Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw

Early Immigrants to New York City from Yorkshire

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Isaac Grimshaw was born in about 1770 in England. He and Hannah Worrall weremarried in 1794 in Bradfield, Yorkshire, so Isaac was probably descended from the Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw family line, although the link has not yet been clearly established. The couple immigrated to the U.S., arriving in Philadelphia on the ship Sally on March 22, 1805. By 1807 they were living in New York City, where Isaac was a school teacher for several years. Isaac appeared in local newspapers as a point of contact for a clothes-washing machine invention and for the sale of land tracts in 1807 and 1816, respectively. The 1810 U.S. Census found five men and two women living in Isaac Grimshaw’s household.

Isaac was listed in the newspaper in 1817 as an “insolvent”, and a subsequent notice indicated he had been in jail for at least 60 days and asked for anyone to show cause why, by March 6, his estate should not be “assigned” due to insolvency. Apparently the family lived out their lives in New York.


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Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw by Philip Brown

Record of Marriage in Bradfield, Yorkshire

Grimshaw Immigration Records of Isaac Grimshaw Entry into the U.S.

Images of Isaac Grimshaw Entries in the 1810 U.S. Census

New York Newspaper Records of Isaac Grimshaw, 1807 to 1817

Isaac Grimshaw, Author of “Tables and Explanations”

Gini Fletcher’s Posting on Facebook

Preliminary Descendant Chart for Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw


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Thanks go to Philip Brown for posting a very useful message on Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw. Thanks also to Gini Fletcher for posting valuable descendant information on Facebook for Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw.

Isaac and Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw by Philip Brown

From Grimshaw Immigrant Indications

Philip Brown posted the following message on the Grimshaw Family Genealogy Forum in May 1998:


Isaac Grimshaw was born about 1770 in England and married about 1794 in the West Riding of Yorkshire to Hannah WORRALL. Hannah was born 1774 at Ughill, WRY, YKS, ENG to Henry WORRALL and Sarah BURDEKIN.
Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw had at least one child: Thomas Burdekin GRIMSHAW about 1795. The family immigrated to New York City, NY about 1805, where Isaac was a school teacher for some years.
Family memories say that they moved West about 1817, and here we have lost their trace.
I have lots to share on the Worrall side of this line and would like to find descendants to pass on this information.
Please click on my name to get my e-dress and let’s share some stories.

Record of Marriage in Bradfield, Yorkshire

The following record of Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw’s marriage was found on FamilySearch.


Grimshaw Immigration Records of Isaac Grimshaw Entry into the U.S.

Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw apparently immigrated through the Philadelphia port in 1805, but settled in New York City. The evidence for this can be found on the companion webpage on Grimshaw Immigrations; the two records are reproduced (with minor modifications) below:

12. Isaac Grimshaw, 1805, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tepper, Michael, general editor, and Elizabeth P. Bentley, transcriber, 1986

Isaac was recorded in Tepper and Bentley1 as arriving at the Port of Philadelphia based on lists of baggage kept by the Port. The record indicates that Isaac arrived on the ship “Sally” on March 22, 1805 (Tepper, 1986, p. 278):

GRIMSHAW, Isaac Sally 22 Mar 1805

The authors make several observations on the Philadelphia baggage list records, their origin, and their uniqueness (Tepper, 1986, p. vii-xiv):

Until the year 1820 federal records of immigration were virtually non-existent, with the curious exception of the “baggage lists” which were maintained by officials of the port of Philadelphia from 1800 to 1820. A small number of records developed at other levels of government or outside of public authority are known to exist for portions of the 1800-1820 period. Of all the known records of immigration for this period, however, only the Philadelphia baggage lists exist in any significant quantity or make any claim to continuity.

Although they are sometimes confused with Customs Passenger Lists (lists of passengers kept at various ports of entry after 1820 as a result of legislation approved in March 1819 regulating conditions on passenger vessels), baggage lists are an entirely different type of passenger record, owing their origin in fact to an earlier and rather unlikely piece of legislation, the Act to Regulate the Collection of Duties on Imports and Tonnage, approved 2 March 1799.

