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New Webpage! (February 2004). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) maintains an extensive database of family pedigrees that is made available on a set of 65 CDs. The database, referred to as the “Pedigree Resource Files”, is based on contributions from many family history researchers and contains millions of individuals. The entire database is available (with a Master Index) at the LDS Library in Salt Lake City. A search was made of the Master Index for Grimshaw surnames, which yielded 1025 entries for individuals that occur in the various pedigrees. These records are tabulated on this webpage.

This webpage contains the links in the outline below for all the webpages on this website. If you are interested in gaining a good grounding on the origins and family history of the Grimshaws, you might also want to visit the “Overview of Grimshaw Origins and Family History” webpage.

What’s New and Overall Website Outline

Viking Origins of the Grimshaw Name

Important Grimshaw Locations

The Earliest Grimshaw Family in Lancashire

The “Grimshaw Serpent”

Early English Grimshaw Family Lines

Grimshaws in the Industrial Revolution

Grimshaws in North America and the World

North American Grimshaw Family Lines

Interesting Grimshaws Through History

What’s New and Overall Website Outline

What’s New? ( Latest Changes to the Website)

Overall Website Outline

Viking Origins of the Grimshaw Name

Viking Origins of the Grimshaw Surname

Important Grimshaw Locations

Important_Grimshaw Locations near Blackburn

Location of County of Lancashire in England

-Regional Map of Blackburn & Preston Area

Earliest Grimshaw Family in Lancashire

Earliest Grimshaw Family

-Grimshaw Coat of Arms

-Walter de Grimshaw of Edisford

-Grimshaw Entries in the Harleian Manuscripts

Grimshaw History at Eccleshill and Clayton-le-Moors

-Ainsworth’s History of Grimshaws at Clayton-le-Moors

-Clayton-le-Moors under the Lomaxes

Grimshaw Location in Eccleshill Today

-Eccleshill in 1846

Clayton Hall, Clayton-le-Moors

-Leeds and Liverpool Canal

-Clayton-le-Moors in 1790

Grimshaws Recorded  in the Parish Church Registers of Lancashire

Trappes-Lomax, 1926, History of Clayton-le-Moors

The “Grimshaw Serpent”

The “Grimshaw Serpent”, Griom’s Ark and Ooze Castle Wood

Early English Grimshaw Family Lines

Prominent Early Grimshaw Family Lines In England

Oakenshaw Family Line

-Pendle Forest Family Line

The Preston Guardian 1877 Articles on the Pendle Forest Family Line

-Grimshaw Monument in Fence

-The Grimshaws of Crowtrees, Barrowford

-Christopher Telfer Website on Pendle Forest Grimshaw Lines

-Nicholas Grimshaw, Mayor of Preston  Seven Times

-The Shuttleworths of Gawthorpe, Distinguished English Family Descended from a Grimshaw Woman

Nicholas and Mary Grimshaw Family Line of Ireland (“Irish”) Line

Edward & Dorothy Grimshaw Family Line of Yorkshire

The Grimshawes of Errwood Hall, Goyt Valley, Cheshire

Grimshaws in the Industrial Revolution

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Grimshaw Involvement in the Industrial Revolution

-Geology of the Blackburn Area

Coal Mining at Eccleshill

Coal Mining at Clayton-le-Moors 

-The Moorfield Pit Disaster

-Eccleshill Industrial Development

– Industrial Development at the Grimshaw Location

Industrial Development at Clayton-le-Moors

James Hargreaves, Inventor and Spouse of Elizabeth Grimshaw

Grimshaw Connections to Richard Arkwright and Edmund Cartwright, Textile Machine Inventors

-Power Loom Riots: Grimshaw Involvement

-Nicholas Grimshaw, Key Figure in Bringing the Industrial Revolution to Ireland

Grimshaws in North America and the World

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World Population of Grimshaws

Grimshaws in LDS Pedigree Resource File (1025 Grimshaw Entries)

Records of Grimshaw Immigrations to North America

-Grimshaw Immigration Patterns and Details of Individual Immigrants

-Grimshaw Immigration References

-Supplemental Grimshaw Immigration Records

-Ellis Island Records of Grimshaws as Arriving Passengers

-Mormon Grimshaw Immigrants from England to the United States

Census Records for Grimshaws in the U.S., 1790 – 1880

-References for Census Records with Grimshaw Entries, 1790 – 1860

1790 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1800 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1810 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1820 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1830 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1840 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1850 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1860 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1870 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1880 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws





