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Bill O’Halloran has conducted a lot of research on his Grimshaw family ancestors. His information on Zephaniah Grimshaw is posted on a webpage at the following address:

Most of the homepage information on Bill’s website, as well as his webpage on Zephaniah Grimshaw, are summarized on this webpage. Many thanks to Bill for granting permission to include his webpage information as shown below.


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Updated January 8, 2002

William F. O’Halloran
20 Dean Road
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Welcome to the O’Halloran Family Tree site. My roots consist of a mixture of both Irish and English ancestors. My father’s side of the family all emigrated from Ireland during and after the Great Famine years. The immigrant surnames include Crotty, (O’)Halloran, Sullivan, and Sweeny. Finding ancestral roots in Ireland has been difficult, but I have had some success tracing the Hallorans and Crottys to their home townlands of Clogheen and Burncourt in County Tipperary.

On my mother’s side of the family, the McKeoughs also came from Ireland during the Famine years. Otherwise, her ancestors are almost entirely of English origin, many of them Pilgrims, having immigrated to the US from 1620 to the 1700s. Immigrant surnames include Mayflower passengers Bradford and White, as well as Brewster, Buell, Bullis, Covey, Dewey, Doughty, Drake, Fitch, Grimshaw, Griswold, Jones, Manning, Odell, Tompkins, and Wolcott, to name a few.

I owe a lot to other researchers who have generously shared their information with me during my search. I have included a few links to sites of those who have helped me along the way and are looking into related lines.

I will be glad to share whatever information and sources I have with others, and I look forward to learning about other connections I have yet to find.

NOTE: Recent updates to this site include a newly-found Mayflower ancestor, William White, and information on the Canadian McKough branch of the family, as well as other minor additions and corrections.

Zephaniah Grimshaw (b. Bet. 1785 – 1790, d. March 25, 1872)

Zephaniah Grimshaw (son of William Grimshaw and Elizabeth Lepninah)13611362136313641365136613671368 was born Bet. 1785 – 1790 in New Hampshire1369, and died March 25, 1872 in Churubusco, Clinton County, NY1369. He married (1) Jerusha Hunter on February 15, 1811 in Haverhill, NH. He married (2) Roxie ?? on Abt. 1815. He married (3) Sentha Noakes on September 22, 1847. He married (4) Ellen Sheahan on Bef. 1860. He married (5) Adeline Covey on Aft. 1860, daughter of Henry Covey and Susan ??.

 Notes for Zephaniah Grimshaw:

Zephaniah is without a doubt my most interesting ancestor. Zephaniah was born in New Hampshire after the US Revolutionary War. He probably lived at home until his marriage in Haverhill, NH in 1811, even though he doesn’t appear in William’s household in the 1810 census. After marrying Jerusha, he may have moved first to Vermont (where son William was born). According to Lamb&Frier Family Tree, Jerusha died & was buried in Vermont. In about 1815, he moved to Clinton Co., NY. While there he met Roxie. However, Hurd’s History of Clinton Co. says that Zephaniah “came from Rhode Island and located at an early day on lot 87” in the Town of Clinton! Supported by Bev’s search from the Clinton County GenForum – “John Nelson Grimshaw was born 1817, Clinton, Oneida, NY (probably in error, confusing the two Clintons in NY) to Zephaniah Grimshaw & Roxie”. He was living in Mooers, Clinton County, NY by 1820, where he became romantically involved with his neightbour & brother-in-law’s wife, Asenath. According to Eunice (Covey) Tucker, “Zephinire Junior Grisham came along and fell in love with Senith and chased Grandpa Hunter away.” He appears in the 1820 census with one son under 10 and two daughters under 10. By 1822, he and Sentha had moved to Huntingdon Co., PQ, where he lived for the next 45+ years. Zephaniah and Sentha proceeded to have eleven more children together over the next 20+ years, without benefit of clergy. Zephaniah and Sentha finally married in 1847. None of their children were baptized until after their marriage. Zephaniah and Sentha must then have separated or divorced, as she moved to Mont Forest, Ont. with Zeph Jr., Esther Mary and another daughter about 1855. Before his marriage or domestic arrangement with Adeline Covey, Zeph may have married Ellen Sheahan. From old Roman Catholic Cemetery in Hinchinbrook – “Ellen, wife of Zephinah Grimshaw died Aug. 18, 1860, ae 22 years”. Zephaniah seemed to surround himself with women. In the 1861 census, Adeline Covey (single with a 3 year old child), along with another woman, Mary, lived in his house, as had the the recently departed “Ann” (Ellen?), who died of consumption at age 22. It’s interesting that his next child, with Adeline Covey, was born a mere seven months after Ellen’s untimely demise! About 1868-70, Zeph and Adeline moved to the Township of Clinton, NY with their four children. Something must have happened to the family shortly thereafter, as some of the children were dispersed and living with other families by 1871. Zephaniah supposedly died in 1872 in Churubusco, Clinton County, NY (per Grimshawv14t1260.FTW). Unknown where he was buried. Searches of cemeteries and burial records to date have turned up nothing.

