Henry Holmes Grimshaw

Immigrant from England to New York, then Ohio, and Finally Kansas

Henry Holmes Grimshaw was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England in 1831 and immigrated to Brooklyn when he was two years old. His parents were Samuel and Hannah Grimshaw, who are the subject of a companion webpage. Samuel and Hannah Grimshaw may have lived near Scipio in the Finger Lakes area of New York after arriving in the U.S., as indicated by records in the American Quaker Encyclopedia. Henry married Elizabeth C Lyon (born in 1834) in Sherwood, New York on October 19, 1853, which is relatively close to Scipio. Samuel B Grimshaw was apparently born to Henry and Elizabeth in Union Springs, which is also near Sherwood, in about 1855. Henry and Elizabeth subsequently moved to the New York City area, because Howard Lyon Grimshaw was born in Brooklyn on July 1, 1859.

The family moved to Ashland, Ohio in 1867, where their daughter, Adele (“Della”), was born in about 1869. The 1870 U.S. Census indicates that the family at Ashland consisted of Henry H (age 38), Elizabeth (34), Samuel B (15), Howard L (10), and Della (1). The family moved to Paola, Kansas in 1870 and are recorded in the 1880 U.S. Census (Henry, Elizabeth and Adele) at that location. Henry was engaged in the grocery and then the hotel business in Paola. Henry and Elizabeth lived out their lives in Kansas and are buried in the Paola cemetery. Henry died in 1899, and Elizabeth died in 1901.

Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw’s oldest son, Samuel B Grimshaw, married Cornelia Stephenson, apparently in Kansas; the 1880 U.S. Census found them living in Denver with their three-year-old  son, Alfred. After Cornelia died in 1894, Samuel lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he served briefly as acting postmaster before he died in 1910.  Samuel is buried in Santa Fe with his second wife, Christina L (McQuarrie?) Grimshaw. Henry and Elizabeth’s second son, Howard Grimshaw, married Olive Coffin on April 26, 1887 in Leavenworth, Kansas, and died in Phoenix, Arizona in 1909. Della (Grimshaw) Cole is buried in Paola, Kansas with her husband Frank B. Cole in the same grave plot as Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw. Samuel, Howard, and Samuel’s son, Alfred, were all involved in the railroad business.


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Initial Phase of Life in Sherwood New York

Second Life Phase in Ashland, Ohio

Final Phase of Life in Paola, Miami County, Kansas

Kansas Genweb Information on Henry Grimshaw and Family

FamilySearch Records on Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw and Their Children

Other Information on “Grimshaw Origins” Website

American Quaker Encyclopedia Record Indicating Henry Grimshaw’s Parents

English Roots in the Edward and Dorothy Raner Grimshaw Line

Samuel B. Grimshaw, Oldest Son of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw

1880 U.S. Census Record of Samuel B Grimshaw Living in Colorado, Where He Worked as a Carpenter

Cemetery and Grave Photos of Samuel Grimshaw Family Members in Denver, Colorado

Samuel Relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico after His Wife’s Death in Denver

1910 U.S. Census for New Mexico, Showing Family Members of Samuel B Grimshaw

Gravesite of Samuel B. and Christina L. Grimshaw in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ira L Grimshaw, Son of Samuel B and Cornelia Grimshaw and Grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw

A Postcard Sent by Ira Grimshaw to His Cousin in Denver

Marriage Announcement of Ira L Grimshaw’s Son, Thomas Barker Grimshaw

Son Howard Lyon Grimshaw Married Olive Coffin and Moved to Denver and Then Arizona

Henry H (“Hal”) Grimshaw, Son of Howard and Olive Grimshaw and Grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw

Additional Information on Hal Grimshaw from Ginny Schilaty

Marriage Record of Great-Grandson Henry Howard Grimshaw

Elizabeth Grimshaw Burial in Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery

Composite Ancestor and Descendant Chart for Henry H Grimshaw

Final Resting Place of Henry and Elizabeth (Lyon) Grimshaw


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Thanks go to the New Mexico Center for Southwest Research in Santa Fe, and to Natalie Heberling specifically, for providing an image of Ira Grimshaw from their Collection 992-004. Thanks also to Ginny Schilaty for providing rich information on Hal Grimshaw and his family. Thanks to Linda Stewart who, under the auspices of Find-A-Grave, provided photos of the gravestone of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw.

Initial Phase of Life in Sherwood New York

Henry Grimshaw and Elizabeth Lyons were married on October 19, 1853 at Sherwood, New York, which is in the Finger Lakes country of upstate New York. A map showing the location of Sherwood is shown below. Note the location of Scipioville nearby.

 Second Life Phase in Ashland, Ohio

By 1870, Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw had relocated to Ashland, Ohio. An 1870 U.S. Census Record of showing them there with children Samuel B, Howard L., and Della Grimshaw is shown below, followed by a map showing the location of Ashland.




Henry H














New York








Samuel B



New York








Howard L



New York
















Ashland is between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio

Final Phase of Life in Paola, Miami County, Kansas

Henry and Elizabeth moved to Ashland in 1867 and moved to Paola, Kansas three years later. A biography from the History of Kansas1 is shown below along with a map showing the location of Miami County.

HENRY H. GRIMSHAW, proprietor of the Commercial House, was born in England in 1832. When two years of age, he came to America and was brought up in the city of Brooklyn, N. Y. In 1867, he moved to Ohio, where he resided three years, and came to Paola, Kas., arriving here in 1870. He was engaged in the grocery business for several years, and in 1874, began keeping hotel. For eight years he kept a small wooden building and in spite of all the disadvantages made it the most popular hotel in Paola. In 1882, he built the brick structure which he now occupies, which is situated just east of the Miami County Bank. The Commercial House is 40 by 70 feet, three stories high, built of brick, with metal roof. It contains twenty-six rooms. The rooms are high and large and are lighted by large modern windows of two lights each. The house is finished throughout in the best style, and under the able management of Mr. and Mrs. Grimshaw it is rated as one of the most popular hotels in the State.


Map of Miami County from History of Kansas…


The 1880 U.S. Census found H.H. and Elizabeth C Grimshaw living in Paola, Kansas with daughter Adele and five others, mostly servants. The record is shown below.

Census Place:

1st Ward, Paola, Miami, Kansas




FHL Film 1254389 National Archives Film T9-0389 Page 429A
















Hotel Keeper




Elizabeth C. GRIMSHAW








Keeping House

Fa: NY

Mo: NY










Going To School


Mo: NY


Mary COX









Fa: MO

Mo: MO


Walter LEE









Fa: VA

Mo: MO


Amanda HURT









Fa: KY

Mo: KY











Fa: MO

Mo: MO









Maps showing the final home and burial place of Henry H and Elizabeth Grimshaw at Paola, which is southwest of Kansas City, are shown below.

Miami County Shown

Kansas Genweb Information on Henry Grimshaw and Family

The Kansas Genweb has quite a few records of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw and their family; they are shown below.


