howley sent the following e-mail with an attachment indicating the family origin and descendants of James B Grimshaw:

From: Kevin Howley

Sent: Wed 1/02/08 10:15 PM

To: thomas.w@grimshaw.com

I noticed your listing on the site relative to Pershing Grimshaw and I wanted to provide this update. I’m pretty sure that the Percy Grimshaw you note is NOT the Pershing Grimshaw that belongs to my family. [I’m the Blackburn tree guy.] Percy lists his parents having been born in PA and OH, respectively. Pershing’s were born in OH and PA, matching the above. The dates for the Pershing in Biddeford also match.

Please feel free to share the attached information.

Kevin Howley

The information in the attached file from Kevin is shown below:

Joseph Grimshaw was born about 1813 in , , England.

Joseph Grimshaw was married to Anne Blackburn (daughter of James Blackburn and Hannah Newlon) on March 12, 1839 in , Jefferson, OH. Anne Blackburn was born about 1815 in N. Huntingdon Twp., Westmoreland, PA.

1850 Census – Wells Twp., Jefferson, OH

1860 Census – Smithfield, OH

1870 Census – Smithfield, OH

Joseph Grimshaw and Anne Blackburn had the following children:

I. Samuel Grimshaw was born in 1839 in , Jefferson, OH. 1870 Census – Vienna Twp., Pottawatomie, KS

1880 Census – Mill Creek Twp., Pottawatomie, KS

1900 Census – Havensville, KS (2b/2a)

1910 Census – Holton, KS (2b/2a)

Samuel Grimshaw was married to Matilda —.

Matilda — was born in January 1843 in , , OH.

Samuel Grimshaw and Matilda — had the following children:

A. Clifford Grimshaw was born about 1869 in , , OH.

B. D. D. Grimshaw was born about 1871 in , Pottawatomie, KS.

II. Louisa M. Grimshaw was born about 1842 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH.

III. James B. Grimshaw was born in August 1844 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH. 1880 Census – Driftwood, PA

1900 Census – Newark, NJ (2b/1a)

1910 Census – Portland, PA

James B. Grimshaw was married to Mary B. Coax about 1877. Mary B. Coax was born in July 1849 in , , PA.

James B. Grimshaw and Mary B. Coax had the following children:

A. Pershing Grimshaw was born about 1878 in , , PA. 1910 Census – Biddeford, ME

Pershing Grimshaw was married to Emma — about 1904.

Emma — was born about 1873 in , , Canada.

B. Harry Grimshaw .

IV. Mary A. Grimshaw was born about 1846 in , Jefferson, OH.

V. Hannah Grimshaw was born about 1848 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH. 1870 – Smithfield, OH

Hannah Grimshaw was married to Andrew Barber.

Andrew Barber was born about 1846 in , , OH. 1880 – Smithfield, OH

Hannah Grimshaw and Andrew Barber had the following children:

A. Charles Barber was born in February 1870 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH.

B. Anne Barber was born about 1873 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH.

C. Alma Barber was born about 1875 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH.

D. Mary Barber was born about 1878 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH.

VI. Joseph John Grimshaw was born about 1856 in Smithfield, Jefferson, OH. 1880 Census – Driftwood, PA

Additional Postings on Ancestry.com, December 2007

Not long before the e-mail was received from Kevin Howley, the following two messages were posted on Ancestry.com by unknown Watson and Julie unknown. These messages provide invaluable addtional information on James B and Mary (Coax) Grimshaw.

Re: Grimshaw and Mary Coax-PA


Posted: 22 Dec 2007 12:06PM

Classification: Query

Surnames: Grimshaw / Coax / Moynihan / Crowley

Julie, go to second paragraph, your Grimshaw is the brother of my Grimshaw.

John Grimshaw, of Driftwood, Cameron Co., PA married 23 Sep 1880 in Driftwood to Catherine W. Moynihan, she was born 12 Dec 1861 in Warren Co., PA (her year of birth is in question), she died 4 Nov 1926 in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., NY. I have very little info on John, according to 1880 Driftwood census prior to his marriage, he was born 1857 in OH, father born in England, mother born in PA, he was a bartender at a local Driftwood Hotel. My dads younger brother described John as a “no-account & a bootlegger”. I have no record of whatever happened to John, family members either didnt know or wouldnt talk about it.