1910 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1920 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

1930 U.S. Census Records for Grimshaws

U.S. Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records for Grimshaws

U.S. Search, Alphabetical

U.S. Search, State and City

Canadian 1881 Census: Grimshaw Entries

Grimshaws in “America’s Obituaries & Death Notices”

North American Grimshaw Family Lines

Indications of North American Grimshaw Immigrants Not Yet Documented

Grimshaw Listings in the AGBI (American Genealogical- Biographical Index)

The Edwin A. Grimshaw Collection of American Grimshaw Family Lines

-Text of Letters in the Edwin A. Grimshaw Collection

North American Family Lines

-William Grimshaw, Revolutionary War Veteran

-William Grimshaw’s New Hampshire Life After the War

-William & Elizabeth (Lepninah) Grimshaw

-George & Charlotte (Menard) Grimshaw

-John James & Mary Ann (Mahoney) Grimshaw

-George Thomas & Aris (Ladd) Grimshaw

-William Alexander & Jane (Turner) Grimshaw

-Michael Henry & Maria (Norris) Grimshaw

-Zephaniah Grimshaw & His Many Families

-Zephaniah Grimshaw: Calvin Lamb’s Webpage

-Zephaniah Grimshaw: Bill O’Halloran’s Webpage

-William & MaryAnn (Blair) Grimshaw, a Wolfe Island, Ontario, Family Line

-How the Town of Grimshaw, Alberta Got Its Name

-Lawrence & (Mary (Duckworth) Grimshaw, Progenitors of Several North American Immigrant Families

-Duckworth & Mary Jane (Moyes) Grimshaw, Mormon Immigrants to Utah

-(Francis) Duckworth & Bridget (Monahan) Grimshaw of Kollingly, Connecticut

-William Robinson & Sarah (Rhoads) Grimshaw, Participants in the California Gold Rush

-Eleanor Grimshaw & Her Two Canadian  Families

-Joseph Grimshaw, New York Immigrant, & His Two Families

-Thomas & Helen (Brettargh) Grimshaw, Canadian Immigrants Who Moved on to North Carolina

-William Grimshaw, Noted Historical Author, and His Two Families

-William Grimshaw, Illinois Pioneer, Lawyer, and State Legislator

-Arthur Grimshaw, Regimental Commander for the Union Side in the American Civil War

-Robert E. Grimshaw, Distinguished American Mechanical Engineer

-Joanthan & Eliza (Topham) Grimshaw, Mormon Immigrants to Missouri

-The “Texas” Line of Grimshaws,   Participants in a Texas Oil Boom

-John &  Margaret (Hartley) Grimshaw, Quaker Immigrants to New York & Ohio

-Jonathan & Elizabeth (Pratt) Grimshaw, Progenitors of Erie County, Pennsylvania Immigrants

-Benjamin North Grimshaw

-Zacharia & Ellen (Wilde) Grimshaw, Immigrants to Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

-Henry & Mary (Mann) Grimshaw, Immigrants to Wisconsin in 1843

-Joseph & Marinda (Ostrander) Grimshaw, Immigrants to Tuscola County, Michigan in 1865

-John & Mary Grimshaw, Weaver Immigrants to Philadelphia

-George & Mary (Barnes) Grimshaw, Progenitors of New Jersey Lines in the Silk Business

-Hugh & Elizabeth (Burroughs) Grimshaw, Manchester Immigrants to New Jersey

-Rebecca Mary (Grimshaw) and William P. Smith, Mormon Immigrants from Bury, Lancashire 

-George & Rachel (Graves) Grimshaw of Hinds County, MS and Then Caldwell Parish, LA 

-Ann (Grimshaw) Jackson, Mormon Immigrant to Nephi, UT 

-William Grimshaw, Immigrant to Philadelphia with Descendants in Minnesota

-Thomas S. Grimshaw, Immigrant to Anaheim, CA from Manchester via South America

-George and Susan Grimshaw, Immigrants to New York and Then to Milwaukee

-James F. and Mary Julia (Berthoud) Grimshaw, Immigrants to New York and Then to New Orleans