Everyname Index Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Grabeal to Hampton

Grimmer, Lena 353-V3
Grimshaw, Elizabeth C. 409-V3
Grimshaw, Henry H. 409-V3
Grimsley, Grace C. 161-V1

Everyname Index Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Chadwick to Compton

Cole, Della 16-V3
Cole, Delle Grimshaw 409-V3
Cole, Dorotha N. 109-V2


The cemeteries included in Vol. III are Brown, Elmdale, Holy Cross, Miami Memorial Gardens, Oakwood, Osawatomie, Paola and Ursuline in Miami County, plus Glendwild, Sharon and South Fork Cemeteries, two records for Fairview Cemetery and the Cook gravesite from Cass County, Missouri. Vol. III also includes additions and corrections to Volumes I and II. A reference to the cemetery at Osawatomie State Hospital is included but to obtain information about individuals buried there, you must write to the Miami Co. Genealogy Society.


Grantee Index Miami County Land Records Edmiston to Kyle


This is an alphabetical index to the names listed under grantors in the Miami County land records as published by the Miami County Genealogy Society in MICOGESOQU, Vol. 4 – 13 (1989-98).

The published land records contain the names of the grantee, grantor, a description of the property and a few mention the nature of the relationship of the individuals named. A few records from newspapers and other sources are included.

Photocopies of the pages published in MICOGESOQU may be purchased from the Miami County Genealogy Society. An index to the grantee names can be found on the Land Records Main Page

This alphabetical index includes the name of the individuals, grantee and references the quarterly in which it was published. Where more than one person with the same surname was listed in a specific land transaction, they were indexed as a group. The grantee is included in this index to facilitate finding information in the original record because the published records (except the Velma Kelly collection) are indexed by grantee.

Grantor Index

Grewell, J. M. and Laura B., grantee – Grewell, H. D., Vol. 6, p. 59

Grimshaw, H. H. and E. C., grantee – Sponable, J. W., Vol. 12, No. 1, p. 6

Grinnell, J. B. and J. A., grantee – Dow, J. N., Vol. 5, p. 41


Deaths 1885-1911 Abbott to Kuhn


This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the reported deaths in Miami County, Kansas for 1885-1911.

Return to the index page for 1885-1911 deaths in Miami County, KS, to search another index page or check the index information page to find out exactly what was indexed, what information may be included, and how to obtain source materials and copies of the information.

1885-1911 Death Reports

Griffin, Wm. C. 161
Grimshaw, Elizabeth 165
Gritten, William 169

Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society

Wichita, Kansas

Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a scrapbook in their library that contains newspaper clippings from Kirksville, Missouri area newspapers from 1965/66/67. Included in the clippings are births, deaths, burial permits, engagements, marriage announcements, anniversary announcements, general society news regarding area families. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks (except the births*). If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $3.00 (US Dollars only) for each name. * Births are not listed here but we will be glad to check our index if you ask for a specific name.

Index of Kirksville, Missouri area scrapbook

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Death Grimes Mrs. Mary Eliabeth 30-Oct-66 166 Death Grimshaw Elizabeth Jul-65 79 Death Grisamer Paul Dewey 16-Sep-65 89

FamilySearch Records on Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw and Their Children

The LDS Church maintains an on-line search capability of their extensive database on individual and family records. A search for Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw and their family turned up several records, which are shown below.


IGI Individual Record

FamilySearch International Genealogical Index v5.0


North America

Henry Holmes Grimshaw   Male   Family


Birth:25 SEP 1831  Newcastle-Upon-Tyre, England
Death:02 MAY 1899

Marriages:     Family  

Spouse:Elizabeth C. Lyons
Marriage:19 OCT 1853 Sherwood, Cayuga, New York


Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. No additional information is available. Ancestral File may list the same family and the submitter.

Source Information:    No source information is available.

IGI Individual Record FamilySearch International Genealogical Index v5.0   North America

Elizabeth C. Lyons

  Female   Family


Birth:01 NOV 1835 Sherwood, Cayuga, New York
Death:13 JUL 1901

Marriages:     Family  

Spouse:Henry Holmes Grimshaw
Marriage: 19 OCT 1853  Sherwood, Cayuga, New York


Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. No additional information is available. Ancestral File may list the same family and the submitter.

Source Information:    No source information is available.

IGI Individual Record FamilySearch International Genealogical Index v5.0   North America

Samuel B. Grimshaw   Male    


Birth1854 Sherwood, Cayuga, New York

Parents:   Family

Father:Henry Holmes Grimshaw
Mother:Elizabeth C. Lyons


Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. No additional information is available. Ancestral File may list the same family and the submitter.

Source Information:    No source information is available.

IGI Individual Record FamilySearch International Genealogical Index v5.0   North



Birth:01 JUL 1859  Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Death: 02 JUL 1909

Parents:     Family    



Form submitted by a member of the LDS Church. The form lists the submitter’s name and address and may include source information. The address may be outdated. Details vary. To find the form, you must know the batch and sheet number.

Source Information:              

Batch Number:8311902
Source Call No.:1395526

IGI Individual RecordFamilySearch International Genealogical Index v5.0   North America

HOWARD L. GRIMSHAW   Male   Family



Marriages:     Family  

Marriage: 26 APR 1887  , Leavenworth, Kansas


Form submitted by a member of the LDS Church. The form lists the submitter’s name and address and may include source information. The address may be outdated. Details vary. To find the form, you must know the batch and sheet number.

Source Information:

Batch Number: 8304001
Source Call No.:0884969

Other Information on “Grimshaw Origins” Website

Other webpages on this “Grimshaw Origins” website have information on Samuel and Elizabeth Grimshaw, as shown below.

Responses to Edwin Grimshaw’s letter in the 1970s, shown on a companion webpage, include the following entry:

Grimshaw, Robert S. Jr. MD – New York, NY – (EAG 75)

57 Park Terrace East

New York, New York 10034

April 28, 1980

Dear R. Grimshaw:

My husbands paternal grandmother gave us the following information for our sons baby book. She reported that her husbands parents were both deceased when she met him and knows very little about them. But, from the information she did furnish, we do not seem to be related within four generations. However, should you turn up more information, we would be most interested in it. Good luck.


Linda C. Horton

Samuel Grimshaw – Cornelia Stephenson

|–Ira Lewis Grimshaw – *5/31/87 Denver, Col. – 0 6/16/14 – Beatrice Barker *4/10/90

|–|–Robert Stephenson G. – *12/20/20 Santa Fe, N.M. – 0 Alberta Fisk – *7/29/24 Indianapolis, Ind

|–|–|–R.S.G., Jr. *6/16/49 – 0 8/5/72 Linda C. Horton – *7/28/49

|–|–|–|–R.S.G. III *9/9/79

|–|–Thomas Barker G. – 0 Geri





The webpage on Grimshaw Obituaries includes the following:



Chicago Tribune (IL) – January 02, 1943


Deceased Name: Ira L. Grimshaw


Scarsdale, N. Y., Jan. 1 (AP). — Ira L. Grimshaw, 55 years old, for the last 10 years assistant general counsel of the National Broadcasting company, died today. He was a native of Denver, Colo.


Chicago Tribune (IL)


Date: January 02, 1943


Edition: Chicago Tribune


Record Number: 19430102ob011


Copyright 1943, Chicago Tribune. For permission to reprint, contact Chicago Tribune


American Quaker Encyclopedia Record Indicating Henry Grimshaw’s Parents

Volume 3 of the American Quaker Encyclopedia3 – for New York – indicates that Henry Holmes Grimshaw was the fourth child of Samuel and Hanna (Holmes[?]) Grimshaw. An image of the record is shown below; note the references to Scipio in several of the entries in the record.