Apparently John had an older brother also living in Driftwood, the 1880 census lists him as J. B. Grimshaw, born 1846 in OH, occupation Druggist, father born in England, mother born in PA; wife: Mary, born 1851 in PA, both parents born PA. Also residing in J.B. Grimshaws household were step-daughter, Millie Hagerity, born 1874 – PA, bpb PA; son, Pushing Grimshaw, born 1878 – PA, fb OH, mb PA; and sister-in-law, Jencinna Coax, born 1861 – PA, bpb PA.

John & Catherine had two children as near as I can tell, Joseph J. Grimshaw, born 3 Jul 1881 in Driftwood, died 9 Jun 1936 in Jamestown and Jennette Grimshaw, born Jun 1883, baptized 28 Jul 1883 in Driftwood, she appears in the 1900 census in Jamestown when age 17, thats the last record I have of her.

The 1900 Jamestown census lists only Catherine “Kate” (Moynihan) Grimshaw, her two children, and her two brothers, John Francis Moynihan & Humphrey Moynihan, Jr.

Joseph Grimshaw is buried alone in the Elk Section of Lakeview Cemetery in Jamestown, his mother, Kate, is buried alone in the Catholic Section of Lakeview. Joseph married Nellie, I have just tidbits of information about her. In my grandmothers papers I found a penny post card addressed to Mrs. Joseph Grimshaw, Box 334, Falconer, NY, it contained no message, no postmark, or name of sender. Following WW2 while my uncle was in the Jamestown Police Department, he and Herbert J. Grimshaw, Joseph & Nellies son, took Nellie to the County Farms insane asylum in Dewittville.

Herbert J. Grimshaw was my second cousin, but grew up in my dads generation. Herbs grandmother, Kate was the eldest sibling and my grandmother, Margaret Mary (Moynihan) Watson was the next to last youngest sibling. This “generation slippage” plus that I grew up in Westchester Co., NY made for a not too close relationship. I think Herb was married more than once, one wife was Mary Martyn, born 17 Feb 1920, died Mar 1981, Social Security residence, Jamestown. Mary is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Jamestown, next to her parents, John F. (1895-1972) & Mabel D. (1899-1953) Martyn. Social Security data base lists a Herbert Grimshaw (22 Aug 1909 – Aug 1983), SS res, Jacksonville, FL This was Herbs last address found in my parents address book.

One other mystery tidbit, a note on my Grimshaw worksheet describing a photo of a Mrs. Gladys Grimshaw and her daughter Pat, describing a August 2nd (no year given) marriage to a Jim Wiley ?

I do have a 5 x 7 inch photo of five people taken about 1912 of baby Herb Grimshaw, Mrs. Nellie Grimshaw, I assume Nellies mother, Kate (Moynihan) Grimshaw & Kates mother (my great-grandmother) Margaret (Crowley) Moynihan, probably taken in Jamestown..

I would appreciate any additional information and welcome any detailed inquiries.

Re: Grimshaw and Mary Coax-PA


Posted: 26 Dec 2007 6:33AM

Classification: Query

Mary COAX, at age 18, had her first child, Harry, but was unwed. About age 23, she married Miles L. HAGERTY who was born in 1846. They had one child, Millie. Miles father, James S. Hagerty, was born July 17, 1806 in Mercer, PA. Miles mother, Sarah WEBSTER, was born in 1808 in New York. By 1877, Mary was married to James B. GRIMSHAW who was born in Ohio in 1844. James was a druggist. James B. Grimshaws father was born in England. Mary and James Grimshaw lived in New Jersey for many years. After James Grimshaw died, Mary returned to Dubois to live near her son Harry Coax. Children of Mary COAX were:

1.1 Harry Coax (was raised by John and Nancy as their son) father unknown. He was born about 1868. He worked on the B R & P RR in Dubois.

1.2 Millie Hagerty, born 1874, was the daughter of Miles L. Hagerty.

1.3 Pershing Grimshaw born May 7, 1878, was the son of James B. Grimshaw.

1880 GRIMSHAW JAMES B., US Census, Driftwood, Cameron, PA, District 40, pg. 26

J B GRIMSHAW, Age 34, Druggist, Birth Place: Ohio

Residents Wife Mary 29, Pennsylvania

Dau Millie 6, Pennsylvania

Son Pershing 2, Pennsylvania

Sis-L Jemima Coax 19, Pennsylvania (Minnie, housework)

