Barbara Bonner’s Family History of William and Elizabeth (Zephaniah) Grimshaw

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Barbara Bonner is without doubt the premier family history researcher for the William and Elizabeth (Zephaniah) Grimshaw family and descendants.  This family is one of the most important in terms of number of descendants to be found in North America – both Canada and the U.S. Barbara has consented to make a portion of her extensive records on this family available to all Grimshaw researchers on this webpage.

Included on this webpage are a summary descendant chart for William and Elizabeth Grimshaw, which goes down four generations, and a more detailed descendant report, which goes to the fifth generation. Barbara provided an initial version in March 2006 and a greatly expanded version in December 2007.


Webpage Credits

Barbara Bonner at the Grave of William and Mary Ann (Blair) Grimshaw of Wolfe Island

Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Barbara Bonner for making her research on the William and Elizabeth Grimshaw’s family line available to the Grimshaw research community on this webpage.

Barbara Bonner at the Gravesite of William and Mary Ann (Blair) Grimshaw of Wolfe Island

A photo of Barbara (Figure 1) was taken in 1999 at the grave of William Grimshaw (m. Mary Ann Blair) near Marysville on Wolfe Island, Ontario. William was the oldest son of Zephaniah Grimshaw and a grandson of William and Elizabeth Grimshaw.

Figure 1. Barbara Bonner at the grave of William and Mary Ann Blair Grimshaw. Barbara is one of their descendants. 

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Webpage posted March 2006. Replaced December 2007.