New York Monthly Meeting, p. 141-142 (Volume 3)

English Roots in the Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw Line

Samuel Grimshaw is descended from the Edward and Dorothy (Raner) Grimshaw line, which is described on a companion webpage. The abbreviated descendant chart is shown below:

Edward Grimshaw (About 1559 – 22 Jun 1635) & Dorotye Raner

|–Abraham Grimshaw (1603 – 1670) & Sarah ( – 21 Sep 1695)

|–|–John Grimshaw* (23 Nov 1664 – 20 Jun 1749) & Phoebe Cockshaw (About 1678 – 21 Feb 1747/1748)

|–|–|–John Grimshaw (26 Apr 1703 – ) & Sarah Cooper

|–|–|–|–Benjamin Grimshaw (29 Jul 1741 – 16 Sep 1804) & Catharine Whaley ( – 19 Mar 1827)

|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw (26 Aug 1793 – ) & Hannah

|–|–|–|–|–|–Benjamin Grimshaw (8 Jul 1818 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Ann Grimshaw (31 Dec 1819 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Thomas Holmes Grimshaw (9 Aug 1823 – 8 Jun 1824)

|–|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (11 Mar 1825 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Elizabeth Grimshaw (21 Dec 1827 – )

Henry was born in 1831, after the youngest child, Elizabeth, shown in the above descendant chart. The extended descendant chart based in part on the Quaker Encyclopedia information above is shown below:

|–|–|–|–|–Samuel Grimshaw (26 Aug 1793 – ) & Hannah

|–|–|–|–|–|–Benjamin Grimshaw (8 Jul 1818 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Ann Eliza Grimshaw (31 Dec 1819 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Thomas Holmes Grimshaw (9 Aug 1823 – 8 Jun 1824)

|–|–|–|–|–|–John Grimshaw (11 Mar 1825 – )

|–|–|–|–|–|–Elizabeth Grimshaw (21 Dec 1827 – ) & ? Tallman

|–|–|–|–|–|–Henry Holmes Grimshaw (25 Sep 1831 – 2 MAY 1899) & Elizabeth Lyons

|–|–|–|–|–|–Hannah Holmes Grimshaw 

|–|–|–|–|–|–Catharine Grimshaw 

Samuel B. Grimshaw, Oldest Son of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw

Samuel was born in about 1855 at Sharon Springs, New York and moved with his parents, Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw, to Brooklyn, NY, then Ashland, Ohio and finally Paola, Kansas. While in Kansas he became involved in railroad-related business, which he continued as a career through most of his life, working for a number of companies in Ohio, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. He married Mary Cornelia Stephenson in about 1875, apparently in Kansas, where their first child, Alfred, was born. The couple had six children, three of whom lived to adulthood – Alfred, Josie and Ira. The couple was living in Denver with three-year-old Alfred in the 1880 U.S. Census.

Both Samuel and his younger brother, Howard Grimshaw, were involved in railroading. Both were married in Kansas and lived in Denver, where many of their children were born, after leaving Kansas. Howard and his wife subsequently moved to Arizona.

After Cornelia died in Denver (where she is buried) in 1894, Samuel moved to Colorado Springs, San Francisco, and finally Santa Fe, New Mexico. There he apparently met Christina McQuarrie(?), who had immigrated to Santa Fe from Canada, and the couple was married. Samuel was initially with the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and then the Santa Fe Central Railway, but left the railroading profession to become a clerk at the New Mexico penitentiary and then coal oil inspector. He became postmaster in September 1909, a position he held only a short while before his untimely death from pneumonia at age 54 in February 1910. Christina L (McQuarrie?) Grimshaw died just two years later at the young age of 43 and is buried with Samuel at Fairview Cemetery in Santa Fe.

The photo and obituary shown below are from the Santa Fe New Mexican, dated February 28, 1910.

Santa Fe New Mexican

Monday, February 28, 1910

Funeral Will Be Wednesday

S.B. Grimshaw’s Remains Will Be Laid to Rest in Fairview Cemetery

Services at 2:30 P.M.

Rev. John R. Gass to Officiate at the Home; the Masons at the Grave.

The funeral of Postmaster S. B. Grimshaw, who died of pneumonia at his home here Saturday night, will take place at 2:30 o’clock Wednesday afternoon at the Grimshaw home on Grant avenue. It is expected that the Rev. John R. Gass, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Albuquerque, will be here to conduct his services as Mr. Grimshaw was a member of the Presbyterian church and the local church has no pastor stationed here just now.

The members of Montezuma lodge No. 1 A.F. and A.M., of which Mr. Grimshaw was a member, he being also a 30-second degree Mason, will conduct the services at Fairview Cemetery where interment will be made.

The pall bearers now are being selected and the list will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

The news of Mr. Grimshaw’s death was known by a few persons Saturday night and by many yesterday morning.

A great many people had not even heard that the postmaster was dangerously ill and the news was unexpected as well as sad. Mr. Grimshaw a week ago was apparently a well man although it was known that he was suffering from colds which are said to have been contracted while attending to his duties in the local post office. Suddenly the cold developed into pneumonia and Mr. Grimshaw was compelled to go to bed. He grew steadily worse, however, rallying Saturday morning in a way that gave his relatives and friends hopes that he would recover. But Saturday afternoon he again relapsed and despite the efforts of able physicians and nurses, the postmaster grew weaker and weaker, breathing his last at 10 p.m.

Mr. Grimshaw is survived by a widow, and three children: one daughter Miss Josie Grimshaw and two sons, Ira Grimshaw and Alfred Grimshaw.

Career of Postmaster.

Mr. Grimshaw was Santa Fe’s postmaster since September 17, although he did not take the office until October 6. He succeeded Frank W. Shearon who resigned. Mr. Grimshaw himself resigned the position of coal oil inspector of the territory to take the postmaster ship.

Mr. Grimshaw was born in Union Springs, N.Y., 54 years ago. He attended the public schools in Brooklyn, N.Y,, and the University of New York, but before graduating he went to Ashland, Ohio. There he began a long railroad career, entering the employee of the Atlantic and Great Western railroad. From Ashland he went to Paola, Kansas, entering the employee of the Kansas, Fort Scott and Memphis railroad, finishing his apprenticeship as telegrapher and dispatcher. He held positions with the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf, the Leavenworth, Lawrence and Gulf, the St. Louis and San Francisco railroads successively and then went to Denver. There he worked for the Denver & Rio Grande railroad which he left to take a position on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific at Colorado Springs. Thence he went to San Francisco to be dispatcher and superintendent of the North Shore. From San Francisco he came to Santa Fe where as manager of the Santa Fe Central railway he made himself popular by being a booster for Santa Fe and its interests at all times and that most enthusiastically.

Retiring from railroad work Mr. Grimshaw became chief clerk at the penitentiary and last year was appointed coal oil inspector of New Mexico.

The following obituary for Christina Grimshaw appeared in the November 8, 1912 issue of the Santa Fe New Mexican. Note that her brother is indicated to be “Mr. McQuarrie”, indicating her maiden name.

Santa Fe New Mexican

Friday, November 8, 1912



Mrs. Samuel B. Grimshaw, widow of the former postmaster of Santa Fe, died of complications of troubles last night, at the age of 43 years. She had been slowly declining in health for months, but the news of her death has been a shock to her many friends who had hoped that she would rally for that the end was yet far away.

