Henry E. Grimshaw, M.A.

Senior Author of Two History Books Published in the Years Prior to World War II

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Henry Grimshaw authored two books while at the Department of History at the “Boys High School” in Brooklyn, NY. Both books were published with Jack Estrin of the History Department of Boys High School and then Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx. The books, published in 1938 and 1940, respectively, were “Modern Problems in European History” and “The World Today”.

It is not yet known which Grimshaw family line Henry is descended from. A reasonable guess would be that of Francis and Frances Grimshaw (see companion webpage), since that family lived on Long Island and left many descendants there. However, Henry’s name does not yet appear on the descendant chart for that family.


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“Modern Problems in European History”, 1938

“The World Today”, 1940

Henry Grimshaw Was at the Boys High School in Brooklyn, New York

Recent Pictures of Boys High School in Brooklyn


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Modern Problems in European History, 1938

The World Today, 1940

Henry Grimshaw Was at the Boys High School in
Brooklyn, New York

New York Times Article, March 24, 1895, p. 25…

832 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Recent Pictures of Boys High School in Brooklyn, New York

Source: http://www.nyc-architecture.com/BES/BED001-BoysHigh%20School.htm


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2Grimshaw, Henry E., and Jack C. Estrin, 1940, The World Today: New York, NY, College Entrance Book Company, 220+ p.

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