Unlike Customs Passenger lists, which are an outgrowth of legislation framed for the purpose of placing controls on immigration, baggage lists originated from an act that had no bearing on immigration other than the benign intention to exempt in-coming passengers from paying duty on their personal belongings. Section 23, the comparatively obscure but key section of the act of 2 March 1799, instructed ships captains to draw up cargo manifests with the names of passengers carrying baggage, directing them to

have on board a manifest, or manifests, in writing, signed by such master or other persontogether with the name or names of the several passengers on board the said ship or vessel, distinguishing whether cabin or steerage passengers, or both, with their baggage, specifying the number and description of packages belonging to each respectively.

Having briefly considered the statutory basis for the creation of the baggage lists, it must now be confessed that Philadelphia was virtually alone in complying with the law, for with the exception of a small number of baggage lists found among the records of the New Orleans customs district – spotty lists for 1813 and 1815 – and the district of Alexandria, Virginia (more haphazard even than New Orleans), no other port of entry on the Atlantic or the Gulf appears to have maintained the specific type of records called for in section 23 of the lengthy and complex act of 2 March 1799. Nor was Philadelphias compliance with the law random or equivocal, judging by the fact that port officials collected baggage lists from as many as twenty ships in the somewhat early period of October to December 1799, and thereafter collected lists from an average of 238 ships per year for the twenty years from January 1800 to December 1819.

Whatever the reasons for their existence, the Philadelphia baggage lists are not only unique but also very singular in character Typically no more than a handful of passengers are named in each list, although longer lists of fifteen or twenty passengers are found, and there are even a few manifests containing as many as two hundred names. Nevertheless, with approximately 40,000 passengers recorded in the 4,767 ship lists for the twenty years from 1800 through 1819, an average of between eight and nine passengers per list gives perhaps a better idea of their range.

Another entry on the same companion webpage on “Grimshaw Immigrations” is as follows.

16. Isaac Grimshaw, 1812, New York

Scott, Kenneth, compiler, 1979

According to Scott2 (p. 123), Isaac Grimshaw registered as a British alien during the War of 1812. His entry appears as follows:

Grimshaw, Isaac, age 40, 7 years in U.S., wife & 2 children, NYC, teacher, applied 3 or 4 years ago (28 Sept. – 3 Oct. 1812); 5 ft. 9 in., age 41, brown complex., dark hair, grey eyes, White St., teacher (Navy)

This record indicates that Isaac entered the U.S. in about 1805. He was married, had two children, and lived on White Street in New York City. He was 41 years old and worked as a school teacher. The term “Navy” indicates that his record was taken in New York City by the U.S. Navy.

Images of Isaac Grimshaw Entries in the 1810 U.S. Census

The 1810 U.S. Census found Isaac and his family living in New York Township of New York County, New York. The image is shown below, with the number of male and female members of the household. The age categories for males and females are as follows: less than 10 years old, 10 to 15, 16 to 25, 26 to 44, and 45 or older. Two additional columns are for “All Other Free Persons” and “Slaves”.

The following images show that there were five males living in Isaac Grimshaw’s household, two between 26 and 44 (one of them probably Isaac, who would have been about 38), two between 10 and 16 and one less than 10 years old in the household. There were also two females, one  between 26 and 44 and the other less than 10 years old.

New York Newspaper Records of Isaac Grimshaw, 1807 to 1817


Headline: Advertisement

Paper: New-York Gazette, published as New-York Gazette & General Advertiser; Date:  06-05-1807 ; Volume: XX; Issue: 6591; Page: [2]; Location:  New York, New York

Headline: Advertisement
Paper: Columbian, published as The Columbian; Date: 07-17-1816; Volume: VII; Issue: 2070; Page: [3]; Location: New York, New York

Headline: Advertisement
Paper: Columbian, published as The Columbian; Date: 07-31-1816; Volume: VII; Issue: 2082; Page: [3]; Location: New York, New York [Repeat of above advertisement]

Headline: List of Insolvents
Paper: Commercial Advertiser, published as Commercial Advertiser.; Date: 01-13-1817; Volume: XX; Issue: 7531; Page: [2]; Location: New York, New York

Headline: Advertisement
Paper: National Advocate, published as The National Advocate; Date: 02-11-1817; Volume: V; Issue: 1297; Page: [1]; Location:  New York, New York

Isaac Grimshaw, Author of “Tables and Explanations3

The following posting regarding Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw was found on a website for the “Worralls from Ughill”.