Mrs. Grimshaw is a native of Canada, but came to Santa Fe many years ago. Surviving her are a brother, Mr. McQuarrie, and a sister, Mrs. Brown, residents of Vancouver, British Columbia, and a sister, Mrs. Moore, who lives here. She leaves also a niece, Miss Flo Moore, of this city.

The funeral will take place at 3 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday at the Grimshaw’s residence on Grant Avenue. Services will be conducted by the Rev. B. E. McCulloch, pastor of the Presbyterian church. Interment, which will be private, would be in Fairview Cemetery.

1880 U.S. Census Record of Samuel B Grimshaw Living in Colorado, Where He Worked as a Carpenter

Samuel Grimshaw, oldest son of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw,  was recorded in the 1880 U.S. Census living in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Cornelia, and 3-year-old son, Alfred, as shown below. Note that Alfred was born in Kansas, indicating that is where the couple was married before moving to Denver.



Household Record 1880 United States Census


 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather’s BirthplaceMother’s Birthplace
 Samuel GRIMSHAW  Self  M  Male  W  25  NY  Carpenter  —  — 
 Cornelia GRIMSHAW  Wife  M  Female  W  24  IL  Keeps House  —  — 
 Alfred GRIMSHAW  Son  S  Male  W  3  KS    NY  IL 

Source Information:

 Census PlaceDenver, Arapahoe, Colorado
 Family History Library Film  1254088
 NA Film Number  T9-0088
 Page Number  133D

Cemetery and Grave Photos of Samuel Grimshaw Family Members in Denver, Colorado

Several photos were taken at the final resting places Samuel B Grimshaw’s family members during a visit to Denver in August 2009. Two cemeteries were visited – Fairmount Cemetery and the older Riverside Cemetery on Brighton Boulevard. Riverside is the “pioneer cemetery” Denver. Fairmount opened in 1890.

Records kept at the Fairmount for both cemeteries indicate that nine Grimshaws are buried – three in Riverside and six in Fairmount. The three in Riverside are Eve (interred May 18, 1880, age 1-½), Florence (interred September 5, 1883, no age indicated) and “”Child of S.B. Grimshaw”, interred April 15, 1886, stillborn).  All are buried in lot 223 of Block 9 of the cemetery. It is inferred that these three are children of Samuel and Cornelia Grimshaw that did not survive to adulthood.

The six Grimshaws buried at Fairmount are:

Samuel B Grimshaw, September 20, 1894. Indicates purchase of Lot 113 in Block 2: “originally purchased by S.B. and H.L. Grimshaw”. Samuel is not buried there but rather in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a second wife, Christina L. Grimshaw.

Mary C Grimshaw, interred September 22, 1894, Lot 113, Block 2. Inferred to be Mary Cornelia Grimshaw, wife of Samuel, for whom the lot was purchased two days earlier.

Edward S. Grimshaw, born November 3, 1898 and died March 18, 1967. Interred in Lot 29, Block 99. “Next of Kin: Grace M. Grimshaw, 560 Harlan St, #41”. Edward has not yet been “tied in” to the families of Samuel or Howard Grimshaw.

Grace M. Grimshaw, interred 1985 (record not obtained)

Patricia J Grimshaw, interred 1982 (record not obtained)

Derald Grimshaw, interred 1997 (record not obtained)

Mary (Cornelia) Grimshaw’s burial record at Fairmount Cemetery is shown below.

Photos taken at Fairmount Cemetery are shown below, followed by photos of Riverside Cemetery.

Entrance to Fairmount Cemetery at 430 South Quebec Street in Denver. Ivy Chapel can be seen behind the American flag on the left side of the photo.

Closer view of Ivy Chapel, taken to the east. Lot 2, where Mary Cornelia Grimshaw is buried is on the other side of the chapel.

Eastward view of Lot 2. Directions given at the cemetery office did not result in location of a headstone. Cemetery records indicate that she was buried in the same lot as Sarah G., Cassius M., and Mamie L Glines. No headstone was apparently placed or has since been removed.

Southward view of Lot 99 of Fairmount Cemetery, where Edward S. and Grace M. Grimshaw are buried.

Photos of the headstones of Ed and Grace m. Grimshaw in Lot 79, Block 99 of Fairmount Cemetery.

Entrance to Riverside Cemetery at 5201 Brighton Boulevard, Denver.

Northward view of Block 9 of Riverside, where Eve, Florence and “child of S.B.” Grimshaw are buried. A brief survey of all three sections did not result in identification of gravestones.

Samuel Relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico after His Wife’s Death in Denver

After his wife’s death in 1894, Samuel moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico by 1900, when the following newspaper article was published on a change in his work assignment for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.

Source: HeritageQuest Online

Headline: Will Have Complete Charge. W. S. Martin, the New General Superintendent of the D. & R. G  Paper: New Mexican, published as Santa Fe New Mexican; Date: 09-18-1900; Volume: 37; Issue: 180; Page: [1]; Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Subsequently, Samuel was recorded as Acting Postmaster in Santa Fe in the Post Office Department record of appointment of postmasters (see figures below). He was appointed on September 11, 1909 and was succeeded by Edward Burke on March 2, 1910. Since he died in 1910, Samuel did not hold the office for very long; he died in February 1910 while holding the position. The (P&S) in the record below indicates that he was “appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate” according to the list of abbreviations in the National Archives publication.

Thanks go to the State Library of New Mexico in Santa Fe for making the following record available on microfilm – from Roll 85 of the Record of Appointment of Postmasters (National Archive Microfilm Publications, no. M8412).

1910 U.S. Census for New Mexico

The 1910 U.S. Census found several members of Samuel Grimshaw’s family residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cristina Grimshaw. Widow of Samuel Grimshaw (who had who died in February 1910 before the census was taken). Note that Cristina was born in Canada (English) and both parents were born in Scotland (further indicated by probable surname of McQuarrie).

Ira Lewis and Josie Grimshaw, son and daughter of Samuel B. Grimshaw, both born in Colorado.

Alfred Grimshaw, probable son of Samuel B. Grimshaw. This individual is a bit of a mystery in this family line – Samuel had a son, Alfred, in Denver with his first wife Cornelia, shown in the 1880 U.S. Census. It is reasonably certain that this Alfred is the same individual, although his birthplace is shown in Michigan and his birthdate would have been 1880 (not 1877, the approximate birthdate of Samuel’s Alfred). Note that Alfred’s profession, like that of his father and uncle was in the railroad business (as a conductor).

Gravesite of Samuel B. and Christina L. Grimshaw in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Samuel and his second wife, Christina L Grimshaw, are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, as shown in the following record.


Fairview Cemetery Woodmen of the World Burials Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Compiled and contributed by Jim Davenport [jimjanie@fone.net]. Total records = 8.

For a description of symbols and abbreviations, please visit “Abbreviations & Symbols“.

Grimshaw, Samuel B., b. 1855, d. 1910, WOW


Several photos of Samuel and Christina Grimshaw’s gravesite in Fairview Cemetery were taken by the website author in December 2005 and are shown below.

Northwest view of gravestone and footstone. Jemez Mountains (?) in the background.

Closer view of gravestone. Samuel died at the rather young age of 55; Christina was only 40 years old at her death two years after Samuel’s.

