Scotland Grimshaw Families

As Recorded by David J Grimshaw of New Zealand

In January 2006 David J Grimshaw posted a list of some 18 Grimshaw families of Scotland on which he has information. These families are shown on this webpage. Contact was made with David, and he provided reference to three websites that he has posted. David’s Grimshaw surname was apparently adopted by his ancestor, whose name was originally Grimason and who migrated to New Zealand.

David’s webpage on the Scotland Grimshaws provides considerable detail and is at the following address:


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Genforum Posting on Grimshaw Families of Scotland

Additional Information on Scottish Grimshaws and Grimasons

Webpage Credits

Thanks go to David Grimshaw for posting the information that is included on this webpage.

Genforum Posting on Grimshaw Families of Scotland

On January 3, 2006, David posted the following message on Genforum (address shown below) regarding the Grimshaw families of Scotland. 


I have details of the various GRIMSHAW families of Scotland. These are shortened descendant charts. If any of these line interest you contact me.

Family 1. William GRIMSHAW Married Harriet CROSSBY and they had Jonathan GRIMSHAW B: 1828, Married Helen Mc Gregor CREE and they had;
1.Henry GRIMSHAW B:1853 married Mary MURPHY
2.Harriet GRIMSHAW B: 1857 married William Johnston
3.William GRIMSHAW B:1859 married Marion WAUGH
4.Herriot GRIMSHAW B:1861
5.Helen Cree GRIMSHAW B: 1878 D: 1879

Family 2. Joshua GRIMSHAW married Margaret CAMPBELL she D:1879

Family 3. Joshua GRIMSHAW married Alice BARBER and they had Nancy Alice GRIMSHAW B:1903

Family 4. Agnes GRIMSHAW had Agnes Elizabeth GRIMSHAW B:1872

Family 5. James GRIMSHAW married Mary BRADLEY they had Sewell GRIMSHAW Married firstly Agnes Lindsay Mc ALISTER they had
1. Alexander Lindsay GRIMSHAW B:1859 married firstly Sarah Annie SWAN
2. James Sewell GRIMSHAW B:1863 married Gertrude Mary WOOLLEY ( NZ )
3. Theodore William GRIMSHAW B:1866 D:1900( NZ )

Family 6. Alfred Adolphfus GRIMSHAW married Eliza PAGE and they had Walter Lewis GRIMSHAW B:1886

Family 7. James GRIMSHAW married Eliza FRASER they had Philip GRIMSHAW B:1839 Married Mary Ann HAMILTON and they had
1. Isabella GRIMSHAW B:1865
2. Mary GRIMSHAW B:1866 married David BARCLAY
3. Eliza Jane GRIMSHAW B:1869 married William MOFFAT

Family 8. Enoch GRIMSHAW married Ann BATTY and they had William Henry GRIMSHAW B:1881 married Mary DUTTON they had
1. John William GRIMSHAW B:1903 married Mary Robertson DALE
2. Joseph GRIMSHAW B:1904 Married Florence Ellen NUNN
3. Lily GRIMSHAW B:1910 D:1911

Family 9. George GRIMSHAW married Margaret FEETH she D:1937

Family 10. Samuel GRIMSHAW married Olive RATCLIFFE and they had Thomas GRIMSHAW B:1854 married Isabella BRYSON they had
1. Ollivna Meikle GRIMSHAW B:1894
2. George Henry Bryson GRIMSHAW B:1896

Family 11. James GRIMSHAW married Elizabeth DOWNIE they had Henry GRIMSHAW B:1907 married Margaret Stewart Gillespie KINGHORN

Family 12. James GRIMSHAW married Charlotte WILDE they had Sarah Ann GRIMSHAW B: 1858 married Thomas Alexander KIRKHAM

Family 13. William GRIMSHAW married Helen CALLEN they had James GRIMSHAW B: 1846 D:1855

Family 14. John GRIMSHAW married Rebecca RUSSELL they had Rebecca GRIMSHAW B:1833 married John SPIERS

Family 15. John GRIMSHAW married Mary Gerrard GOURLEY she D:1948

Family 16. William GRIMSHAW married Minnie REA they had John James GRIMSHAW B:1900

Family 17. William Josiah GRIMSHAW married Mary Johnston KELLOCK she D:1928

Family 18. As per next post GRIMSHAW otherwise GRIMASON

Additional Information on Scottish Grimshaws and Grimasons

On January 8, 2006, David J Grimshaw responded to an e-mail offering to post his additional information on these family lines on the “Grimshaw Origins” website. His response is shown below. Note the important websites that David has posted on his “Grimason” family of origin.

Hi Thomas,

As yet there is no website that has this information plus the extra information that I have on some lines of these families. I note that there is no ability to post this info on your site either. I will have a look at my Yahoo account and see if I can set up a web page with what I have posted on line so far.

Genealogical Researcher of the “Grimason” surname and variations of the “Grimason” surname a One Name study. Registered June 1998 with The Guild of One Name Studies #:2962.

My Websites are: (Vessels to NZ) (Genealogical One Name Study).

Regards, David J Grimshaw

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Webpage posted February 2006. Updated March 2006 with link to David Grimshaw’s webpage on the Scotland Grimshaws.