Posted: December 28, 2005 10:37 am

Hannah Worrall was the sister of Henry Worrall of Ughill and New York. She married Isaac Grimshaw in 1794 at Bradfield. They emigrated to the USA in 1805 staying first at New York, then moving for a short time to Philadelphia, before returning to New York around 1812. They were still there in 1820. In the USA, Isaac Grimshaw became a teacher. They clearly stayed in touch with Henry Worrall, but apart from that we knew little about what they did in the USA.

The following just turned up in the records of Cambridge University Library (UK), and I am told that a copy is also in the University of Connecticut at Storrs:


“Tables and Explanations necessary to be got by Heart by every Pupil studying Arithmetic” written by Isaac Grimshaw, New York, 1815.

Publishing History

1815 New York Richard Scott

1825 Windsor VT S. Ide

1836 Claremont NH Claremont Manufacturing Company

1849 Claremont NH Claremont Manufacturing Company

The 1849 edition apparently had 24 pages.

So Isaac Grimshaw must have been a teacher of mathematics in New York.

Cambridge University would not let me see their copy! I wonder what else Isaac Grimshaw might have published.



with primary source indicated as:

This posting also included the following text:

Posted: June 04, 2008 10:36 pm

Well, here’s a recent find about Isaac and Hannah’s children…what was a speculation looks now to be true.

Maplewood Cemetery (Old Site), Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Further internet search then led to the following record for Maplewood Cemetery

Grimshaw Joseph H. W.      1796 1877 s/o Isaac Grimshaw & Hannah Worrall
Grimshaw Isaac J. 1830 1899     s/o Joseph H. W. & Caroline Grimshaw
Susan (Franklin) 1835 1918
Grimshaw Walter Nelson     1879 1968 s/o Isaac J. Grimshaw & Susan Franklin
Eleanor 1879 1970
Grimshaw Joseph H. 1873 1893     s/o Isaac J. Grimshaw & Susan Franklin
Grimshaw Susan F. 1875 1960     d/o Isaac J. Grimshaw & Susan Franklin


Gini Fletcher’s Posting on Facebook

Gini posted the following information on Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw and their descendants on Facebook on June 10, 2010. Thanks go to Gini for making this valuable addition to the “story” of Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw available.

Gini Fletcher Okay here it goes trying to post the family tree as written by Susan Franklin Grimshaw Henry Worral of Ughill, England married Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Mary Burdiken of Brightholm. Their daughter Hannah, born Nov 6th, 1771, married Issac James Grimshaw of Sheffield, England on May 21st, 1794 at Bradfield Church. Hannah died Jan 5th, 1836 in New York, USA.

Their children were as follows:
Thomas Burdekin born July 11th, 1795 in Sheffield, England
Joesph Henry Worrall born Oct. 10th 1796 in Sheffield, England
Edwin Snowden born Sept. 7th, 1800 in Sheffield, England
Angelina Snowden born 1807 in New York City, New York

Thomas and Angelina died in infancy

Joseph Henry Worrall married Caroline daughter of Issac James Mason April 15th, 1827 at Bellville, New Jersey.