Samuel was a member of the “Woodmen of the World”, as indicated by the emblem engraved in the gravestone and the inscription at the bottom of the stone. The Latin is DUM TACET CLAMAT, which translates as “Though silent, he speaks”.

Tails of Woodmen of the World coin found on the Internet, showing a clearer view of the emblem.

Source: http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/masonicmuseum/fraternalism/woodmen.htm

Closeup view of the footstone.

The footstone has an engraving of a Masonic emblem, indicating that Samuel was a 32nd Degree Mason.

Rubbing of the 32nd Degree Mason emblem from the footstone. Made by the website author when photos were taken.

Structure at cemetery entrance, including map of cemetery and index of those interred, showing record of Samuel and Christina Grimshaw.

The Grimshaw gravesite is located Section D, Lot 12, Graves 9 and 10 as shown in the entry and plot plan below.

Ira L Grimshaw, Son of Samuel B and Cornelia Grimshaw and Grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw

Ira Grimshaw was the youngest child of Samuel and Cornelia Grimshaw and was born in Denver, Colorado on December 31, 1886. After his mother’s death in 1894, he landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his father, Samuel. He attended law school in Michigan, where he received the A.B. and L.L.B. He then returned to Santa Fe and was admitted to the New Mexico bar by examination on January 9, 1909. Ira practiced law in Santa Fe until he became reporter and law clerk of the New Mexico Supreme Court in 1915, during which time he compiled volumes 20 to 28 of the New Mexico Reports. He served on the state board of bar examiners from 1916 to 1923. He served as a major in the U.S. Army during World War I.

In 1923, Ira became legal assistant to Stephen Brooks Davis, former New Mexico Supreme Court Justice, who became associate counsel for the National Electric Light Association. He assisted Judge Davis when he had responsibility under Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover for establishing the licensing system for radio broadcasting stations. Later Ira and Davis moved to New York to practice law, and Ira joined the legal staff of National Broadcasting Company when Davis died in 1933. Like his father, Ira Grimshaw died at an early age – 55 years – in 1943 while he was employed at NBC.

The New Mexico Center for Southwest Research in Santa Fe has kindly provided an image of Ira Grimshaw from their Collection 992-004. The image is shown below. The back of the photo reads, “Ira A. Grimshaw, Reporter of Supreme Court, 1915”.  Thanks again go to the Center and to Natalie Heberling for providing the image.

As Court Reporter, Ira Grimshaw authored several editions of the “Reported Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of New Mexico”. The title page of the edition for 1920-21 is shown below.

The New York Times published Ira’s obituary on January 2, 1943; it is shown below.

The New Mexico Historical Review4 published the following obituary for Ira Grimshaw in January 1944.

The Political Graveyard website provides the following brief information on Stephen Brooks Davis, who was so influential in Ira Grimshaw’s life.

Davis, Stephen Brooks, Jr. (1874-1933) — also known as Stephen B. Davis, Jr. — of New Mexico. Born in Middletown, Middlesex County, Conn., November 18, 1874. Republican. Lawyer; delegate to New Mexico state constitutional convention, 1910; U.S. District Attorney for New Mexico, 1912; justice of New Mexico state supreme court, 1921; candidate for U.S. Senator from New Mexico, 1922. Died in Las Vegas, San Miguel County, N.M., February 23, 1933. Interment at Masonic Cemetery, Las Vegas, N.M.

A Postcard Sent by Ira Grimshaw to His Cousin in Denver

One I. Grimshaw, almost certainly the Ira described above, wrote a penny postcard on February 19, 1908 to his cousin “Mrs. H. LaFlure” in Denver. The postcard pictured a town apparently in New Mexico. The text is shown below, followed by the image of the back of the card.:

Dear Cousin, 

Here is the picture of the town where I am. I will put a cross on my picture to see if you would no (sic) me. 

I Grimshaw

The following exchange of e-mails between Bonnie Miller, owner of the postcard, and the website author in February 2008 provides additional detail on the postcard:

Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 07:12:35 -0800

From: bonnie_miller@yahoo.com

Subject: Is this Ira Grimshaw?

To: thomas.w@grimshaw.com

Hi -your Grimshaw Origins website is wonderful – I found it while looking for info on I. Grimshaw. I have a postcard sent by him to a cousin in Denver, CO in 1908. I want to list it on Ebay, but I want to first try to identify the town pictured.

The town in the postmark is very hard to read – it looks a little like Saint James – and I can’t read the state at all. I read your info on Ira Grimshaw, but can’t find anything on your site that references a La Flure connection (or Laflure or Lafleur or La Fleur). The only census record I could find was for a Cora La Fleur who lived in a Denver boarding house in 1910 and was divorced from Herbert La Fleur (from 1900 census).

Do you think the attached card was written by Ira Grimshaw? If so, do you have any idea what town this is? Feel free to use the image on your web site if you think it’s relevant.


Bonnie Miller

ebay id 4hearts

Thomas Grimshaw <thomas_grimshaw@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Bonnie,

I’m pretty sure that your “I Grimshaw” was 21-year-old Ira Grimshaw. His father, Samuel, and uncle, Howard Grimshaw, both lived in Denver. Samuel later moved to Santa Fe, NM, and so did his son, Ira, where he was in 1908, I believe.

Were postcards cancelled with hotel addresses? If so, perhaps it was the noteworthy St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM, several miles northeast of Santa Fe on the way to Raton.

Best guess would be that Mrs H La Flure was Elizabeth, daughter of Howard & Olive Grimshaw and therefore Ira’s cousin. Elizabeth’s brother, Henry, was born in Denver in 1894.

I hope to add the images to Ira’s webpage in the near future.



Hi Tom,

Thanks for this info – I’m leaving for a trip to Boston Wednesday, so I’ll probably list the photo when I return – around 3/10. Perhaps someone who lives in the Santa Fe area will recognize these old buildings!



It seems likely that Ira learned to write and spell better when in law school later a few years after this postcard was sent!

Ira was possibly writing to his cousin, Elizabeth (Grimshaw) LaFlure, in Denver. A closeup of postmark, showing “Saint James, Feb 19, 1908” is shown below. It is surmised that the postmark refers to the well-known and historical Saint James Hotel in Cimarron.

The front of postcard, possibly showing Cimarron, NM, is shown below:

If the hypothesis is true about the postcard being sent from the Saint James Hotel, by coincidence there is more to tell about the hotel. See websites at:



Marriage Announcement of Ira L Grimshaw’s Son, Thomas Barker Grimshaw

The New York Times published the marriage announcement of Thomas Barker Grimshaw and Gerry Pattison on May 27, 1951; it is shown below.

Son Howard Lyon Grimshaw Married Olive Coffin and Moved to Denver and Then Arizona

Howard and Olive Grimshaw went to Denver after their marriage in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1887. Their second child, Henry Howard Grimshaw, was born in Denver and the family later moved to Arizona. There Howard served as a railroad conductor for many years and ran one of the earliest trains through Arizona. Howard died in 1909. A 1915 city directory record for Phoenix (see below) shows that Olive and her son, Henry H (who apparently went by Hal) Grimshaw, were living in Phoenix, where 19-year-old Hal was a student living at the same address in “Grimshaw Apartments” as his mother. Olive was a widow of H.L. Grimshaw in 1915 (he had died in 1909).

