Baines’ 1870 History of Lancaster

Excerpts of Relevant Sections for Grimshaw Family History

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Baines’ History of Lancaster1 contains a great deal of general information on areas and locations relevant to Grimshaw family history as well as specific mention of Grimshaws for Eccleshill and Clayton-le-Moors. A portion of Volume II of Baines’ work, which contains the most relevant sections, is provided on this webpage.


Webpage Credits



Webpage Credits

Thanks go to Edward Baines (posthumously) for his thorough historical work on Lancaster.

Excerpt 1.

The first excerpt includes the front matter (title page, table of contents) and a description of the Hundred of Blackburn and the first two pages of the history of Whalley Parish. It goes through page 5.

Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2.

Excerpt 2 picks up on page 54, with the beginning of the description of one Whalley Parish’s churches – Altham. The Altham description includes Clayton-le-Moors and Accrington. It ends on page 64.

Excerpt 2

Excerpt 3.

Excerpt 3 begins coverage of Blackburn Parish on page 65 and continues through page 74, where the section on “Municipal Government” begins.

Excerpt 3

Excerpt 4.

The fourth excerpt begins with page 74 (for overlap with Excerpt 3) and continues through page 85, an arbitrary page selection for file size management.

Excerpt 4

Excerpt 5.

The fifth and final excerpt continues from page 85 to the end of coverage, which stops at the end of the section on Blackburn Parish on page 94.

Excerpt 5




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