Charles and Elizabeth (Bartington) Grimshaw

Immigrants to Montreal from Salford

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Webpage Credits


Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Barbara Buckingham for providing the information on this webpage.

Charles Grimshaw (1857, Manchester – ?, Montreal) & Elizabeth Alice Bartington (1857, Middleton – ?, Montreal)

|—Emmanuel Grimshaw (1877, Salford – ?, Montreal)

|—|—Lucy Grimshaw & Christopher Buckingham. Married 1928

|—|—|—Margorie Buckingham & [Unknown] Witham

|—|—|—Edith Buckingham & [Unknown} Haas

|—|—|—Christopher G Buckingham 

|—|—|—Robert J Buckingham 

|—|—|—Barbara A Buckingham 

|—|—|—Doreen Buckingham & [Unknown} Baker

|—|—Thomas Joseph Grimshaw (1907, Manchester – ?) & Germaine St. Jacques. Married in Montreal 

|—|—|—Son Grimshaw  

|—|—|—Daughter Grimshaw  

|—|—Evelyn Lillian Grimshaw (1908, Manchester – ?) & Adrien Emond. Married in Montreal

|—|—|—Daughter Grimshaw  

|—|—William George Grimshaw (4 Apr 1909, Manchester – 12 Dec 1965, Montreal) & Laurette Laundrette

|—|—|—Son Grimshaw  

|—|—|—Daughter Grimshaw  

|—Lillian Grimshaw (1877, Salford – ?, Montreal)

|—Walter Grimshaw (1878, Salford – 1946, Montreal) & [Unknown]

|—|—|—Elizabeth (Secchi) Grimshaw (1915, Montreal – 1975)

|—Amy Grimshaw (1880, Montreal – ?, Montreal) & Roy [Unknown]

June 9, 2005 e-mail:

….my mother had a brother, William George, born  4-4-1909 in Manchester, England and died in Montreal 25-12-1965. Married Laurette Laundrette (and) had a son and a daughter. Thomas Joseph, born in 1907, in Manchester married Germaine St Jacques in Montreal had a son and a daughter. Sister Evelyn Lillian, 1908, born in Manchester. Married in Montreal to Adrien Emond. She also had an uncle Walter, born in 1878, Salford, England, died in Montreal, 1946. Had 1 daughter, Elizabeth (Secchi) born in Montreal, 1915, died in 1975. Aunt Amy, born in 1880 in Montreal,  married a man by the name of Roy. I have pictures of their tombstones from the cemetery where they are buried.

Hope this is of some help. Barbara

June 7, 2005 e-mail:

Our Grimshaw family goes back to my great great grand father his name was Ralph Morten Knowles born in Stockport, Cheshire, England 1843. (His) wife Martha Fair born Warrington, Lancashire, England 1844. Their daughters Mary M 1867 Annie 1869 Ada 1873 Martha Edith or Elizabeth 1878 my mothers mom. Son Henry 1876. All born Stockport, Cheshire, England.  38 Great Portwood St, Brinnington, Cheshire, England. My mothers grandparents (were) Charles Grimshaw, born 1857, Mnchester, Lancashire, England. His wife was Elizabeth Alice Bartington, born 1857, Middleton, Lancashire. Son, Emmanuel, my mom’s dad, born 1877, Salford, Lancashire, England. Son Walter, born 1879, Salford, Lancashire. England. Daughter Amy, 1880, Salford, Lancashire, England. My mother’s name was Lucy Grimshaw. She had two brothers, Thomas and William, one sister, Lillian. I think they came over to Canada in early 1900. From Charles down, all are buried in Montreal. My mother married my father in 1928 – Christopher Buckingham. We are a family of 2 boys and 5 girls. 

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