Phoenix, 1915

Henry H (“Hal”) Grimshaw, Son of Howard and Olive Grimshaw and Grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw

Hal Grimshaw was born in Denver in 1894 and migrated with his parents to Arizona, where he attended public schools and the University of Arizona, from which he graduated in 1916. Like his cousin, Ira Grimshaw, he served as a major in the U.S. Army during World War I. He married Malvene Parker on October 6, 1917 in Seattle, Washington, because Hal was stationed at Camp Lewis, Washington. The couple returned to Arizona after the war, and Hal went into the mortuary business with his father-in-law, O.C. Parker. Hal became manager of the firm Parker-Grimshaw.

Hal and Malvene (Parker) Grimshaw were divorced by 1928, and Hal and Maude Tanton were married on August 17, 1928. The 1930 U.S. Census found Hal B and Manda M Grimshaw, husband and wife, living in Osborn, near Phoenix. Malvene Grimshaw was living as head of household in Tucson with children Malvene, age 11, and Parker Grimshaw, age 7.

The following photo and two biographies of Hal Grimshaw were found in the Library of Congress in August 2008.

Photo and biography of Hal Grimshaw from “Men and Women of Arizona”5


MORTICIAN. Born in Denver, Colo., March 10, 1894. Son of Howard and Olive A. (Coffin) Grimshaw, both now deceased, served as a railroad conductor many years and ran one of the first trains through Arizona in the early days. Hal H. Grimshaw accompanied his parents to Arizona in 1896 and received his education in the public schools of Arizona and Nevada and the University of Arizona, from which he received the degree of Bachelor of Science, 1916. Following year enlisted for service in World War and was honorably discharged, with rank of Captain, May 2, 1919. He then came to Tucson, Arizona, where he engaged in the undertaking business as a member of the Parker-Grimshaw Co., of which he was Manager. Remained there until 1926, when he sold out and came to Phoenix and formed the Grimshaw Mortuary Co., of which he is President and Manager. He is affiliated with the Arizona Funeral Directors’ Association; Epes Randolph Lodge No. 32, F. & A. M., of which he was one of the organizers; Phoenix Chapter, R. A. M.; Phoenix Commandery, K. T.; Arizona Consistory No. 1, A. A. S. R., at Tucson; El Zaribah Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.T at Phoenix; Knights of Pythias; American Legion; the Hiram Club; the Lions Club; the Arizona club; first President, Arizona State Safety Council; former Director of Phoenix Chamber of Commerce; former Director of Tucson Chamber of Commerce; member of Advisory Board of the Salvation Army and his religious affiliation is with the Protestant Episcopal Church. August 16, 1928, married Maude Mary Tanton, of Phoenix. There are two children by a former marriage, Henry Parker and Malvene Howard. He is greatly interested in boy welfare work to which he gives special attention and his chief hobbies are hunting and fishing. Office, 334 W. Monroe St., Phoenix, Arizona.

Biography from “History of Arizona”6

Same photo as above is included.


Hal H. Grimshaw, president of the Grimshaw-Acton Mortuary Company, has gained a high place among the progressive and up-to-date men of Phoenix and has shown special qualifications for the exacting vocation which he is following and in which he is meeting with very gratifying success. Mr. Grimshaw was born in Denver, Colorado, on the 10th day of March, 1894, and Is a son of Howard and Olive A. (Coffin) Grimshaw, the latter of whom is related to George Coffin. William Coffin and E. S. Clark, who are represented on other pages of this work. Howard Grimshaw, whose death occurred about twenty years ago, served for many years as a railroad conductor and ran one of the first trains through Arizona In early days. Hal H. Grimshaw received his early education in the public schools of Arizona and Nevada and thon entered the University of Arizona, from which he was graduated, with the degree of Bachelor of Science, in 1916. In the following year he enlisted for service in the World war. He was honorably discharged, with the rank of major, on May 2, 1919, and soon afterwards went to Tucson. Arizona, where he engaged in the undertaking business as a member of the Parker-Grimshaw Company, of which be was manager. He remained there until 1928, when he sold out and, coming to Phoenix, formed the Grimshaw-Acton Mortuary Company, of which he is president and manager. Hia partner Is Lee T. Acton, who is secretary and treasurer of the company. They have nicely furnished and well equipped funeral rooms at 334 West Monroe street and have already built up a large business, due to their careful and painstaking attention to the wants and tastes of their patrons and their sound business methods.

On August 16, 1928, Mr. Grimshaw was united in marriage to Miss Maude Tanton, of Phoenix. He is a member of Epoe Randolph Lodge No. 32, F. & A. M., of which he was one of the organizers; Phoenix Chapter. R. A. M.; Phoenix Commandery, K. T.; Arizona Consistory No. 1, A. A. S. R, at Tucson; El Zaribah Temple,, A. A. O. N. M. S., at Phoenix; the Knights of Pythias, the American Legion, the Legion Luncheonnaires, of which he is president, the Arizona Club, the El Molino Coif Club and the Hiram Club. His religious affiliation is with the Protestant Episcopal church and he is a sincere supporter of every movement having for its object the promotion of the well being of the community, giving special attention to boy welfare work, in which he is greatly interested. He is courteous and accommodating in his business relations, is cordial and friendly in manner, and all who know him hold him in high regard for his genuine worth.

By 1928, apparently after his divorce in Tucson from Malvene and marriage to Maude, Hal H Grimshaw was in Phoenix and in business with LT and MA Acton as an undertaker and also had a plumbing and sheet metal works business (for making coffins?) The Phoenix city directories of 1930 and 1936 found Hal and Maude still a part of Grimshaw-Acton. By 1947, they were in business as just “Grimshaw Mortuary”. The 1948 Tucson directory shows their son, Henry P Grimshaw (who was born in Tucson) and his wife, Ada, in business as a ranch spraying service.

A photo of Hal Grimshaw’s second wife, Maude Tanton, is shown below from Ancestry.com.

Source: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/14989741/person/19965028971/media/4?pgnum=1&pg=0&pgpl=pid%7cpgNum

The succession of city directories showing Hal Grimshaw’s locations and businesses in Tucson and Phoenix is shown below.

Tucson, 1922

Phoenix, 1928

Phoenix, 1930

Phoenix, 1936a

Phoenix, 1936b

Phoenix, 1947

Tucson, 1948

The Grimshaw Mortuary business apparently later merged with A.L. Moore & Sons to become A.L. Moore – Grimshaw Mortuary (note the firm A.L. Moore Funeral Director in Phoenix, 1936b, above). The funeral home is apparently now a part of the 1100+ member Dignity Memorial network of funeral, cremation and cemetery service locations. The following is an excerpt from the A.L. Moore – Grimshaw website.


Dignity Memorial® network of funeral, cremation & cemetery service providers

Welcome to A. L. Moore-Grimshaw Mortuaries & Bethany Chapel.

Established in 1906, A.L. Moore Grimshaw Mortuary is the oldest mortuary in the Phoenix-area. As a proud member of the Dignity Memorial® national network of funeral, cremation and cemetery providers, we offer 24-hour service to our community. Our superb facility is centrally-located and offers client families two beautiful chapels, a spacious parking lot and a staff with Spanish-speaking capabilities. Additionally, we have a close working relationship with both Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery and Resthaven Park Cemetery to better fulfill our families burial needs.