Teir children were:
Hannah born March 1st, 1828 in New York
Issac James born July 31st, 1830 in New York
Jeremiah Thompson born March 23rd, 1832 in New York
William born Jan 17th, 1834 in New York
Mrgaret Ann born Oct, 31, 1835 in New York
Joseph Worrall born Oct, 6th, 1837 in New York
Elizabeth Mary born Dec. 3rd, 1839 in New York
Charles Henry born Dec 6th, 1841 in New York
Caroline Rebecca born May 8th 1844 in New York

Joseph Worrall died Sept 17th, 1838
Elizabeth Mary died Dec 17th, 1843

Isacc James Grimshaw married Margaret O’Brien July 31st, 1859 probably in Bridgeport, Conneticut

Their children were:
William Edwin born April, 29th, 1860 in New York
Charles Barnett born Dec. 16th, 1861 in Brooklyn

Margaret O’Brien died shortly after Charles birth. Issac James Grimshaw remarried to Susan Franklin, Dec. 24th, 1865

Their children were:
Susan date of birth unknown she died in infancy
Caroline date of birth unknown also died in infancy
Joseph Henry Worral born March 30th, 1873
Susan Franklin born Feb 11th, 1875
Walter Nelson born Nov.14th, 1879

William Edwin Grimshaw married Nellie Birmingham in Chicago 1885

Their children were: no dates of birth recorded

Charles Barnett Grimshaw married Anastatia McIntyre at Mountaindale, New York 1892

Their children were:
Robert Wylie died in infancy
Caroline Lathrop born Oct. 7th 1896
Elliott Worall born Jan 25th, 1899
Margaret born May 22nd, 1904

Walter Grimshaw married Eleanor Waugh, Nov 23rd, 1910

Anastatia M Grimshaw died Jan 1913
Charles B. Grimshaw died Sept. 21st, 1921
Elliott Worrall Grimshaw died Jan 1961

The following branches were added at a later date

Elliott Worral Grimshaw married Wanda Bond Marshall

Their children were:

Elliott Worrall born August 28th, 1924
Charles Barnett born July13th, 1926
Ann Marshall born Oct 13th, 1928

Elliott Worrall died in infancy

Charles Barnett Grimshaw married Virginia Marie O’Connor

Their children are:

Elliott Worrall born Dec. 28th, 1951
Sarah Ann born Sept. 26th, 1953
Charles Barnett born Oct. 29th, 1955
Virginia Marie born Aug. 6th, 1957
Ann Marshall born Aug 6th, 1957
Robert Bruce born May 6th, 1959

Ann Marshall Grimshaw married John Casal

Their children are

Not necessarily in that order:)

This was an adendum that Susan added:

The Masons: Issac Mason and his wife came to New York from Dephford, England. about the year 1800. Eleanor Mason died 1817 and Issac 1818. Both are buried in St.Pauls churchyard in downtown. New York.

I will continue to explore the branches not followed in the early part of the tree and the new buds at the bottom of the tree:) Hope everyone finds some joy in the following of the family.

Preliminary Descendant Chart for Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw

A preliminary descendant chart for Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw can be constructed based on the information found for this webpage.

Isaac Grimshaw (ca 1770 – ?) & Hannah Worrall (6 Nov 1771, Ughill, Yorkshire – 5 Jan 1836, New York). Married 21 May 1794, Bradfield, Yorkshire

|—Thomas Burdekin Grimshaw (11 Jul 1795, Sheffield – ? ). Died in infancy

|— Joseph Henry Worrall Grimshaw (10 Oct 1796-1877) & Caroline Mason. Married 15 Apr 1827.

|—|—  Hannah Grimshaw (1 Mar 1828, New York City – ?)

|—|— Isaac James Grimshaw (31 Jul 1830 -1899) & Margaret O’Brien (? – ca Dec 1861). Married 32 Jul 1859, probably in Bridgeport, CT

|—|—|— William Edwin Grimshaw (29 Apr 1860, New York City – ?) & Nellie Birmingham. Married 1885 in Chicago.

|—|—|—|— Worall Grimshaw

|—|—|—|— Charlotte Grimshaw

|—|—|—|— Raymond Grimshaw

|—|—|—|— Helen Grimshaw

|—|—|— Charles Barnett Grimshaw (16 Dec 1861, Brooklyn, NY – 21 Sep 1921) & Anastatia McIntyre (? – Jan 1913). Married 1892 in New York.