Brother John 23, Ohio

(Bartender for Mr. McDonalds Inn) pg. 25

1910 GRIMSHAW JAMES B., PA Census, Northampton, PA,

James B GRIMSHAW, Age 65, Birth Place: Ohio

Residents Wife Mary B 58, Pennsylvania

Boarder Amanda Brink 58, Pennsylvania

1920 Database: Federal Census, Montgomery Co, Dayton, Ohio

Percy GRIMSHAW, Age: 41, Occupation – Plumber

Other Residents Age born father mother

Wife Luella 22 Ohio Ohio Ohio

Dau Vera 1 11/12 Ohio PA Ohio

Dau Marguerite 10/12 Ohio PA Ohio

1930 Database: Federal Census, Montgomery Co, Dayton, Ohio

Percy GRIMSHAW, Age: 50, Occupation – Clerk Power & Light

Other Residents Age born father mother

Wife Stella 47 Ohio Ohio Ohio

1930 Database: Federal Census, Greene Co, Xenia, Ohio, Soldiers & Sailors Orphanage

GRIMSHAW Age born father mother

Vera 12 Ohio PA Ohio

Mary M 11 Ohio PA Ohio

Forest P10 Ohio PA Ohio

Lois 9 Ohio PA Ohio

Donald 7 Ohio PA Ohio

Juanita 6 Ohio PA Ohio

Robert T 5 Ohio PA Ohio

Record from 1880 U.S. Census

The following 1880 U.S. Census record for James and Mary Grimshaw is from a companion webpage.

Census Place:

Driftwood, Cameron, Pennsylvania




FHL Film 1255111 National Archives Film T9-1111 Page 535B


















Mo: PA










Keeping House

Fa: PA

Mo: PA










At Home

Fa: PA

Mo: PA










At Home

Fa: OH

Mo: PA


Jemima COAX







FamilySearch Record for Joseph J. and Nellie (Crick) Grimshaw, and Daughter Iva

Two records relevant to the family line of James and Mary Grimshaw were found on the LDS FamilySearch website and are shown below.

Summary Descendant Chart, Based on Compiled Information

Based on the above information, the following ancestry and descendant chart has been constructed for James B Grimshaw.

|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw* (15 Jul 1769 – 18 Jan 1844) & Mary Shackleton (?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Martha Grimshaw (30 Aug 1803 – 25 Jun 1841)

|–|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (18 Dec 1805, England – 1854) & Madelin unk (ca 1810, England – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Ellen M Grimshaw (?, Ohio – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw (18 Sep 1807, England – ? ) & Alice unk (ca 1815, Ireland – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Mari Grimshaw (ca 1840, New Brunswick – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Susanna Grimshaw (20 Dec 1809 – 20 Mar 1830)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Joseph Grimshaw (25 Jul 1811, Leeds, Yorkshire – Sep 1864, Smithfield, OH ) & Ann Blackburn (ca 1815, Westmoreland Co, PA – 1874, Smithfield, OH). Married 12 Mar 1839, Jefferson Co., OH.

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw (30 Apr 1840, Smithfield, OH – 11 Nov 1918, Holton, KS) & Rebecca Matilda Little (8 Jan 1843, Monroe Co., OH – 4 Mar 1914, Holton, KS). Married 20 Feb 1868, Wheeling, WV

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–F. Clifford Grimshaw (3 Jan 1869, Smithfield, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Daisy Dean Grimshaw (15 June 1881, Havensville, KS – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Edmund Grimshaw (ca 1840, OH – ?) [Twin of Samuel?]

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Louiza Grimshaw (ca 1842, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–James B. Grimshaw (Aug 1844, Smithfield, OH – ?) & Mary B (Coax) Hagerty (Jul 1849, PA). Married about 1877.

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Harry Coax (ca 1868 – ?) [adopted]

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Millie Hagerty (1874 – ?) [adopted]

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Pershing Grimshaw (7 May 1878, OH – ?) & Emma (ca 1873, Canada – ?). Married about 1904.

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Harry Grimshaw & Florence Moore?

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Mary Grimshaw (ca 1846, Jefferson, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Hannah Grimshaw (ca 1848, Smithfield, OH – ?) & Andrew Barber (ca 1846, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Charles Barber (Feb 1870, Smithfield, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Anne Barber (ca 1873, Smithfield, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Alma Barber (ca 1875, Smithfield, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Mary Barber (ca 1878, Smithfield, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Joseph John Grimshaw (ca 1856, Smithfield, OH – ?) & Catherine W. Moynahan (12 Dec 1861?, Warren Co, PA – 4 Nov 1926, Jamestown, NY. Married 23 Sep 1880

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Joseph J. Grimshaw (3 Jul 1881, Driftwood, PA – 9 Jul 1936, Jamestown, PA) & Nellie Crick (1884 – 1959)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Iva Grimshaw (1904 – 1992) & Howard S. Moore (1897 – 1966)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Herbert J. Grimshaw (22 Aug 1909? – Aug 1983) & Mary Martyn (17 Feb 1920 – Mar 1981)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Herbert J. Grimshaw (22 Aug 1909? – Aug 1983) & unknown second spouse?