More About Zephaniah Grimshaw and Jerusha Hunter:
Marriage: February 15, 1811, Haverhill, NH.

More About Zephaniah Grimshaw and Roxie ??:
Marriage: Abt. 1815

More About Zephaniah Grimshaw and Sentha Noakes:
Marriage: September 22, 1847

More About Zephaniah Grimshaw and Ellen Sheahan:
Marriage: Bef. 1860

More About Zephaniah Grimshaw and Adeline Covey:
Marriage: Aft. 1860

Children of Zephaniah Grimshaw and Jerusha Hunter are:

  1. +William Grimshaw, b. Abt. 1812, Vermont, d. December 07, 1897, Wolfe Island, Ontario.
  2. +Samantha Lucretia Grimshaw, b. February 07, 1813, Canada, d. June 25, 1893, Malone, NY.
  3. Edward Grimshaw, b. Abt. 1815, d. date unknown.

Children of Zephaniah Grimshaw and Roxie ?? are:

  1. +John Nelson Grimshaw, b. 1817, Huntingdon, Quebec1370, d. October 18631370.

Children of Zephaniah Grimshaw and Sentha Noakes are:

  1. +Harriet Grimshaw, b. Abt. 1824, d. March 05, 1907, Algoma Co., ON.
  2. +Charles Wesley Grimshaw, b. April 18, 1825, Huntingdon, Quebec1371, d. January 25, 1898, Franklin Center, Quebec1371.
  3. Timothy Edson Alden Grimshaw, b. February 28, 1827, Huntingdon, Quebec1372, d. WFT Est. 1844-19171372.
  4. +Barzillai Grimshaw, b. April 02, 1829, Huntingdon, Quebec1372, d. Aft. 18821372.
  5. +Elizabeth Grimshaw, b. December 05, 1832, Huntingdon Co., PQ1373, d. December 06, 1892, Huntingdon Co., PQ1373.
  6. Esther Mary Grimshaw, b. Abt. 1834, d. July 24, 1908.
  7. Zephania Grimshaw, Jr., b. August 05, 1836, Huntingdon Co., PQ, d. January 22, 1902.
  8. +Lucinda E. Grimshaw, b. Abt. 1835, d. date unknown.
  9. Samantha Ann Grimshaw, b. 1838, Huntingdon, Quebec1374, d. date unknown1374.
  10. Elizabeth ? Grimshaw, b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown.

Children of Zephaniah Grimshaw and Adeline Covey are:

  1. Barbara Grimshaw, b. March 07, 1861, Canada, d. date unknown.
  2. Orison Grimshaw, b. October 22, 1863, Canada, d. date unknown.
  3. Henry Grimshaw, b. July 02, 1866, Canada, d. date unknown.
  4. Samuel Grimshaw, b. Abt. 1868, Canada, d. date unknown.
  5. +Daniel Grimshaw, b. August 19, 1870, d. February 08, 1947, Ogdensburg, NY.
  6. Robert Grimshaw, b. date unknown, d. date unknown.

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