-Richard and Nancy (Rickett) Grimshaw, Early Immigrants to Scioto County, Ohio

-Aaron and Rosanna (Cook) Grimshaw, Immigrants from Ashton-under-Lyne to Paterson, New Jersey

-Charles and Mary (Wylie) Grimshaw, New York Grimshaws with Descendants in Canajoharie

-James and Katherine (Barnett) Grimshaw, Immigrants to Michigan from Lancashire and Scotland

-James and Ellen (Cochlan) Grimshaw, Immigrants to Brooklyn, NY from Manchester, England 

-Ann (Grimshaw) and Samuel Entwistle, Emigrants from Lancashire to Missouri

-William and Phoebe Grimshaw of Lawrence County, Ohio

-Samuel and Mary (Shackleton) Grimshaw, Possible Immigrants to Jefferson Co, OH from Yorkshire

Interesting Grimshaws Through History

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The Caleb Grimshaw – Emigrant Ship That Burned and Sank in 1849

William Grimshaw of Haworth, Noted Evangelist and Cohort of John Wesley

The Grimshaw Line at Audenshaw

“Moses Grimshaw – A Story of Lancashire Life”

John Grimshaw, Coldstream Guards Soldier and Lancashire Weaver

The Griffin, a Privateer Brig Operating Under the Command of Captain Grimshaw

Beatrice Grimshaw, South Pacific Adventurer and Author

Thomas Wrigley Grimshaw, Physician and Public Health Servant of Dublin

Roland “Roly” Grimshaw, Indian Cavalry Officer and Diarist, World War I

Thomas Shuttleworth Grimshawe, Clergyman, Author, Scholar

T. Harold Grimshaw, Shetland Islands Missionary and Author

Atkinson Grimshaw, Noted Painter of Ethereal Scenes and Fairy Figures

Mary Grimshaw, “Charwoman” to King Charles II on Jersey Island

Gary Grimshaw, Concert Poster Artist for Famous Rock Music Groups

Grimshaw, Georgia, Extinct Community Named for Harry B. Grimshaw

Grimshaw Lake, Inyo County, California

Doctor Grimshawe’s Secret” — Romantic Novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne Having Little or Nothing to Do with the Grimshaw Family

When I Was a Boy in England” — A 1930s Novel for American Kids by Ivan Grimshaw

Archbishop Grimshaw School, a Roman Catholic School Located near Birmingham

“Grimshaw of St. Kit’s” – a 1929 Novel for English Boys by Michael Poole

Bannister Grimshaw’s “The Entwisle Family” – a Family History Prepared for a Close Friend

William Grimshaw’s “Principles of Christianity Vindicated”

Peter Grimshaw’s “Excavators” – a Technical Work on Earth Excavation Equipment

Brendon Grimshaw’s “A Grain of Sand – The Story of One Man and an Island”

C. Grant Grimshaw Elementary School, LaFayette, NY

Grimshaw Hall, Knowle, Located Near Birmingham, England

William H. Grimshaw, Author of “History of Freemasonry among the Colored People in North America”

Henry E. Grimshaw, Senior Author of “Modern Problems in European History”, Published in 1938

Cecil T.W. Grimshaw, Boer War Diarist and World War I Casualty at Gallipoli

Thomas Grimshaw, Author and Major Figure of the National Spiritualist Association

The Grimshaws of Gisburn Forest, Northern Lancashire

Robert E. Grimshaw, South Dakota Pioneer and Prominent Citizen of Deadwood

Pheby Grimshaw and Jeremiah Hustler, a Quaker family from Yorkshire with Descendants in Ohio

Grimshaw Green, a Village near Parbold in the District of West Lancashire

Charles T. Grimshaw, Son of Caleb Grimshaw for Whom the Ship Caleb Grimshaw Was Named, and Hannah (Walker) Grimshaw

John Elisha Grimshaw, Victoria Cross Recipient in World War I

The History of Clayton-le-Moors by Richard Trappes-Lomax, 1926

Samuel Grimshaw, Recipient of Medal of Honor for Valor in the U.S. Civil War

Grimshaw-Gudewicz Foundation

Emile Grimshaw, Noted Banjo Player, Instructor, Composer, and Builder

Danny Lee Grimshaw, Vietnam War Casualty from Seattle, Washington

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