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Jennette Grimshaw (Jun 1883 – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Mary Grimshaw (30 Apr 1814 – 14 Jul 1867)

|–|–|–|–|–Hannah Grimshaw (25 Jun 1772 – )

Tie Back to Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw Line

The tie back to the Edward and Dorothy Grimshaw line is shown in the following descendant chart.

Edward Grimshaw (About 1559 – 22 Jun 1635) & Dorotye Raner

|–Abraham Grimshaw (1603 – 1670) & Sarah ( – 21 Sep 1695)

|–|–John Grimshaw* (23 Nov 1664 – 20 Jun 1749) & Grace Ibbotson (15 Nov 1671 – 29 Nov 1700)

|–|–|–Hannah Grimshaw (9 Jan 1697/1698 – ) & John Lister

|–|–|–John Grimshaw (26 Nov 1700 – 28 Nov 1700)

|–|–John Grimshaw* (23 Nov 1664 – 20 Jun 1749) & Phoebe Cockshaw (About 1678 – 21 Feb 1747/1748)

|–|–|–John Grimshaw (26 Apr 1703 – ) & Sarah Cooper

|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (6 Apr 1728 – 17 Jan 1790) & Hannah Firth (1729 – 6 Mar 1801)

|–|–|–|–|–Sarah Grimshaw

|–|–|–|–|–Mary Grimshaw (12 Oct 1761 – )

|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (3 May 1764 – 24 Nov 1836) & Margaret Hartley (21 Aug 1768 – 16 Oct 1835)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Unknown Grimshaw (1792 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (1794 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Hannah Grimshaw (1795 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Tabitha Grimshaw (1798 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Jane Grimshaw (27 Nov 1799 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Margaret Grimshaw (29 Jan 1801 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Mary Grimshaw (1802 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Rachel Grimshaw (20 Oct 1804 – 1883) & Andrew Scholfield

|–|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (1808 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Phebe Grimshaw (1812 – )

|–|–|–|–|–William Grimshaw (13 Aug 1766 – )

|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw* (15 Jul 1769 – 18 Jan 1844) & Mary Bentley (1769 – 3 Jan 1799)

|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw* (15 Jul 1769 – 18 Jan 1844) & Mary Shackleton (?) [Tie-in point]

|–|–|–|–|–|–Martha Grimshaw (30 Aug 1803 – 25 Jun 1841)

|–|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (18 Dec 1805, England – 1854) & Madelin unk (ca 1810, England – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Ellen M Grimshaw (?, Ohio – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw (18 Sep 1807, England – ? ) & Alice unk (ca 1815, Ireland – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Mari Grimshaw (ca 1840, New Brunswick – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Susanna Grimshaw (20 Dec 1809 – 20 Mar 1830)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Joseph Grimshaw (25 Jul 1811, Leeds, Yorkshire – Sep 1864, Smithfield, OH ) & Ann Blackburn (?, Westmoreland Co, PA – 1874, Smithfield, OH). Married 12 Mar 1839, Jefferson Co., OH.

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw (30 Apr 1840, Smithfield, OH – 11 Nov 1918, Holton, KS) & Rebecca Matilda Little (8 Jan 1843, Monroe Co., OH – 4 Mar 1914, Holton, KS) Married 20 Feb 1868, Wheeling, WV

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–F. Clifford Grimshaw (3 Jan 1869, Smithfield, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Daisy Dean Grimshaw (15 June 1881, Havensville, KS – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Edmund Grimshaw (ca 1840, OH – ?) [Twin of Samuel?]

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Louiza Grimshaw (ca 1842, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–James Grimshaw (ca 1843, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Hannah Grimshaw (ca 1844, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–|–Mary Grimshaw (ca 1845, OH – ?)

|–|–|–|–|–|–Mary Grimshaw (30 Apr 1814 – 14 Jul 1867)

|–|–|–|–|–Hannah Grimshaw (25 Jun 1772 – )

Photo of Mary Coax’s Father

Thanks go to Julie for providing the following photo of Mary’s father, John Coax.

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