In recognition of our outstanding service in the community, we are proud to be the only Phoenix mortuary to have received the National Funeral Directors Associations (NFDA) Pursuit of Excellence Award for Number One Funeral Home.

Contact Us


A.L. Moore-Grimshaw Mortuaries Bethany Chapel

710 West Bethany Home Road

Phoenix, AZ 85013


Source: http://www.dignitymemorial.com/4041/LocalHome.aspx?id=Home

Since Hal H Grimshaw was still in school in 1915, the 1906 date of establishment must apply to the A.L. Moore funeral business.

The following ad was posted in “Arizona Days and Ways Magazine”, a Sunday supplement to the Arizona Republic newspaper, in February 1962.

Additional Information on Hal Grimshaw from Ginny Schilaty

Ginny sent an e-mail in April 2008 with a great deal of detailed information on Hal Grimshaw and his descendants. Her e-mail is provided below.

Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 01:12:50 -0700

From: ginnyschilaty@gmail.com

To: thomas.w@grimshaw.com

Subject: Grimshaw Family History


My name is Ginny Schilaty. My maiden name is Virginia Drane Smith. My mother was Malvene Howard Grimshaw born in Tucson, AZ in 1918 the daughter of Hal Grimshaw and Malvene Parker. I personally knew my Uncle Henry (Bud) Grimshaw and his wife Ada. I have the history and pictures and stories of my mother and grandparents.

I can clear up the confusion with Malvene and Maude. Malvene Parker was Henry Howard (Hal) Grimshaw’s first wife and my grandmother. Malvene and Hal were divorced and he married Maude Tanton 17 Aug 1928. I met “Aunt Maude” in the Spring of 1970 when my Mother took me to visit her in rural Phoenix at her home on Rose Lane. Aunt Maude still lived in the home she and my Grandfather had lived in for 20 years. It was located adjacent to several orange groves. Today the area is subdivisions and swimming pools.

Malvene Parker’s father, Olva Clayton Parker (known as O.C. Parker) came to Arizona in 1896 and spent two years in the undertaking business in Phoenix, after which he opened a similar establishment in Tucson. He carried a fine line of caskets and funeral supplies and a liberal patronage is accorded him, for his prices were reasonable and his integrity above question. he had other extensive business interests in Tucson, being president of the Hart-Parker Company, brokers and investors, a director in the Arizona National Bank of Tucson, and also in Cochise Copper Company. He erected the Citizens Building in Tucson which he rented to the company for ten years. O.C. was the mayor of Tucson in 1918-1922. I have some great WWI war stories about the time period O.C. was Mayor.

In 1894 Mr. Parker married Miss Honorence M. MacDonald, in Los Vegas, New Mexico where they lived prior to moving to Arizona. Honorence was a native of Kentucky and they had three daughters: Malvene (my grandmother) and Grace, both born in Los Vegas, New Mexico and Edith Virginia, who was born in Tucson.

My Grandfather, Henry (Hal) Howard Grimshaw was commissioned a 2nd Lt.at the 1st Officers Training Camp, Presidio, San Francisco, July 1917. He was assigned to the 91st Division Camp Lewis Washington near Seattle. He was later promoted to 1st Lt. in Infantry and served the Military Police Unit in the Camp.

Hal and Malvene were married 6 Oct 1917 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Seattle, WA due to the fact that my grandfather was stationed at Camp Lewis in the Seattle area. With my Great-grandfather being the Mayor of Tucson at the time and a prominent business man, I have many newspaper articles concerning the family journey from Tucson to Seattle for the wedding and the original Wedding Book with signatures. Hal and Malvene returned to Tucson in 1919 and he joined his Father-in-law O.C. Parker, at the Parker Mortuary.

I am not sure of the date of Hal and Malvene’s divorce, but Hal married Maude Tanton on 17 Aug 1928. They lived in Phoenix where Hal Grimshaw was one of the founders of Grimshaw-Acton Mortuary (in 1927) and its later sole owner. Hal died on August 3, 1947 (about 1 year before I was born). I have Hal’s birth date from his death certificate as 10 Mar 1894 in Denver. I know that death certificates can be incorrect, I just thought I would share that information with you.

Death Certificate: Died August 3, 1947 in Phoenix of heart disease. Second wife: Maude Tanton, married August 17, 1928.

Contributing source on Hal’s business in Phoenix is a letter that I have from Jack F. Byrd, President of Grimshaw Mortuaries, Inc. dated March 12, 1980. You are correct that the Grimshaw Mortuary merged with A.L. Moore & Bethany Chapel. Your notation matches the information I have.

My mother, Malvene Howard Grimshaw married Moncrieff Hynson Smith in Kansas City, MO 30 August 1945. My Dad (Monty) had just completed his BA and Masters degrees in Psychology at the University of Missouri and was on scholarship to work on his Doctorate at Iowa State University, in Iowa City, Iowa. He later served as as Captain in the Army Air Corp during WWII. Dad taught and did research at Stanford, Harvard, MIT and the University of Washington. I have two brothers. If you feel further details of our generation or our children and grandchildren would be relevant to your site, I would be happy to provide that information.

I hope that information is of interest to you. I have pictures and more details, but I am not sure of what you would want to have added to your website. I have really enjoyed going through your website. It has been fun to learn more about my Grimshaw heritage.

Thank you for the work you have done. Let me know if I can be of further service.


An abbreviated descendant chart, with portions indicated in italics where information was contributed by Ginny Schilaty, is provided below.

Samuel Grimshaw (26 Aug 1793, England – ) & Hannah Holmes? (? – Mar 1846, U.S.)  ….

|—Henry Holmes Grimshaw (25 Sep 1831, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England – 2 May 1899, Miami Co, KS) & Elizabeth C Lyon (1 Nov 1835, Sherwood, NY – 13 Jul 1901, Miami Co, KS). Married 19 Oct 1853, Sherwood, NY

|—|—Samuel B Grimshaw* (1855 – 1910, Santa Fe, NM) & Cornelia Stephenson (ca 1856, IL – ?)

|—|—Samuel B Grimshaw* (1855 – 1910, Santa Fe, NM) & Christina L ? (? – 1912) …

|—|—Howard Lyon Grimshaw (1 Jul 1859, Brooklyn, NY – 2 Jul 1909) &    Olive A Coffin (30 Sep 1865, Leavenworth, KS – ?). Married 26 Apr 1887, Leavenworth, KS.

|—|—|—Elizabeth Grimshaw (30 May 1885 – 18 Feb 1969)

|—|—|—Henry Howard (“Hal”) Grimshaw* (16 Mar 1894, Denver, CO – 3 Aug 1947) & Malvene Parker (?, Las Vegas, NM – ?). Married 6 Oct 1917, Seattle, WA.

|—|—|—|—Malvene Howard Grimshaw (9 Aug 1918, Tucson, AZ – ?) & Moncrieff Hynson Smith. Married 30 Aug 1945, Kansas City, MO.

|—|—|—|—|—Virginia Drane Smith



|—|—|—|—Henry Parker (“Bud”) Grimshaw  (16 Oct 1923, Tucson, AZ – 6 Jan 1993, Peoria, AZ) & Ada Winslow Brewer

|—|—|—|—|—?Henry Grimshaw?  (29 Oct 1947 – 29 Dec 2001)

|—|—|—Henry Howard (“Hal”) Grimshaw* (16 Mar 1894, Denver, CO – 3 Aug 1947) & Maude Tanton. Married 17 Aug 1928.