|—|—|—|— Robert Wylien Grimshaw. Died in infancy.

|—|—|—|— Caroline Lathrop Grimsahw (7 Oct 1896 – ?)

|—|—|—|— Elliott Worall Grimsahw (25 Jan 1899 – Jan 1961) & Wanda Bond Marshall

|—|—|—|—|— Elliott Worall Grimshaw (28 Aug 1924 – ?). Died in infancy.

|—|—|—|—|— Charles Barnett Grimshaw (13 July 1926 – ?) & Virginia Marie O’Connor

|—|—|—|—|—|— Elliott Worall Grimshaw (28 Dec 1951 – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—|— Sarah Ann Grimshaw (26 Sep 1953 – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—|— Charles Barnett Grimshaw (29 Oct 1955 – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—|— Virginia Marie Grimshaw (6 Aug 1957 – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—|— Ann Marshall Grimshaw (6 Aug 1957 – ?) & John Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— John Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— Wanda Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— Charles Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— Dorothy Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— Donna Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— Mary Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— Tony Casal

|—|—|—|—|—|—|— Kitty Casal

|—|— |—|—|—|—|— Pete Casal

|—|— |—|—|—|—|— Annie Casal

|—|— |—|—|—|— Robert Bruce Grimshaw (6 May 1959 – ?)

|—|— |—|—|— Ann Marshall Grimshaw (13 Oct 1928 – ?)

|—|— |—|— Margaret Grimsahw (22 May 1904 – ?)

|—|— Isaac James Grimshaw (31 Jul 1830 -1899) & Susan Franklin (1835-1918). Married 24 Dec 1865.

|— |—|— Susan Grimshaw. Died in infancy

|— |—|— Caroline Grimshaw. Died in infancy

|— |—|— Joseph Henry Grimshaw (30 Mar 1873 – 1893)

|— |—|— Susan Franklin Grimshaw (11 Feb 1875 – 1960)

|— |—|— Walter Nelson Grimshaw (14 Nov 1879 – 1968) & Eleanor Waugh (1879-1970)

|—|— Jeremiah Thompson Grimshaw (23 Mar 1832, New York City – ?)

|—|— William Grimshaw (17 Jan 1834, New York City – ?) (see companion webpage for descendants)

|—|— Margaret Ann Grimshaw (31 Oct 1835, New York City – ?)

|—|— Joseph Worrall Grimshaw (6 Oct 1837, New York City – 17 Sep 1838)

|—|— Elizabeth Mary Grimshaw (3 Dec 1839, New York City – 17 Dec 1843)

|—|— Charles Henry Grimshaw (6 Dec 1841, New York City – ?)

|—|— Caroline Rebecca Grimshaw (8 May 1844, New York City – ?)

|—Edwin Snowden Grimshaw (7 Sep 1800, Sheffield – ? )

|—Angelina Snowden Grimshaw (1807, New York City – ? ). Died in infancy.

Where in New York City Did Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw Live?

Isaac and Hannah Grimshaw lived on White Street, which is near the south end of Manhattan Island.

Location of White Street (red “A”) near the southern tip of Manhattan.

Death Notice of Hannah Grimshaw

The following notice of Hannah’s death was found on with the title “Hannah (Worrall) Grimshaw, 5 Jan 1834 NYC, 494 Pearl”. Unfortunately, source information is not provided with the image.

Source: pgnum=1&pg=0&pgpl=pid%7cpgNum


1Tepper, Michael, general editor, and Elizabeth P. Bentley, transcriber, 1986, Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Philadelphia, 1800-1819: Baltimore, MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., 913 p. [Filby No. 6466.4], p. 278

2Scott, Kenneth, compiler, 1979, British Aliens in the United States During the War of 1812: Baltimore, MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., 423 p. [Filby No. 8195], p. 123

3Grimshaw, Isaac, 1815, Tables and Explanations – Necessary to Be Got by Heart by Every Pupil Studying Arithmetic: New York, Richard Scott, ca 23 p.

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