Marriage Record of Great-Grandson Henry Howard Grimshaw

The New York Times published the marriage announcement of Henry Parker Grimshaw and Ada Winslow Brewer on September 8, 1946; it is shown below.

Elizabeth Grimshaw Burial in Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery

Elizabeth Grimshaw, possibly a daughter of Howard and Olive (Coffin) Grimshaw, perhaps named for her grandmother, Elizabeth (Lyons) Grimshaw

Home > United States > Kansas > Leavenworth > Ft. Leavenworth > Surnames Go-Gw

Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery
Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas

Grimshaw, Elizabeth, b. 05/30/1885, d. 02/18/1969, Plot: #2 OF249, bur. 02/20/1969, *

* Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been verified as accurate by the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Composite Ancestor and Descendant Chart for Henry H Grimshaw

Based on the above information, a preliminary ancestor and descendant chart has been prepared and is shown below.

Samuel Grimshaw (26 Aug 1793, England – ) & Hannah Holmes(?) (? – Mar 1846, U.S.) 

|—Benjamin Grimshaw (8 Jul 1818, England – )

|—Ann Eliza Grimshaw (31 Dec 1819, England – 17 Jan 1879) [Probably never married; Grimshaw at 60.]

|—Thomas Holmes Grimshaw (9 Aug 1823, England – 8 Jun 1824, England)

|—John Grimshaw (11 Mar 1825, England – Sep 1838)

|—Elizabeth Grimshaw (21 Dec 1827, England – ?) & unk Tallman

|—Henry Holmes Grimshaw (25 Sep 1831, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England – 2 May 1899, Miami Co, KS) &    Elizabeth C Lyon (1 Nov 1835, Sherwood, NY – 13 Jul 1901, Miami
Co, KS). Married 19 Oct 1853, Sherwood, NY

|—|—Samuel B Grimshaw* (1855 – 26 Feb 1910, Santa Fe, NM) & (Mary?) Cornelia Stephenson (ca 1856, IL – bur 22 Sep 1894, Denver, CO)

|—|—|—Alfred Grimshaw (ca 1877, Kansas – ?) & Bessie ? (ca 1884, Ohio – ?)

|—|—|—|—Mary Grimshaw (ca 1904 – ?)

|—|—|—Eve Grimshaw (ca 1878 – bur 18 May 1880)

|—|—|—Florence Grimshaw (unk – bur 5 Sep 1883)

|—|—|—Josie Grimshaw (ca 1885 – ?) [could be Josie Grimshaw b 28 Jan 1887 and d Oct 1975 according to Social Security records]

|—|—|—Unnamed Infant Grimshaw (stillborn, bur 15 Apr 1886)

|—|—|—Ira Lewis Grimshaw (31 Dec 1886 or 31 May 1887, Denver, CO – 1 Jan 1943, Scarsdale, NY) & Beatrice Barker (4 Oct 1890 – ?)

|—|—|—|—Robert Stephenson Grimshaw (20 Dec 1920 – ?) & O. Alberta Fisk (29 Jul 1924, Indianapolis, IN – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—Robert Stephenson Grimshaw (16 Jun 1949 – ?) & Linda C Horton (38 Jul 1949 – ?)

|—|—|—|—|—|—Robert Stephenson Grimshaw (9 Sep 1979 – )

|—|—|—|—Thomas Barker Grimshaw & Gerry Pattison

|—|—|—|—|—Carol Grimshaw 

|—|—|—|—|—Gigi Grimshaw 

|—|—|—|—|—Jeffrey Grimshaw 

|—|—|—|—|—Mary Grimshaw 

|—|—Samuel B Grimshaw* (1855 – 26 Feb 1910, Santa Fe, NM) & Christina L McQuarrie? (?, Canada – 7 Nov 1912, Santa Fe, NM)

|—|—Howard Lyon Grimshaw (1 Jul 1859, Brooklyn, NY – 2 Jul 1909, Phoenix, AZ) &  Olive A Coffin (30 Sep 1865, Leavenworth, KS – ?). Married 26 Apr 1887, Leavenworth, KS.

|—|—|—Elizabeth Grimshaw (30 May 1885 – 18 Feb 1969) & H. LaFleur?

|—|—|—Henry Howard (“Hal”) Grimshaw* (10 or 16 Mar 1894, Denver, CO – 3 Aug 1946 or 1947) & Malvene Parker (?, Las Vegas, NM – ?). Married 6 Oct 1917, Seattle, WA.

|—|—|—|—Malvene Howard Grimshaw (9 Aug 1918, Tucson, AZ – ?) & Moncrieff Hynson Smith. Married 30 Aug 1945, Kansas City, MO.

|—|—|—|—|—Virginia Drane Smith



|—|—|—|—Henry Parker (“Bud”) Grimshaw  (16 Oct 1923, Tucson, AZ – 6 Jan 1993, Peoria, AZ) & Ada Winslow Brewer. Married 8 Sep 1946.

|—|—|—|—|—?Henry Grimshaw?  (29 Oct 1947 – 29 Dec 2001)

|—|—|—Henry Howard (“Hal”) Grimshaw* (16 Mar 1894, Denver, CO – 3 Aug 1947) & Maude Tanton. Married 17 Aug 1928.

|—|—Adele B (“Della”) Grimshaw* (November 23, 1870 – October 1, 1939, Miami Co, KS) & Elmer Rankin?

|—|—|—Unknown Male Rankin (2 Aug or 2 Dec 1891)

|—|—Adele B (“Della”) Grimshaw* (November 23, 1870 – October 1, 1939, Miami Co, KS) & Frank B Cole. Married February 1, 1899.

|—Hanna Holmes Grimshaw (ca 1835 – ?) & Charles L Allen (ca 1823 – ?)

|—|—Charles H Allen (ca 1856 – ?)

|—|—James S Allen (ca 1858 – ?)

|—Catharine Grimshaw 

The marriage date for Delle Cole and Frank B. Cole is from the Miami County marriage index, volume III.

Final Resting Place of Henry and Elizabeth (Lyon) Grimshaw

Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw lived out their lives in Paola, Kansas and are buried in the city cemetery there. Their daughter, Adele (Della or Delle) and her husband, Frank B. Cole, are buried in the same grave plot. A photo of the cemetery sign is shown below.

Source: Find-A-Grave, January 2013

An entry7 in the “Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume III” denotes the burial plots of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw as shown below.

The grave plot is in the Oak Grove section of the cemetery. JoAnne Grimshaw, spouse of the website author, took the photo shown below of this area of the cemetery in July 2012. The actual grave location was not located during this visit.

Subsequently, in February 2013, Linda Stewart (for Find-A-Grave) photographed the headstone and footstone of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw’ gravestone and made it available to the website author. Linda’s photo from Find-A-Grave is shown below.

The footstone photo by Linda Stewart is shown below.

The headstones of Delle (Grimshaw) Cole and her spouse, Frank B. Cole, are in the same plot as the graves of Henry and Elizabeth Grimshaw. They are depicted on Find-A-Grave and are shown below.

Source: Find-A-Grave, January 2013, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi page=gr&GSln=grimshaw&GSfn=elizabeth&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSst=18&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GRid=34 74868&df=all&


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